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  1. This may seem crazy, but I think Lewis just made Correa expendable come trade deadline. Can you imagine what we could do with that 35 million dollars going forward. It's hard to imagine Lewis will be as good as Correa but the question is: Is there 35 million dollars worth of difference? Maybe 10million difference but not 35 million. And depending on the prospect, prospects we get for Correa we could close that 10 million dollar gap. As others have accurately mentioned, the Twins are stuck for the next two weeks. At that time larnach and Lewis will be on the club and Miranda will go back down.. He needs to go back down because if he stays up here his confidence will be shot. The dilemma is first base. Although not prototypical size Arreaz has done an admirable job at first and we need his bat in the lineup. When Larnach returns we will have plenty of options and it might be time to make Kepler our regular first baseman. And when Lewis comes back up a switch from SS to 3rd base would be a easy peavey. And Lewis could spend a lot of time pitch hitting in place of Sanchez. This will be really interesting to watch the rest of the year. The Astro's series proved this club is not ready for prime time. Are they good enough to make the play offs. Absolutely but a World Series is out of the question. So here is the conversation I see coming at the trade deadline: Twins to Correa. We either have to sign you to a long term contract right now or we need to trade you. We can't risk keeping you after the trade deadline and then have you opt out at the end of the year. We need clarity now. And if we sign Correa long term, then I think Lewis would make a hell of a third basement long term.
  2. It's obvious we will have a log jam of starting pitching come next year. Ryan, Ober, Winder, Balazovic, Woods Richardson, and Canterino. Then you have Gray . Paddack and Maeda and Duran could be the best of the bunch if we decide to return him to a starting role. Enlow and Strotman need to be switched to relievers like Jax if they want to see the big leaguers. But a late inning combo of Duran and Canterino could be lights out! Obviously we will be using some of these pitchers for trade bait as we will have to open up forty man rosters spots for younger players over the next several years. Great problem, eh!
  3. I'm not a hitting instructor but here is what I have noticed over the past several years. Miguel has a big swing that creates massive home runs when he connects but, pitchers have found ways to keep him off balance. Particularly sliders on the outside part of the plate. Miguel will commit, recognize and try to pull back his swing but it is too late as his bat passes the plate. So every year after a long a grueling slump Miguel listens to his hitting instructors shortens his swing and tries to drive the ball to right center field. This helps give him more time to recognize the pitch. I would go a step further and have him swing a slightly heavier bat to slow his swing down a tad telling him his one and only goal is to make solid contact. Like a golfer Miguel does not need to swing hard. All he needs to do is make solid contact and the rest will take care of himself. So, when you're watching the games in the future and the announcers start talking about Miguel trying to swing to right field remember you heard it hear first. And that will get him out of his slump. But why Miguel won't listen and implement before he insures a slump I will never know. That is not a physical attribute, that is a mental stubborn attribute and is the reason that when he starts hitting again I would trade is ass ... I don't enjoy watching undisciplined players, but that's just me ..
  4. Jeffers has a minor league history of hitting and hitting for power. Give him time in the majors, that 1,500 at bats they always talk about and I feel certain he will hit in the 250 - 270 range with power I didn't like losing Mitch because I felt that Garver and Jeffers could spit catching like you said and Garver could pinch hit while not catching. BUT .. I'm all in on the trade because I felt the Twins number one objective in the off season should be moving Donaldson. I wanted to both clear 3rd base for Miranda as well as move his salary. If it took trading Garver to accomplish this I'm fine with it. But the real icing on the cake is having the capital to sign Correa even if he only stays for one season.
  6. He deserves the number one spot due to the skill set he has at such a young age. Probably still a year away from the majors. I think Lewis will get a shot before Martin,
  7. Paying big money to aging players with a history of injury is not my favorite types of moves. Cruz was the team leader and mentor of the young kids. He played well and is older than Donaldson and the topic of him letting us down or the Twins letting Cruz down is something I would never have contemplate.. And I never got the sense the Twins players looked to Donaldson for leadership. He's more of a person that ordains himself in that role. If he wants to be a leader he needs to do it with his bat and stay on the field. Lead by example. As for whether we should trade him or not I'm fine either way. He is not our savor and the demission needs to be make on getting good value in a trade and move a big chunk of his salary.. If not, let's keep him around and hope for the best. but would prefer he move to DH to leave room at third for our young stud at triple A. Plus it would keep him in more games.
  8. So, we picked up Jack Morris for the 1991 season after pithing to an 4.86 and 4.51 era in 1989 and 1990 .. Jack was 36. How did that work out for us .. On the other hand Jack's era dropped off though the 6 plus range at 38 and 39
  9. The twins pattern is to wait for a mid tier pitcher to slip through the early round of free agency and then circle him like a shark trying to sign him to a one year deal. To be honest, anything but a top of the order picture is waited money. I would prefer to go with our three starters and then team up our young starters in the other two starts. It would entail each going no more than 3 or 4 innings and rely on the pen to finish up the last 2 or 3 innings. It actually would be fewer innings than the typical 4 that the relief picture's pitch now but would need to be because you would be filling two relief spots with short starters. It's not as bad as it seems as many weeks (especially) in the early season the 5th starter never pitches. The other advantage is in the case of double hitters you could make one of them a starter and ask him to pitch five innings or more if he is having a good game. I really don't want us to add an average starter or two and eat up all the innings our young guys could be throwing. I only say this because we are stacked with young starting pitchers knocking on the door.
  10. All I can say is: if that is 16-20 we are in fantastic shape! However, I am not a Celestino fan. I feel about him the way I've always felt about Jake Cave. We should use him as trade bait.
  11. So many young arms in our pipeline that have yet to get a chance. I would really love to see Ober/Ryan and Bundy if he can get back to form and then go bullpen games twice a week with our top starting pitcher prospects going 4 innings each with a closer in the 9th.
  12. Sorry, but the people who say don't tender Arraez or Garver are either trolls from other divisional rivals or just plain dimwitted.
  13. I am sick and tired of watching Cave and was disappointed we didn't try to trade him or release him. Guess we still could trade him before the season. With all the talent coming up I just don't see what they see in Cave ..
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