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  1. The smartest moves right now would be to trade Cruz and Donaldson. You wouldn't get much for them or would you get much interest. Their services really aren't needed on a rebuilding team-which we will be later this summer.
  2. I would click "like" but I don't see how on my phone.
  3. Thanks. Glad I didn't mention it to my grandson. We still have tickets!
  4. does anyone know when the gates open for today's game and what time we should be there if we want a Killebrew bobblehead? Thanks in advance.
  5. My guess a couple more relief pitchers--- can never have too much pitching.
  6. I'd pick Frank Quilici just because I like Frank Quilici. Best buck- ninety hitter around.
  7. Cesar Tovar wasn't really a utility player. He was a regular who played a lot of different positions. As a Twin he average over 600 plate appearances for seven years and in 1967 appeared in 164 games (still an American League record---Maury Wills played in 165 for the Dodgers in 62) Not meaning to nic pic, just a friendly comment.
  8. I'd rather coax Frank Quilici out of retirement. Veteran utility infielder with leadership qualities with World Series experience. I could be wrong but I think he's about the same age as DeRosa and Bartlett.
  9. I haven't seen anything anywhere else either. It may have been Mackey and Souhan wishful thinking. Mackey was telling the story how Gardy had to put the Vanimal down---but he kept going with it. Maybe I didn't catch the satire.
  10. 1969 Killebrew played more games at 3B than he did at 1B. 1967 was his best at 1B I would have liked to have seen Tony-O's 1970 season recognized.
  11. Is anyone concerned that we probably won't have a lefty in the rotation?
  12. When are the Tanaka sweepstakes held?
  13. But he's my favorite so I would explore options. It it is amazing reading the recent posts about what free agents the Twins should target. The names that stand out to me are Justin, Johan, Baker and Kubel. We might as well look at Torii and Punto too. The gang's all here:jump:
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