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  1. Nice feel good story but I wasn't impressed with his play or potential ..
  2. They would have to figure they could trade Pagan for someone better than they could keep on the 40 man roster to keep him on. God, I hope they don't keep thinking they can fix him ..
  3. I owned and operated record shops in the seventies. I remember there were a lot of one hit wonders. I'd say Lopez was a one hit wonder but he stopped singing in the middle of the song ..
  4. It will be really nice having these guys over in Saint Paul next year as depth incase starters go down ..
  5. All I ask is either go after top line relievers or turn to guys like Ober or Winder as sixth, seventh inning set up guys, but please, please don't don't circle what's left over of the reliever market at the end of the signing period like Buzzards as the Twins usually do. We do NOT need to sign relievers with average talent.
  6. Another good topic! You guys are on a roll today. But no. Buxton's injury prone no matter where you put him in the outfield. Aren't there walls in left and right field as well. His greatest asset is speed. Let him use it in centerfield until he get's hurt cuz, no know he's going to ...
  7. Great topic! Duran has excelled as a closer and his 40 innings were critical innings. He was also able to go all year without serious injury. He's dominating because he doesn't have to save anything for later. I have no doubt Duran would be a great starter but we have a lot of depth now in our starting pitchers. I'm not saying it should be a consideration but before you can convince me I would have to first have to be comfortable we can replace him as a closer. Maybe that's where we should spend millions in the off season to free up Duran.
  8. I would only go for package 2 but I bet Milwaukie would only go for package 1 or 2, so no deal in my mind.
  9. I'd move Polanco and Kepler for quality relivers and minor league talent. You're not going to get an ace starter for them so this would be ore productive. I think Julia will be our second baseman of the future or Martin.
  10. To be honest, we have so much depth in our starting staff it doesn't make sense to get another starting pitcher unless he's a top line guy. I would rather spend the money on making our bullpen the envy of the majors. If Alcala comes back we are half way there.. Go get 3 more studs to go along with them. Can't wait for you to review the relief pitchers available.
  11. We should handle him the way we did Celestino. Bring him to AAA until someone get's injured and we need him. If he can improve his defense and Polanco has another sub par year (for his standards) then let him compete with Polanco the next year or trade Polanco if he get's called up due to injury's next year and proves himself.
  12. No one can predict future health but all three have equal promise in my eyes ...
  13. I've been contemplating this for over a month now. I love the heck out of the guy mainly because he's such a great teammate. But I see Miranda as our long term third baseman. Krilloff needs to man first and I don't know where else Miranda is capable of playing other than third base. His slow start kept his batting average down but Miranda has the ability to be an annual three hundred plus hitter with power. For that all he has to do is play an average third base. But I'm fine with resigning Ursela for one year, no extension. By 2024 Julian and Lee will be ready and Lewis will be back.
  14. I find Martin similar to Nick Gordon's path to the big leagues He isn't hitting for power, his defense at shortstop will keep him from playing SS on a regular bases in the bigs. He has speed and position flexibility being not only capable of playing multiple infield positions but an asset in the outfield as well. I think he has a ceiling similar to Gordon BUT .. I'm beginning to think Gordon has an even higher ceiling that he has shown so far. That said, if we plan on keeping Gordon around long term I see Martin eventually as trade bait ..
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