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  1. So, I would have taken the lowest rated player in the Yankee system just to save Simmons salary the rest of the year .. Trading him was a no brainer, not to mention you would have been doing a good thing for Simmons as he would have joined a play-off contender. That's why I don't think this rumor is true. It would have made too much logic not to trade him.
  2. We have had so many top minor leaguers on the DL this year. I think a good article on this site would be to post all players who will need to be protected on the 40 man roster. Then we can evaluate who needs to make the list and where Colina would have slotted. Only way we can truly evaluate this move. But yes, it was a surprising move worthy of discussing.
  3. Let's face it. The only reason the trade might look good is because we didn't want to pay Pressley what he would command. Alcala has a chance to settle the score but keeping and signing Pressley would have been far superior. Look at all the troubles we have had with closers since the trade. As for Celestino I can't get excited about him with Buxton, Kirilloff, Larnach and Kepler. One or both of Lewis and Martin are going to wind up in the outfield and Gordon has much more versatility if you want someone without a lot of power.. And what about Wallner who is only a couple of years away from the majors. This has become a homerun league and I prefer home run hitting outfielders unless they can carry a high batting average and can cover a lot of ground. To me, Celestino is nothing more than trade bait.
  4. 129 AB .. 58 SO .. .163 BA .. Average fielder and below average speed on the base paths.. I swear to god, if Sano shortened his swing and tried to hit line drives he would end up hitting 40 balls over the fence by accident and strike out significant less ..
  5. I don't think those would be the guys. More like: Happ, Shoemaker, Colome, Sano, Kepler By the way, not trying to be mean but lose the RED Bars on the front page. They look hideouts. Total distraction JMHO
  6. Waddell should NOT be sent back to the Saints ... He should be outright released!
  7. It's all about service time with Kirilloff. I predict that once we can hold his rights for an extra year he will be up which supposedly is sometime around the end of April. I would think they would wait until he has a couple weeks under his belt at triple A so maybe towards the end of May? I would cut or trade Cave at that point so that he can play full time.
  8. i've got 4 words. Kirilloff, Larnach, Duran, Balazovic Give it until May and if they can't get out of their slump call all 4 up. This team needs new blood and they are the future. Trade Sano, cut Shoemaker and Cave, and demote Dobnak so he can get back on track. Poor kid's mind must have been blown with that new contract .. At least that would get me Excited about watching the play again,
  9. I think the Twins needed these days off to get their heads screwed back on straight ..
  10. Biggest sign we're back to the 2019 Can't score when the bases are loaded Shaping up to be a good year!
  11. Cave is a clog in the rookie call up wheel. Hope the Twins unclog that wheel and send Cave down the river soon. I am not a fan of his ..
  12. Really happy for a fine young man and the Twins made a great deal. But I'm really curious about the escalators. Hopefully there is a way for him to make a fair salary if he develops into something solid ,,
  13. The way I see it Rooker's spring bat and the lack of Krilloff's gives the Twins what they want. A good excuse to leave Krilloff at triple A the first month and gain an extra year of service. I bet management is thrilled! And Rooker appears to be the real deal so if I was Jake Cave I'd me looking for a new domicile ..
  14. Smeltzer made me / makes me cringe every time he goes to the mound. He has a great story but is a flash in the pan. Got a few good meals out of him when he first came up and then nothing. Worse than nothing. I see no way he is in the Twins future but I seriously doubt we could get much of anything in a trade. Pitchers like Smeltzer are a dime a dozen in the minors .. Smeltzer has NO dominate pitches. He picks at the plate when he doesn't hit his exact spoke they tag him. He's basically just a finiss pitcher Time to just release him and let him try to find a home somewhere else.
  15. Could we just get one year of a healthy Buxton so he can realize his full potential ...
  16. If Krilloff doesn't make the mental mistakes Eddie makes he will do just fine as Eddie's replacement ..
  17. A lot of risk comes with signing Buxton to a long term contract due to his injury history. I'm not saying, don't do it, but the safest move would be to trade him for a bundle ..
  18. If, his ankle is healed I expect Polanco to have an amazing year. * in the past his lack of range and inaccurate arm didn't play that well at shortstop. But at second base his underhand throwing style will actually be an asset to help him quickly turn double plays. Physics dictates that the shorter throw will make him more accurate especially with someone long at first base like Sano. * When healthy Polanco drives the ball by taking powerful swings but those take a toll on his ankle. When he misses he often falls back out of the batting box and limps a bit. So, he will have an amazing season if his ankle can withstand the stress he puts on it. I say his ankle holds up this season but long term, I just don't know.
  19. Agree. My hope is that Krilloff and Rooker make the roster by May and there will be no room for Astudillo letting Rooker and or Krilloff back Sano up at first.
  20. Not many cathers (or players) with a year (hitting) as bad as Garvers was last year have ever had any year as good as Garver's two seasons ago. Last year was a short year with injury's but two years ago Garver proved he could put up brilliant numbers for an entire major league season. Garver doesn't have to ever have a year as good as two years ago to be a very good hitting catcher. In fact, his 2019 season was soooo good I'd wager he could never repeat it. But so what, 25 homers, 270 batting average is just fine with me .. I believe our catching tandem insures a high level of play 162 games a year unless one of them get's hurt ..
  21. Based on our current talent and our talent pool I'd say they have only pried the window open 70% of the way with it fully open in two years. Let's wait until we get the window completely open before we try to decide how long they can keep it open ..
  22. Gibaut, whose forty-man spot was taken by Matt Shoemaker, is the third pitcher the Twins have successfully outrighted to the minors since filling their forty-man roster this offseason. Hmmm. what does that statement say about the quality of these pitchers ..
  23. Late 2022 .. Berrios Maeda Duran, Balazovic, Canterino
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