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  1. I am in the middle of a Buffalo Springfield song and I keep getting reply popups so I really mess up my reply
  2. I think they are giving Rooker every chance possible to work his way off the 40 man roster (or chance to prove he should stay)
  3. Bill Campbell went 17-5 in 1976 for the Twins. 78 games all in relief. And he pitched in 167 2/3 innings! Different era.
  4. Does everyone here subscribe to the Star Tribune, or is there a a way around their login request?
  5. Watching the Twins game and following Twins Daily as I often do. It was this post that made realize I was watching a replay and the Twins game was a day game. "Whoa! It's already in the 6th?" No I show it's the top of the third. I should have guessed as I was watching a day game and it is nearly 9:00 in Detroit now.
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