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  1. I am pretty sure Ryan has a legit chance to win ROY, if he continues to pitch at this high level.
  2. Those are some legendary pitching matchups this week. Verlander V Ryan, Bieber V Gray. Sign me up for some of that!!!
  3. This is the first I have heard of Upton. Whats the benefit for us?
  4. Well, that solves that problem. Now SD has a DH, and honestly, I think he will turn into a good one. Good on him. Hopefully Wes Johnson can work his magic on Paddack
  5. From MLB Trade Rumors Site: "The Twins and Padres are in agreement on a trade that will send left-handed reliever Taylor Rogers to San Diego and starter Chris Paddack to Minnesota, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports (Twitter thread). The two parties were reportedly in talks on a deal last night. Other players were apparently involved in those talks, but the final iteration of this morning’s trade is not yet clear. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic tweets that the Twins will also acquire right-hander Emilio Pagan as part of the swap." My initial reaction was S***! I really liked Rogers. I guess they have a lot of faith in Duran and Alcala.
  6. In no way does this speak to his viability as a starter long term (ie next year). He just had so few innings he is not stretched out to start in the bigs. So, might as well use his arm out of the pen and not go over his innings limit. I think, barring injury, they stretch him out to start next spring. But it will be exciting to have him out of the pen this season. As long as he can throw strikes. I think our bullpen will pick up the slack from our rotation this season.
  7. Buck has a chance to make a push at Cooperstown if he can stay healthy during this contract.
  8. I am "Excited". I am an optimist and easily excited. However, I think this will be a fun year. The lineup and defense will be a genuine pleasure to watch. I am very excited to see Buck and Correa in the same lineup, feeding off each other. I am excited to see how our young pitchers develop. We have a good enough lineup to keep the team competitive if not downright great, so the pressure is off for the young arms (both on the team now and in the system) to develop and get experience. Should be a fun year and one to be excited about! Go Twins!!!
  9. Rooker should make the roster so we can show his value as a DH for a trade with an NL team in need of one.
  10. It was very misleading. I was going to say, what are people complaining about, lol. Besides, with a stellar glove at shortstop, any offense above league average is icing on the cake. It's like catcher. The three positions up the middle are premium defensive positions. Offense is usually secondary.
  11. Not according to the post above, the triple slash away from COORS is .310/.442/.752
  12. 310 BA is still great in todays game, especially with the kind of glove he brings at a key key position. He is still a stud and I expect him to sign here.
  13. The real question is who is going to be our ace. And who else are we going to lose to get him.
  14. Maybe they anticipate Garver regressing soon. He is a catcher with some injury history after all. If this is the only move I will be mad. But hopefully we get ourselves a frontline starter shortly.
  15. Who even is this guy, I have never heard of him. He any good? Also, what does this say about Royce Lewis long term? If we are trading one of our best trade chips for a shortstop, do we expect Royce not to pan out now?
  16. Mitch Garver is gone! Traded to Rangers for an infielder, Isiah Kiner-Falefa, whoever that is...
  17. The elite pitchers are the ones who not only have the raw stuff, but who also know the art of pitching. There are some without the raw stuff, who can be good/great due to knowing how to pitch. Then there can be some with tons of raw stuff who never become more than throwers. I would say, with talent like this, lets give him all the time he needs to really learn the art. Also, take it easy on his arm. I would hate to have him arrive early, be great, then burn out. Hopefully he can stay humble and avoid shenanigans of the field.
  18. I like that Weaver guy. He has a ton of movement. Not sure we can afford the injury risk though
  19. Puerto Rico needs a team. They would be the team for Latin America. I don't think the league needs to expand. I think we just move Miami or Tampa Bay a few hundred miles SE.
  20. What lawsuit? Best of luck to the suiters I say...
  21. How can they be so blatantly communist with their excommunicating of the best reporter in baseball. What are they trying to hide? It can't be their dislike of baseball, thats already too obvious.
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