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  1. Interesting, so a season could have happened. That said, is there anyone who thinks the players would have actually gone into the year without a new CBA, and instead played under the current one? As Bean pointed out, the players have little to no upfront costs to a season (all I can think of is paying to get to spring training sites, as teams offer housing during spring training), but owners have massive costs. Why should the owners spend tens if not hundreds of millions to get the wheels turning for a season that could be cancelled one day before it starts? Unless each side promised in good faith that they would not call a lockout/strike until after the 2022 World Series (at the earliest), it would be illogical to invest much, if anything, in a season that could be cancelled for reasons outside your control at any time.
  2. They did open it. They had the meeting in TX. The players walked out after 7 minutes because they weren't willing to rank the importance of their issues, which seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. If they're worried they'd be giving up leverage, why not ask for one day to prepare their list, but insist the owners return at the same time with their own list as well? It is incontrovertible that the players ended the last discussion. Why would it still be on the owners, simply because they engaged in a legal formality prior to the players walking away? To use your analogy, sure the owners closed the door, but they left it unlocked, and the players walked all the way up, were told "come in", but decided to turn on their heel and walk away.
  3. The owners called the lockout true, but assuming they did not, would there still have been a season without a new CBA (legitimate question, as I'm not sure how that works.)? If yes, then sure, it's the owners to own the first move (which in my opinion they did--when the players walked out after 7 minutes because they wouldn't even triage topics, it now falls on the players to restart the conversation, as they're the ones who ended it). If no, then the owners calling a lockout is just a formality, and they shouldn't have any extra burden.
  4. Here's a comparison between two players, both at AAA. Player 1 turned 22 before the season started, player 2 turned 23 halfway through the season. Player 1--49 games, 211 PA, .290/.384/.443/.827, 11.3% bb rate, 20.4% k rate. Player 2--80 games, 373 PA, .343/.397/.563/.960, 6.7% bb rate, 13.1% k rate. Player 1 is Celestino, and player 2 is Miranda. Obviously, Miranda's stats are better on the whole, but Celestino's production compares pretty well to Miranda when you take into account he's a bit younger (about 8 months), and in particular the walk rate is very nice for Celestino. If he can continue to make strides in AAA this year, Celestino will be nice Buxton insurance/a good 4th outfielder to keep Buxton and Kepler fresh, especially as a bottom third hitter turning the order over.
  5. But Rosenthal is not a "low level operations employee". He is a very visible, customer-facing entity. A better analogy to a "regular" company would be a senior PR rep who routinely speaks to the press in an official capacity. If that person made disparaging comments about the CEO, would it really be so shocking to see them fired on the spot? Also, as has been pointed out, the comments in question came more than a year before his contract was allowed to lapse, so there's not any real strong connection linking one with the other. That said, even if the August 2020 criticism is directly tied to his "dismissal", should that be a surprise? As an MLB employee paid to produce content for public consumption, it should be obvious that the content needs to paint MLB in a favorable light; would any organization pay someone why was portraying them in a negative light? Would Amazon continue to pay a PR rep who blasted the company for anti-union activities? Would Target continue to pay a PR rep who said Walmart is a better run company? Would Google continue to pay a PR rep who wrote about bias and favoritism within the company? I think all of us know the answer to that, and would have no problem with those companies firing an employee failing at their job (to increase the favorable public perception of their employer); if so, why would it be expected that MLB act otherwise?
  6. I read the same article this morning, and find it interesting that you place more blame on the owners. The article mentioned that the players wouldn't even clarify the relative importance of their issues (hence why the Dec 1 meeting lasted all of 7 minutes); how can you negotiate with someone when they maintain an all-or-nothing stance, which by definition, means they won't negotiate? It seems most likely the blame is equally shared between the two, with perhaps slightly more fault lying with the players.
  7. I agree with this, which is why any AL pitcher after 1973 should be barred from the hall. They're just baseball pitchers, not baseball players.
  8. Collectively, I would guess that employing those 100 people costs the Cardinals anywhere from $7.5M to $15M.
  9. Will never happen. Can't charge as much for split-screen ads. Will also never happen--TV and Radio need the time to lead in from other programming. I think a good compromise would be all games must start on :05 or :35.
  10. So why then didn't the players accept the owners' proposal for a 50/50 split of revenue in 2020?
  11. Josh Donaldson is already top 40 all time in WAR at 3B. 6.1 more WAR, and he enters the top 30. 15 more WAR, and he enters the top 20. I don't think top 30 is quite enough to guarantee inclusion, and I don't think Donaldson has 15 more WAR in him, but stranger things have happened, so I think Donaldson is closer to HOF legitimacy than some may think.
  12. But he wouldn't be never playing. He never plays if every single guy stays completely healthy for the entire year. In that scenario, Do we actually want Donaldson/Polanco/Arraez/Miranda losing out on PA's for Gordon? If 1+ of those guys are not healthy. that's where Gordon gets his PAs, keeping in mind that if Royce Lewis is looking good in his first couple months at AAA, Gordon is by far the most obvious candidate to go back to AAA. Maybe Garver isn't back there 5x a week, but the Twins clearly value resting him, so if he's not playing 5x behind the plate, it's probably because the Twins don't think he can play more than 4x a week and stay healthy--in that scenario, they're not adding to that workload by putting him at 1B. They're also not putting him at DH a lot, because they risk losing the DH with injury unless they carry 3 catchers, which means either Gordon or Miranda is not on the team. I stand by my claim--if Garver is playing more than occasionally at 1B/DH, it's because he's no longer primarily a catcher, and that's not happening unless Donaldson or Sano is moved (for the record, I would be in favor of moving Sano, installing Kiriloff/Garver as your 1B platoon, and getting Garver additional PAs at DH and C 1x a week).
  13. If Garver is starting behind the plate 5 times a week, he will not play at first. Unless the Twins carry a third catcher, he will not play much, if at all, at DH. If Garver is getting significant time at 1B/DH, it's probably because the Twins have found a way to move Donaldson or Sano, and then move Jeffers to catcher 1 and Rortvedt to catcher 2, with Garver playing there maybe 1-2x a week, but becoming primarily a 1B/DH. Nick Gordon had a .647 OPS last year, and a 77 wRC+. His BABIP and contact rates are not something that would make you think he was unlucky. The Twins (at least based on the last 2 months on 2021) do not see him as a shortstop. Why are we worrying about getting him more PAs? Seriously, why?
  14. Unless Kepler is hurt, he will get 600 PAs. He'll play almost every day in right, and once a week or so in center.
  15. I don't think we need to lose sleep over if Nick Gordon is getting enough at bats--if Nick Gordon not getting enough PAs next year is a legitimate problem, something has gone very right, or very wrong. I would imagine (given what we have now plus some reasonable assumptions) that the breakout could easily look like this. C--Garver 4-5x a week (always against lefties), Jeffers 2-3x a week 1B--Sano 4-5x a week, Kiriloff 2-3x 2B--Polanco 6x a week, Arraez/Miranda 0-1x SS--FA 6x a week, Polanco/Gordon/Miranda 0-1x 3B--Donaldson--4-5x a week, Arraez/Miranda 2-3x LF--Larnach 4-5x a week, Kiriloff 1-2x, Arraez/Miranda 0-1x CF--Buxton 6x a week, Kepler 0-1x RF--Kepler 5-6x a week, Kiriloff 1-2x DH--Donaldson 1-2x, Sano/Arraez/Buxton/Miranda/Kiriloff 1x Here's how that would breakdown for each player, across the 26 week regular season (502 PAs needed to qualify for the batting title, assumes only 4 PAs per player per game--meaning these numbers are low) Garver plays 4-5x a week, gets 16-20 PAs, 416-520 PAs Jeffers plays 2-3x a week, gets 8-12 PAs, 208-312 PAs Sano plays 5-6x a week, gets 20-24 PAs, 520-624 PAs Kiriloff plays 5-7x a week, gets 20-28 PAs, 520-648 PAs Polanco plays 6x a week, gets 624 PAs Arraez plays 2-4x a week, gets 8-16 PAs, 208-416 PAs Miranda plays 2-3x a week, gets 8-12 PAs, 208-312 PAs SS plays 6x a week, gets 624 PAs Donaldson plays 5-6x a week, gets 20-24 PAs, 520-624 PAs Larnach plays 4-5x a week, gets 16-20 PAs, 416-520 PAs Buxton plays 6x a week, gets 624 PAs Kepler plays 6-7x a week, gets 24-28 PAs, 624-648 PAs Gordon plays 0-1x a week (but gets 2-3 PH PAs a week), gets 2-7 PAs, 52-182 PAs That's a 13 man roster, which is definitely the most position players the Twins will have. Perhaps some of this seems low (particularly Arraez, Miranda, and Jeffers), but keep in mind that the above assumes zero IL stints (spoiler alert, that will not happen). As soon as someone gets hurt, there will be plenty of PAs to go around, and that's the point; instead of having to give Drew Maggi (or his equivalent) more playing time when JD/JP/LA/JM inevitably get hurt, you just spread out amongst the other 3.
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