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  1. My 2 cents: I think in Berrios case, he likes it here but has said for years now he wants top dollar and to test the Free Agent market. We do draft a lot of players from Puerto Rico and he has been with this organization since being drafted in the first round in 2012. so I do believe him when he says he like Minnesota. I also believe he wants top dollar for his family and Free Agency is his chance to set his family up for the next Century or 2. So he will try Free Agency and if we have the best offer, he will gladly resign here. This is not the likely outcome however as others will likely out bid us for him. In Buxton's case he has said on several occasions he wants to stay here and He is from a smaller community so I believe he would rather stay with a small market team like the Twins vs say the Yankees. He would also be happy in Atlanta I bet.... But, He is established in Minnesota and had a good routine for him and his family. so I believe he does prefer to work out a contract extension. I think they just need to figure it out. I think the breakdown in contract discussions means the Twins are likely to trade Berrios as the Twins do not want to risk loosing both and now is the time to trade since the Dodgers and Pads both need him and can overpay in prospects for him.
  2. Ortiz had 53 extra base hits in 412 AB. that is one per 7.77 ABs. That is a strong showing and he was just entering his prime. While Ortiz may not have been the same as what he became, He was about to break out. and the Twins were starving for power. They let him go over a 2 million payout. Even back then that wasn't much money. The idea was to replace him with LeCroy who had 19 WBH in 181 AB and had a 98 +OPS vs Ortiz 120 +OPS The Twins should not have let Ortiz go when they did.
  3. I think the breakdown signals the end of Berrios with the Twins. The Twins would probably be ok with one of Berrios or Buxton walk after next season but not both. I think they may be closer to an extension with Buxton then Berrios so rather than risk loosing both next season they may trade Berrios while still trying to sign Buxton and letting him walk if no deal comes together. I say Berrios may be traded since both San Diego and Los Angeles are neck and neck in a fight for the playoffs and such and both can over pay to get Berrios and both might just to keep the other team from getting him added to the fact that they need him as well.
  4. They could resign Pineda in the offseason. but I do expect them to trade as many expiring contracts as possible. I can see Simmons and Pineda. I am not sure about Robles. I wouldn't just trade someone just to trade them. He does provide value so the return has to be interesting at least. I would not be surprised to see Berrios traded either since the Pads and Dodgers are competing against each other and both have good farm systems to over pay for him. I wonder how far apart the Twins and Buxton are on an extension? THey seem to be close on the guarenteed part. I bet they get that extension worked out. So for next season if the Twins resign Pineda and have Maeda and they get pitching for Berrios with the other prospects we already have, The Twins would need to sign 1 really good pitcher to replace Berrios and hope that at least 1 of the prospects work out by next year. Dobnak could be back for the 5th starter, and with his contract they will give him more chances. I said that to say we can afford to keep Donaldson and improve the pitching or get a competetive rotation set up for next season. and hopefully work out an extension with Buxton.
  5. Its not necessarily that they stop negotiations with Buxton but more that they are going to shift and see what they can get for Berrios before the deadline. A Buxton agreement and they keep Berrios.
  6. Another positive to the trade is he will get the opportunity to hit more against the Yankees which will result in more home runs hit against them. And who doesn't love seeing bombs against the Yankees regardless of who is playing them?
  7. Calvin Faucher was a relief pitcher who was drafted in the 10th round I think from UCI in Irvine CA. He had a low 90's fastball and was their closer. That is all I got for you. And he signed for around slot value or just under it I think. He was a senior....
  8. I hate this time of season. I liked having Cruz on the team. I guess Rooker is getting the call up.
  9. Or he is pushing for a little more of a guarentee. Maybe Buxton wants to make sure he guarentee's he makes over 100 million in his career? 70 million over 6 years isn't much for his potential talent. why not raise the floor a little. say 6 years 85-90 million guarentee with escalators..... or he wants more top end money. or a little of both...... It does sound like there is a framework for a deal and that it is possible to reach an agreement.
  10. If the Twins are going to make a run for it next year, They should offer Nelson a 1 year contract extension too. While I know father time will catch up to him, he isn't slowing down much if at all. I wonder if he would sign a 1 year 15 million extension now and avoid the mess in the offseason.
  11. Not too many pitchers through lighting bolts so that will be entertaining. Will be glad to see if he can move quickly through the organization. He seems to really love the game and when that is the case why not sign for around 2.5-2.6 million and get going as soon as possible.
  12. The jury is still out as we still have 5 or 6 prospects from those deals. Trading Ynoa is the bad move so far. but the ones considered the best prospects are still here. Those guys lost a year of development which was unforseen. but Rijo, Duran, Alcala coould be good. Smeltzer a swingman/ long reliever and Celestino a good CF. So I don't think those trades have proven to be bad at this point.
  13. We could trade Sano..... free up a few dollars and Let Donaldson and Killeroff get some time at 1B and DH on occasion. I mean when healthy Donaldson is living up to his contract.
  14. Plus Gladden scored the World Series winning run in 91. and if you can remember Gladden did catch a HR in Cleveland and turned a triple play out of it getting the runners at both first and second out as they were way out front.
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