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  1. Pure speculation, but maybe the sheer workload is starting to catch up to him. Jose never had that traditional workhorse frame, so maybe the 15 thousand pitches he's thrown since the beginning of 2016 (which of course does not include spring training, postseason, or workouts) has just worn him down. Since he's never really been injured, he never got any relief from that. Of course, perhaps Jose can still turn this around, but if this is a preview of what Berrios might be now, the decision to trade him last July was a prescient one (the choice in return might be another story).
  2. In the case of tonight’s game, I don’t really blame Rocco for not calling for Buxton or Correa to bunt. Were it Jeffers or Gordon up, then perhaps there’s a case to bunt.
  3. So Steer has clearly moved ahead of Martin in the Twins MI prospect pecking order; it might be time to start wondering if the same is true for Julien. He’s younger (by about 5 weeks), and is significantly outperforming Martin at the same level. Better average, OBP, and SLG, along with way more walks (although also way more k’s). If there was a team who wanted one of those three in a trade, and let me choose which one to give up, I’d be very tempted to give up Martin.
  4. This loss goes directly on Rocco. If you’re willing to let Duran go two innings, why wouldn’t you make those two innings be the 8th and the 9th? If you want to keep his workload down by only letting him pitch one inning, then why trot him out there in the 10th? Feels like Rocco wanted to have his cake, and eat it too. So to sum up, Rocco used his only good bullpen option for two innings (so he won’t be available Wednesday), the Twins never had the lead while said pitcher was in the game, and they ended up losing. Absolutely brutal.
  5. I find it unlikely as of right now that the Twins would trade veterans. If they do, Urshela is the only real candidate because he has both the extra year of control (to up the return), and the ease of replacement (Arraez or Miranda). You could trade Kepler, but you're then counting on 3 rookies (Kiriloff, Larnach, Celestino) to hold down your corner outfield in a pennant race and postseason. You could trade Sanchez, but he's a FA after this year, and Jeffers as your lead catcher is problematic. As such, I think it's much more likely the Twins swing a couple small deals at the deadline for relief help, unless something crazy falls in their lap. This offseason is where there could be a lot of movement though--I would not be shocked to see the Twins trade Polanco, Urshela, and Kepler, while walking away from Sanchez, Sano, and Correa. They could then have the payroll space to bring in 2 stars (Trea Turner and Carlos Rodon?), or do a lot of Polanco/Kepler style deals for their current pre-arb group (Arraez, Ryan, Winder, Larnach, Kiriloff, and Lewis could all be locked up for a sum total of $30M to $40m a year).
  6. It seems fairly clear at this point that Archer will be allowed to face 18 batters and no more. As such, I honestly have no idea why they wouldn't use an opener for him, and the allow him to face 21 batters (since batters 19-21 would theoretically be 4-6 or 5-7 instead of 1-3).
  7. The Emilio Pagan Experience. Basically, even when Pagan successfully closes out the game, it takes 20 pitches, 25 minutes, and invariably involves baserunners, often in scoring position.
  8. I was at the game, and Emilio Pagan is a worthy successor to Fernando Rodney. The EPE is a real thing.
  9. Precisely my point—I am betting the Twins won’t beat the Yankees in the World Series. As the Twins will never play the Yankees in the World Series, they will therefore never beat them in the World Series. As you took the bet (meaning you think the Twins will beat the Yankees in the World Series), is is I who is owed the payment. Except for me, it’s gotta be straight cash homey.
  10. I will bet you a Million dollars the Twins won't beat the Yankees in the World Series.
  11. This is the right question. If it’s actually schedules, Buxton and Correa being scheduled for rest could have been foreseen days ago, and the plan could have been altered. So either the Twins are making schedules for rest for both players, and then not comparing them, or they literally don’t care if both sit on the same day, which would indicate that they will adhere to a schedule as opposed to flexibility. The third option is that the Twins did indeed assume they would lose yesterday even with Buxton and/or Correa playing, so they decided before the series even began to shoot for 2-1 by trying hardest to win Friday and Saturday. No matter what the explanation actually is, I don’t think Rocco was being particularly honest with Gleeman, as a little logic reveals the inanity of Rocco’s rambling, incoherent non-answer.
  12. Maybe we're selling low. Or maybe we're not. That is the gamble that might need to be taken.
  13. In case Rocco was wondering, the 7th would have been a great time to throw Duran out there for two innings, given he’s only thrown 8 pitches in the last 4 days before today. Get through the 8-5 hitters (assumes one base runner), and see what you can do to get a couple more runs. After that, you just have to piece together the 9th against hitters 6-8/9.
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