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  1. A few things for me here. If you're going to point out that Rocco was saddled with Colome, Happ, and Shoemaker last year, you certainly have to point out that he was given Gray, Paddack, Archer, Smith, and Duran (Falvine could quite easily have kept him as a starter in AAA) this year, to say nothing of Correa. How well would the pitching staff look with those 5 gone from the MLB roster (albeit Rogers added back)? We have no idea how Archer would have performed in a hypothetical 5th innning last night. Maybe the first 4 runners reach against him, it's a 3-run inning in total, and the Twins lose 4-3. Maybe Archer gets the side out on 11 pitches, and you can get the bullpen more rest. After all, the 3 batters due up in the 5th (Smith, Pache, Kemp) have OPS' of .523, .431, and .570--not SLG, OPS. The fact that the Twins pen is throwing a ton of innings is an issue, one that could haunt the team later in the year against much tougher competition than Oakland. Count me in the camp that is not thrilled with the handling of Buxton--not because he's not playing, but because he's playing too much while clearly hurt. If Buxton (or any player for that matter) is not healthy enough to play 5 out of every 6 games, then he needs to be on the IL. Buxton has already missed 12 games, 5 after the injury, and 1 from each of the 7 series that have happened since his return. If they had just put Buxton on the IL immediately after the Boston game, perhaps he would be fully healed, and able to play every day. If this injury is a chronic thing that would need months to fully heal, then why are we risking a long-term serious injury in a season we're long shots to win the WS anyways? I don 't think Rocco deserves all the blame he gets, and I think he's Ling's Palace as a manager (for fans of Brooklyn 99--he's fine. He's just fine), but nor do I think he's a great manager. I'm not advocating for his dismissal, but I would be not at all upset if we went in a different direction at the helm.
  2. Are we saying that this is just at this point a chronic thing, and Buxton will always be injured, and never fully healthy? For a guy who gets a fair bit of his value from speed, that seems alarming. When you say you nursed your balky knees through 10 seasons, is it possible that had you taken a month off with full rest, they would have gotten better? Or did you just assume they would never get better, but mitigated them getting worse by reducing your activity?
  3. The goal should absolutely not be 100 games for Buxton--I find acceptance of that concept asinine. If Buxton is healthy, he should certainly be able to play 5 out of every 6 games, at a bare minimum--that correlates to 135 games, which means he could have 3 stints on the 10 day IL, and still play 105 games (more if the 10 day stint comes during a 10 day stretch where the Twins have at least one day off--not exactly rare). As such, if the Twins are not willing to play Buxton at that rate, he should be on the IL getting nothing but rest and recovery, especially given the big step forward Celestino has taken this year, providing a legitimate option at CF if Buxton is not there. In fact, part of me wonders if perhaps Buxton should be moved to LF full time, with Celestino the everyday CF even if Buxton is healthy. When Larnach comes back, he can play 2-3 times a week in LF, and 2-3 times at DH.
  4. Subsequently quoted by Brian Kelly when he was at Notre Dame. Because our society is stupid now, a not-small number of reporters decided what Coach Kelly meant is that he would like to kill his players in a ritual manner.
  5. To start, the Twins have played a decent schedule so far, going up against 5 teams widely considered playoff teams (or at least strong playoff contenders) in their first 29 games--4 against SEA, 2 against LAD, 4 against BOS, 3 against CWS, and 3 against TBR--16 games total. Granted, Seattle and Boston both look weaker than expected, but there's still plenty of talent on both of those teams, and the Twins split against them. The real question is how much stock to put into the 2 non-competitive losses against LAD, as opposed to the 5-1 record against Tampa and Chicago. As far as needs, for me the biggest is actually a starting pitcher at least as good as Sonny Gray. There's no way Ryan, Ober, and Winder can pitch at current rates for the entire year, and still be effective in October, so unless the Twins want Archer or Bundy to be the inning eater that lets you skip those 3 a couple times in the second half, you'll need someone else. This of course also assumes that Paddack can return in short order and be effective, and that there are no other injuries, so at least a #2, and ideally a #1 (if the Twins want to actually make noise in October, not just participate). The names potentially in play here are Kelly from ARI, Zimmerman from BAL (would require a lot, as he only has 1 year of service time), Montas from OAK, Mahle from CIN, and Kuhl from COL. Kuhl should be pretty gettable, as he is a FA at the end of the year. I don't think any of those profile as a sure #1. Next on my list for needs is a bullpen Alpha that can be your traditional closer, and take the 9th anytime you have a lead. This would allow Duran, Smith, and (hopefully) Duffey/Pagan/Alcala/Coulombe to be deployed in spots where they'd be most effective, and then use Jax as a multi-inning guy to get you through the 5th and 6th or 6th and 7th. Finally, it's possible another bat might be needed, but I want to hold on that, to see if Miranda, Larnach, Lewis, and/or Kiriloff can be contributors. If 2 of those can become impact bats, adding that to an Arraez/Buxton/Correa/Polanco top 4 gives you a good enough lineup, in my opinion. If more than 2 materialize this year, we're in good shape with Jeffers/Kepler as our wrost bats. When I look at all this, my thought is to wonder if this is the year to make moves. When considering that our starting staff next year shapes up to be Gray, Maeda, Paddack, Ryan, Ober, and Winder, with hopefully Balazovic, SWR, Varland, and Canterino ready to fill in, and those 10 guys would cost maybe $30M, next year seems to be the year you can really have some ability to do things, especially if Miranda, Laranch, Lewis, and Kiriloff establish themselves in the lineup. Because of that, I think this is the year to stand pat and let the teams gel, unless you're able to swing a deal that is too good to pass up (say Montas for Canterino and CES for example, or Josh Bell for Cavaco perhaps).
  6. Yes, No is the new Yes, but No, Yes is not the new No, because Yes, Yes is the old Yes, so also Yes, No is the old No. Hope that clears it all up.
  7. They love it even more when he's on the bench or in the doctor's office or doing rehab. The additional risk of injury is just not worth it.
  8. Potential Unpopular Opinion Alert. Byron Buxton should never attempt to steal a base again (unless the Twins need a run in a do-or-die game). Buxton advancing 90ft is by far the least valuable thing he does, and puts him at injury risk. I'd rather he minimize the risk of injuries as much as possible, so his bat and glove are in the lineup as much as possible.
  9. I'm guessing they don't want him spending any more time than necessary on the "turf" in Tropicana Field.
  10. So much for "What two consenting adults do in the privacy of a bedroom is no one's business", I guess.
  11. Ahhh, good clarification, thank you. I assume when suspended players are not paid--if that's the case, I would think Bauer could potentially have a legal case, given the massive amount of money he is losing out on because of this.
  12. Is the part about Josh Winder speculation on Do's part? The Twins had a chance to maintain a 6 man rotation with Sonny Gray out, and demurred, leaving Winder in the bullpen. I would be surprised if the Twins now want to keep a 6 man rotation, especially with rosters reducing.
  13. If MLB really has a lot of evidence that this actually happened, I would hope that would have been turned over to be used in court proceedings. If it was, and it still wasn't enough for prosecutors to even bring charges, then it's bizarre to me that MLB would still suspend for 324 games. If the evidence was not handed over, then that's an awfully scummy move by MLB, and Manfred should be ashamed of himself (unless MLB is restricted by the MLBPA, in which case the MLBPA should be ashamed of itself). I also read in an article this morning that when this policy was put in place, the players waived their right to appeal, so unless that's inaccurate, this ban will stand. I am very much not a fan of Trevor Bauer as an individual, and think he's overrated as a player, but this is indefensible. It is ridiculous that MLB is punishing Bauer for, legally, no reason whatsoever.
  14. And according to Fangraphs, have now pulled even with the White Sox in odds to win the division (pending the result of the KC-CWS game, tied at 2 in the 10th as I type this).
  15. One of the benefits of a 6 man staff (especially when you get an off day) is that it's fairly easy to extend to a 5 man rotation for an extra week to ensure everything is 100% ok for the injured player. My guess is that Gray will be back against Baltimore, either in Ober's place (next Tuesday), or on Monday if they want to keep Ryan on 5 days rest in between starts. If they want to keep everyone on 5 days rest, they can have Winder/Jax piggyback on Wednesday against the Orioles, while putting Ober on the IL as one of the two guys they cut to get to 26 players.
  16. I have nothing against a 6 man rotation, or a 5 man rotation. I understand the need to not stress your starters as much in the beginning of the season (although having 6 guys making shorter starts definitely stresses your bullpen, as there's now one less guy there to absorb all the extra innings). As such, I was fine with having Winder in the bullpen, on the assumption that he would pitch 3 innings every 3rd to 4th day. Instead, he's pitched twice since the Twins came North, and one of those outings was only one inning. If it was never the plan to get him consistent work, he should have been left in AAA, or converted to a reliever full stop, a la Duran.
  17. People claiming it is all well and good, but the Twins have a chance to continue with a 6 man rotation tonight, by starting Winder. They are choosing not to, which pretty clearly indicates that either the Twins are not committed to a 6 man rotation, or they don't currently view Winder as a viable MLB starter.
  18. This is sort of what I was worried about yesterday. Hopefully this is just a precaution, to allow Buxton to ease himself back into action. But it also shows that clearly the Twins are not 100% confident that Buxton's knee is good to go. With most other players, I'd say sure, let's see what happens in game action, and adjust from there. But with your $100M face-of-the-franchise, injury-prone superstar, he should never be playing if there's any question of an injury lingering.
  19. Interesting that they're throwing Ober tonight, who last pitched on Sunday. That would indicate the Twins are done with the 6 man starter rotation at the moment (Gray pitched last Saturday, and would have pitched tonight), electing to keep Winder in the bullpen. Two things on that; Will the Twins go back to a 6 man rotation when Gray comes off the IL? Theoretically, that could be next Tuesday. Or will the Twins send Gray to St Paul to make a start before reinstating him? If they don't stick with six, who gets the short straw? I would have to think Archer, but if Ober stumbles tonight, it could be him. I'm a bit worried the Twins are going to repeat the Dobnak 2021 treatment with Winder. They seem uninterested in letting him actually start, but with the offense struggling to score, will Rocco feel compelled to pitch relievers as opposed to letting Winder finish a game despite coming in for the 6th or 7th? We already saw it yesterday, so at this point, what is the plan to get Winder work?
  20. Dick lets us know the Twins haven't had an XBH since the 5th inning. Of Tuesday's game.
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