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  1. No one can predict future health but all three have equal promise in my eyes ...
  2. I've been contemplating this for over a month now. I love the heck out of the guy mainly because he's such a great teammate. But I see Miranda as our long term third baseman. Krilloff needs to man first and I don't know where else Miranda is capable of playing other than third base. His slow start kept his batting average down but Miranda has the ability to be an annual three hundred plus hitter with power. For that all he has to do is play an average third base. But I'm fine with resigning Ursela for one year, no extension. By 2024 Julian and Lee will be ready and Lewis will be back.
  3. I find Martin similar to Nick Gordon's path to the big leagues He isn't hitting for power, his defense at shortstop will keep him from playing SS on a regular bases in the bigs. He has speed and position flexibility being not only capable of playing multiple infield positions but an asset in the outfield as well. I think he has a ceiling similar to Gordon BUT .. I'm beginning to think Gordon has an even higher ceiling that he has shown so far. That said, if we plan on keeping Gordon around long term I see Martin eventually as trade bait ..
  4. Any team that continually looses it's starters do to injury's will eventually end up in disappointment and contribute to moral. I don't think it's a moral issue per say, just a natural occurrence to continued disappointment. It's like continually trying to hit a batted ball with only one arm .. It get's old
  5. First, I'm really glad he got a call up to the big;s this year so he can get a taste of top level pitching. I've followed him throughout his minor league career and noticed that each time they promote him to the next level he struggles a little but not for too long. He seems to figure things out really fast. I won't say he's fast but I will say he is not slow. He will be no liability on the base paths and has a number of triples in the minor leagues. He sure got down to first base fast last night. We need more power bats in the outfield. I'm excited to see Wallner and Laurnach in the outfield together much of next year. Krilloff and Miranda at the infield corners. But the real question is what to do with Kepler. He's a better right fielder than almost any right fielder in the league with a great arm. I might give the nod to Wallner in throwing however. We'll have to wait and see. My suggestion is to turn Kepler into a utility player like Gordon. Gordon covers left, enter, SS and second base while Kepler covers Right field, center and first base. I say first base because we won't know if Krlloff will be ready and/or can he stay healthy. This allows us to drop one of the many average outfielders we have been brining up late this year. I would have said, should we trade Kep but after thinking about his versatility, and his value defensively I turned to his hitting. I think the clincher for me not to trade Kep is the fact he batting average should rise when they outlaw the shift next year.
  6. I was so made Rocco didn't let Ryan at least go out there in the 8th inning that I turned off the game and didn't give a **** whether we won or lost ...
  7. Players are bigger, faster and stronger through weight training and throw harder. All this puts more strain on soft tissue and ligaments. I've been watching the Twins since 1961. Until recently I can't remember baseball taking it's toll on athletes health the way it has. As long as we stay on this trajectory MLB might as well move the 40 man roster to a 50 man roster. We gave up some of my favorite minor leaguers. Steer is going to be good for a long time and En-Strand hit everywhere he played although his defense was bad. I figured he would wind up a pure DH .. Still I was fine with the trade had Mahler not gotten injured, but then, injuries are the wild card now days ..
  8. Lopez appears to have good stuff. But the simple answer is to move him to the set up man for Duran. It takes precure off and lights a fire under his ass. It's obvious who the better pitcher is. I heard Correa encouraged the Twins to trade for Lopez. That's another notch against Correa for now. But Lopez is better than almost all of the other Twins relievers so in the end, it's good to have him.
  9. My guess is they will wait for next year to call up Wallner due to Laurnach coming back. Wallner needs to be ready for the 2024 season when they can buy out Keplers contract. Laurnach in left and Wallner in right will be a pretty sight to see ..
  10. One week ago I wrote a long reply about why our minor league farm was still in good shape considering how many young players have already proven themselves. I added Wallner to the list of minor leaguers that could either start with the club and or make it up by mid season and how he could help our lack of home runs we are experiencing. Somebody laughed at me and said Wallner was only hitting .161 at Triple A .. I pointed out that he had just been moved up and the sample size was small, then projected his would get his average up to at least .250 once he got his legs under him. One week later he's already batting .239 with the power we could use and making highlight sliding catches in the outfield. I for one, have high hopes for Wallner ..
  11. It tells me they don't think Wallner will be call up ready this year. The fact we are close to expanding the roster by a couple players suggests the Twins feel his situational bases stealing and base runner is an important commodity for a team that doesn't steal bases. As for outfield. Even with Buxton out we have Celestino, Gordon, Kepler and Cave that can all play a decent centerfield. I really hope Larnach is close to returning but only if he is completely healed.
  12. My concern is he's not used to a long season and his arm might not have enough life left in it as a starter down the stretch. But I'd let him take Pagan's place as a reliever for sure.
  13. Okay, in my haste I left off Buxton. I'm sure I will get slammed now .;)
  14. I can't believe all the negativity on this thread. Right now our biggest problem is offensive production and a lack of home runs. When Polanco leads your team with 16 and very few others or in the teens you have a problem. Wallner can fix this. As for dead balls, it's takes someone with massive power to spank the ball over the fence. Man, lighten up on the kid he has hit in every level and will be hitting triple A balls over the fence before the year is out. I think he's a shoe in to be in the majors no later than mid next year as he will be the first one called up when an injury occurs. Then let's see what he's got.
  15. I agree 100%. The money can be spent better somewhere else. Unfortunately Correa has done nothing to increase his value this year. Yes, he could take the 36 mill for two more years but by then I think his value might plummet. 2024 is his best shot as there won't be many quality shortstops coming out so I expect Correa to play for the Twins one more year and hope he has a banner year. I think that's the message he is sending out right now. To be honest, I'm glad we only have him signed for 3 years. I would assume his agent is feeling the waters right now to judge interest. But for us, it's not about whether Correa winds up with a great long term deal. It's simply, does he opt out or not. If he does we are off the hook, ala, Donaldson and if things don't go well, maybe he will come back on a club friendly one year deal ..
  16. Can't blame it on the starting pitching ... Guess we let the chance to trade Correa for some minor leaguers slip through our grasp although I don't fault management as we were in first place. I hope the trip to Houston doesn't blow us out of the race.
  17. That is such a small sample size my friend. Look at what he has done all throughout the minors. Wallner is hitting more than Miranda at this point when he was called up to the major leagues. Should we have written Miranda off? I'd venture to guess Wallner will heat up the rest of the year and raise his batting average to .250 before the year is out with power.
  18. No, I am not concerned as long as Krilloff and Lewis return to health. I've been waiting for our developing players to hit the big leagues for the last five years and many are here with more to come next year and the year after. If we had a big league club loaded with older players that were in line to get big pay raises and were relying on our current farm system to replace them I would be very concerned. But with all the young promising players we control for the next 4 years with players like Canterino, Wallner, Julian, Woods Richardson and Lee a year or two away along with Varland, Rodriquez and Miller behind them we have ample ammunition available. Add that to the fact we gain 36 million after Correa leaves and having one of the youngest teams in the league means we get great players on the cheap and we will have money to fill in any gaps. I follow the box scores of our MLB teams every night. When I do, I don't think a about whether we have the total depth to win the games. I am singularly focused on the players I feel will make it to the league and help our club. Quality over quantity. And let's not forget we have a lot of players we just drafted and the next two drafts.
  19. Let's rotate Kepler, Larnach and Wallner in left and right field next year. Krilloff, if wrist surgery is successful, can alternate between corner outfield and first base as well. Gordon is a keeper and can play center field when Buxton is out but hopefully, finger crossed, Buxton can get his knee right for next year and spend more time in center. Kepler can play center as well if called upon. If Krilloff takes over first base and Miranda takes over 3ed base we could have a slot for one more outfielder which should be Celestino who is an excellent outfielder, can play centerfield but lack the pop in his bat Larnuch and Wallner have. And the way players get hurt these days we will be using all of them next year. Kepler has one more year to breakout however or he will be gone in 2024, depending on how Larnach and Wallner develop.
  20. Let me preference this with, I don't think Sano will be in our long term plan's and I'm fine with that. But Sano is very good when he's hot. Sano has been hot in his rehab assignments and I still believe there is some trade value if he stays hot until the trade deadline. So, I would bring Sano up and alternate him between DH and first bade. while sending Garlic releasing Garlic. They are both right handed and Krakoff can take over Garlic's spot in the outfield. The last move would be to trade Sano at the trade deadline for a relief pitcher or two, bring Larnach back up when healthy and return Krilloff to his his current role.
  21. I'm sorry, but why aren't we talking about shoring up our bullpen. We only have two relievers I have any confidence in and I'll bet everyone can name them. No way we can go into the playoffs with our current bullpen. We should make an all out effort to shore it up, whether it's trading at or before the deadline or converting more starting pitchers like Sands, Balazovic and Canterino. A healthy Alacala would be welcome as well. My hunch is is it's going to take at least one solid trade for a back end reliever, two of the youngsters and Alacala to return to shore things up. If not, you might as well trade Correa at the deadline.
  22. The question is what to do about it. Alcala, soon, and turn Sands and a few more young starters from AA into emergency relievers for the rest of the year along with a trade ..
  23. Of course I 100% agree with you because I said the exact same thing on the thread about Lewis getting sent down. My reasons were: * After playing Houston it gave us a yardstick to measure if we are ready for a run at the world series. I think not. * We have a long term solution to shortstop at a cheap rate for years. Yes Correa is better than Lewis but how much better. Not 35 million better. Probably more like 10 million better. We could put most of Correa's 35 million salary to good use strengthening the team in many other positions. PLUS, we can strengthen our team further with the players we get in the trade. Bottom line is, we either need to come to terms with Correa before the trade deadline or we need to trade him. Having him walk after one year with no compensation in the slim hopes someone won't out big us is not acceptable.
  24. This may seem crazy, but I think Lewis just made Correa expendable come trade deadline. Can you imagine what we could do with that 35 million dollars going forward. It's hard to imagine Lewis will be as good as Correa but the question is: Is there 35 million dollars worth of difference? Maybe 10million difference but not 35 million. And depending on the prospect, prospects we get for Correa we could close that 10 million dollar gap. As others have accurately mentioned, the Twins are stuck for the next two weeks. At that time larnach and Lewis will be on the club and Miranda will go back down.. He needs to go back down because if he stays up here his confidence will be shot. The dilemma is first base. Although not prototypical size Arreaz has done an admirable job at first and we need his bat in the lineup. When Larnach returns we will have plenty of options and it might be time to make Kepler our regular first baseman. And when Lewis comes back up a switch from SS to 3rd base would be a easy peavey. And Lewis could spend a lot of time pitch hitting in place of Sanchez. This will be really interesting to watch the rest of the year. The Astro's series proved this club is not ready for prime time. Are they good enough to make the play offs. Absolutely but a World Series is out of the question. So here is the conversation I see coming at the trade deadline: Twins to Correa. We either have to sign you to a long term contract right now or we need to trade you. We can't risk keeping you after the trade deadline and then have you opt out at the end of the year. We need clarity now. And if we sign Correa long term, then I think Lewis would make a hell of a third basement long term.
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