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  1. The elite pitchers are the ones who not only have the raw stuff, but who also know the art of pitching. There are some without the raw stuff, who can be good/great due to knowing how to pitch. Then there can be some with tons of raw stuff who never become more than throwers. I would say, with talent like this, lets give him all the time he needs to really learn the art. Also, take it easy on his arm. I would hate to have him arrive early, be great, then burn out. Hopefully he can stay humble and avoid shenanigans of the field.
  2. I like that Weaver guy. He has a ton of movement. Not sure we can afford the injury risk though
  3. Puerto Rico needs a team. They would be the team for Latin America. I don't think the league needs to expand. I think we just move Miami or Tampa Bay a few hundred miles SE.
  4. What lawsuit? Best of luck to the suiters I say...
  5. How can they be so blatantly communist with their excommunicating of the best reporter in baseball. What are they trying to hide? It can't be their dislike of baseball, thats already too obvious.
  6. Depends how he and we are doing at the half. Perhaps trade him then, or pick up the option. I think he would make a good DH, if he plays at his best. I think he plays at his best when the rest of the offense around him is playing well. Then he compliments. But if he has to carry, he can go into a slump.
  7. Joe was my hero growing up too. We even share a first name! I remember when he debuted. Growing up in St. Paul, I heard many legends about Joe, particularly from my 5th grade teacher, who taught Joe in grade school. He really was the hometown hero. One of the nicest pro athletes out there. Never let the money or the fame get to his head. Rather he stuck to his core values, even through all the injuries and poor team seasons. A lock for Cooperstown for sure!
  8. First We get the Axe back, now Buck Signs! What an incredible couple days. Cue Handel's Messiah! HALLELUJIA!!!!
  9. You all are forgetting our biggest asset at catcher (and everywhere)... La Tortuga!!! ...
  10. Can we sign him please?!? Pitch to contact is a good strategy to combat the home run happy hitting style. Plus we need at least one starter to can shew innings and give our bullpen a break. I also like him as a mentor for our glut of young pitching prospects.
  11. Buxton or we are done next season, and for the next several frankly. His health concerns should stabilize. Most of his injuries recently have been dumb luck.
  12. I think it makes a lot of sense for him to return. I think he can be a mentor to those 2 aforementioned prospects. (defensively at least). I think the fact the Twins were struggling so much as a whole may have been a part of the reason for his poor season. We shall see.
  13. Trading Buxton would be one of the worst decisions this team could make. We need to pay him what he wants. At some point he will stop getting hurt. I honestly believe that he does not want to move.
  14. Simmons. He has a lot to prove and teams aren't going to be willing to give him the $$$ he wants. Plus, he can mentor our young prospects as they come up this next year. He may not hit, but that has never been his strong suit. That is not why we signed him. He has the best glove in the league.
  15. Thank you! You said it much better than I could. There is NO reason the '22 Twins can't compete. Our Lineup is too stacked. We just need average pitching and our above average lineup will carry us to contention. Then as we develop the pitching and supplement our lineup with young cheap talent, watch out WS!
  16. "Tough to imagine the Twins contending in 2022"! Give me a break. You guys are all so doom and gloom. The Twins should and will contend in '22. Our lineup is too good to not contend. Just need a little help with our pitching. I will say, '23 should be the year we really put it together, but no reason to think we can't contend next year. We should have contended this year, were it not for a fluke of everything that could go wrong going wrong.
  17. If they deal any of Maeda, Buxton, Kepler, or Rogers I am going to be sorely disappointed. There is no reason we should not be expected to compete in 2022. Buxton is imperative to keep, regardless. I think a Josh Donaldson trade is good, especially if we can dump his salary. Free it up for a Buxton extension and an Ace/Closer FA signing. I think in the offseason we need to pursue Pineda, Robles, and Simmons, try to get 2 of those 3. Also picking up the aforementioned Ace or Closer, and we are set to compete in '22, with the sky being the limit for '23.
  18. I think some of us are forgetting that Berrios is still under contract for next year. I mean that in the sense, the Twins will compete for the division next year. We are far to talented not to. Therefore, there is nothing lost by failing to trade Berrios. The Twins are going to be competitive for years to come. So what if we lose him to FA next year. If it comes on the coattails of a deep playoff run, who cares? The Twins do not NEED to sell Berrios. However, if we really find a good deal, one where we get a pitcher of his caliber who is major league ready, plus some other prospects, then by all means go for it. But there is no reason to panic if he fails to move. I just hope that all the focus on him is not unduly distracting our FO from all the other players on expiring contracts that we SHOULD move, if we can.
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