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  1. I am in the middle of a Buffalo Springfield song and I keep getting reply popups so I really mess up my reply
  2. I think they are giving Rooker every chance possible to work his way off the 40 man roster (or chance to prove he should stay)
  3. Bill Campbell went 17-5 in 1976 for the Twins. 78 games all in relief. And he pitched in 167 2/3 innings! Different era.
  4. Does everyone here subscribe to the Star Tribune, or is there a a way around their login request?
  5. Watching the Twins game and following Twins Daily as I often do. It was this post that made realize I was watching a replay and the Twins game was a day game. "Whoa! It's already in the 6th?" No I show it's the top of the third. I should have guessed as I was watching a day game and it is nearly 9:00 in Detroit now.
  6. It is my understanding they can only bring up two players including Buxton without sending down or cutting loose a current 26 roster member. Isn't 28 the max? (The Max wears 26 is not an acceptable answer.)
  7. Garcia will be DFA'd after the game. Makes room for Buxton.
  8. If (and it is a big IF) Buxton is activated this weekend, who gets sent down? Cave, Refsnyder or Gordon. Or do wait and bring Buxton back September 1 when the rosters expand? Does Cave's homer carry that much weight?
  9. Can't they only bring up three September call ups? If so I doubt that Larnach comes back up. I would guess it will be pitchers and possibly Buxton. Unless the DFA a bunch like Cave, Simmons, Astudillo.
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