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  1. Curious, can the Twins negotiate with Carlos now or do they have wait until he officially declares his intentions? Right now he would be a current player getting an extension. If they are allowed to be in contact with him, do you think they are. Or do you think they will just wait and sees what transpires.
  2. Per Seth Stohs, Josh Winder is starting today. Do we know the corresponding move yet? Sands, Sanchez, Archer to the IL?
  3. Actually I had Arraez but forgot to post. Senior moment.
  4. American Express --Don't leave home without it! (Karl Malden)
  5. Signed a minor league deal with Texas Rangers.
  6. Why all the pessimism? Why give up hope? The Twins can rise to the occasion. This can be our finest hour! Too bad most games last about three hours
  7. Curious if anyone received an email like this? Comes from apfco.com- which I see is a promotional products company in Grand Rapids MN. Curious if it is legit. I am leary of giving out contact info to companies or individuals I am not familiar with. Thanks
  8. Wow! I would never had guessed Joe was 75. He must have some kind of fountain of youth thing going as he looks 50 years younger
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