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  1. 1 month is a good start but we do need more consistency from him. With the way he’s hit so far major league pitchers won’t walk him as often if he can’t hit at all. Also with the amount of power he is flashing, he needs to be close to a .300 hitter to have value. Really a .350 OBP in the majors since he doesn’t have much extra base ability despite his speed.
  2. I don’t want perfect parity. But the revenue needs to be shared so the smaller market teams can pay their players and compete. I am also against tanking too.
  3. They could reverse Maeda him. Have him piggyback off Maeda to start the season then around the all star break flip them and let Ober start and Maeda relieve. This helps manage both pitchers innings as they come back from lost seasons.
  4. The Twins graduated a lot of first year pitches this season and most of them were more successful at run prevention then you would reasonably expect a first year player to be. That is success in my book. Some prospects take several years in the majors before they succeed. If you are able to trade a prospect because another team values them for an asset you value that is a success as well. We do need better run prevention. We are what 10th in the league in ERA. no argument there. but the prospects in the minors overall are not failing. Do we have the ace we need ? no! but we do have lots of depth. I suspect several of these pitchers will take more steps forward next year. Our starting rotation is shaping up nicely for next season. Gray Ryan Mahle Winder Ober Maeda Paddack Varland Woods-Richardson possibly Bundy If we can sign Rodon if we loose Correa we will have a really good staff with lots of depth for next season. We also wouldn't have Bundy back in that instance. We should have enough talent to have a top 5-7 staff next season. That should be good enough if our offense performs. Bullpen we have Duran Lopez Thielbar Jax Moran Possibly Megill and Stashak Pagan (just kidding)
  5. If you look at the top 20 prospects list above you will see that only Balazovich and Canterino were the only 2 to have down years. Canterino to predictable injury. Cole Sands is on the cusp. and the other 17 prospects all succeeded or were traded for something more valuable. I was thinking of writing a blog post about this but i am too busy if someone wants to grade out the prospects from our top 20 prospect list from the beginning of this season.
  6. Louie Varland just got called back up. He has to prove he belongs. Every actual Twins fan is rooting for Arreaz to win the batting title from the evil Yankees.
  7. I would be surprised if the Twins went out and signed another starter. I wouldn't be surprised if the Twins picked up Bundy's option. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't either. He could be resigned on a 1 year 8 million or so contract as well. I can see the Twins going with a 6 man rotation next season and allowing some starters to go 6 innings in a start. If Rodon opts out of his contract I do hope the Twins make a run for him. It does seem like this offseason will be more quiet then usual as there doesn't seem to be as many needs as in the years past.
  8. I just saw on MLB.com that Aaron Judge is leading the AL batting title race at .316. Arreaz is at .314. Arreaz has enough plate appearances for the title. He just needs to beat Judge for the title so he can keep the Yankees from having a triple crown winner. Boegarts is at .315 so its a 3 person race at the moment with 4th best average at .308 Abreau Whitesox.
  9. I would define this season as a fun offseason once the labor dispute was resolved and the good starting pitchers were gone, injuries, and incremental failures. No one big failure just a bunch of small one at in opportune times and failure to seize the moment.
  10. It will be interesting to see who wins the LF job next spring with Walner, Larnarch, and Killeroff in competiton. I still expect Kepler will be back. His trade value is likely down a little. I am sure he could be moved but why? maybe at the trade deadline if next year turns into a rebuilding year. I like positive articles like these. I like seeing 2 more starting pitching options ready for an opportunity. that makes Ober, Winder, Varland, and Woods-Richardson at this time who seem like developed starters ready for the rotation. So the development is working.... and maybe Balazovich will be back better than ever next year too. If Enlow can continue to move up and develop and Prielipp moves up as well and Balazovich is back on track we could have several starters developed..... I still want to see the Twins re-sign Correa but I can see why they wouldn't too. Just keep saying things that help Correa's market so Scott Boras wants to call us again the next time a super star doesn't get the contract they want..... especially an ace starter who over plays their hand..... and Lee and Lewis are a good reason not to worry so much about SS next year after the first month or so of the season.
  11. Just a reminder that not all injuries only happen to Twins players. The Yankees acquired Montas at the trade deadline and gave up some good prospects too and he now has a 6.35 ERA for the Yankees and went on the DL with an injury. Mahle at least had a good ERA in his few innings after we got him but is also hurt. so far in the evaluation process, who got the worse deal of the 2?
  12. I think having him and Varland up make sense. Especially if Gray misses a start. Varland, Woods Richardson, Bundy, Ryan, and Ober or Winder to fill out the rotation for the rest of the year. maybe even make it a 6 man rotation.... I do think there is a lot of value in getting some time in the show. its even better when its not in a pressure packed environment like a race for the division title.
  13. Isn’t Twinsdaily gonna sponsor another pub crawl to help end the year on a high note?
  14. Of course with our luck we are guaranteed to get the 17th pick in the draft next year. I did read the top correctly in case you missed the sarcasm
  15. The Twins biggest mistake was trading Rogers. That alone probably cost us the division seeing how many losses and blown saves we have from Pagan. Injuries were the other derailment. We had great depth to cover some of the injuries. Sano by Arreaz. Killeroff by Larnarch then by Gordon, Miranda has come up and hit too. We were thin at C though with no real third string option, which shouldn't be the end of the world except so many other things going wrong it really ended up hurting the team more. on pitching we had a good run in the rotation. They are average not great. No one pitches many innings however. The bullpen was good for a while minus Pagan. Then they had a bad stretch but the real culprit though is the injuries way outnumbered our backup options. I actually think Falvine did a good job in setting the team up this year minus the Rogers trade which I was ok with at the time and missing out on all the starting pitchers as we should have signed a more solid starter. One who can pitch deeper into games so the pen can get a rest here and there. I would rather our 7th and 8th bullpen arms get in 40-50 games instead of 65-70 games. that means better pitchers are pitching more innings.
  16. I like this year way better than last year. The offseason was fun. The deadline deals were fun. I mean there is not much more the front office could have done then maybe sign a better starting pitcher as one of their transactions. I was surprised how many games had we blew as our bullpen is at least average. I don't think we have a horrible pen. Yet we blew so many games. Injuries are really frustrating. We lost Buxton, for a little too much of the season. Lewis, Larnarch, Killeroff, Jeffries and Sano put a damper on the offense. I was happy with how well the rotation did overall. Bundy was better than expected. Gray and Ryan are good. Smeltzer, Ober, Paddack, and Winder have held their own overall while healthy. Archer was ok for a while. I feel like we were so close and that there are about 10 games we should have won but didn't. That is all that is frustrating about this year. Overall the season was mostly fun. so I am disappointed with the loses. but not with the moves made to get here.
  17. I wonder how much the minor-leaguer's pay will go up as a result of this? I also wonder if MLB will fold any of the under producing leagues and go to a system of just A/AA/AAA with no low A and high A.
  18. Enlow hasn't pitched in a few years due to injury and COVID. I suspect moving him to the pen is more about him finishing the season as he is likely on an innings limit. Its good to see we still have a stable of prospects after all the promotions, injuries, ineffectiveness, and trades. We are definitely not as deep as in years past, but I think we can make that up over the next 2 years with good drafts.
  19. It takes more than an ace pitcher to win. While Dobnak is at best a 5th starter / long reliever, he has been useful and thus a success. If you are waiting for the Twins to develop the next Berrios or Radke ….. then it should be stated we are expecting Falvine to Develop 2-3 starters who can pitch as a #1, 2, or 3 starter….. but this article is about pitching in general and there are success stories here. Maybe not at the top end of the staff. But remember the Twins lost year 3 of their development cycle to Covid so the development cycle Is a little broken especially with the recent trades I am glad they made. But I still see pitching prospects coming and I bet you will start seeing them come up soon. Varland today, Woods Richardson next year. Maybe Enlow or Balazovich. Duran could move to the rotation. As a whole our pitching is average to slightly above average. We just need more things to break our way for a change.
  20. Taking a pitcher from the independent leagues who wasn’t good enough to draft and make him into a useful pitcher at the major league level is a huge success story.
  21. I for one will not blame the front office for making trades. We wanted those trades for the big-league team. so, we got them. As far as development goes. the one thing you keep overlooking is the lost 2020 season where no development took place. That set us back a lot, I think. We still have pitchers who are developing and Ober, Winder, and Dobnak are still around. Hopefully all three come back strong next year. We still have a few on their way up too. Woods Richardson and Varland are the top 2 starters on the way and if Balazovich goes back to pitching like last season would make a difference here too. How many starters do we need to develop to feel like Falvine is a developer of pitchers?
  22. Well if someone is going to break the Twins curse against the Yankees, it might as well be the local guy who suffered along with us.
  23. Seems like the Twins Bench is under appreciated. Gordon is my top choice. Many here were expecting him to be DFA’d. Garlick, Celestino, Urshala, Sanchez ( His ever so slightly above average defense is light years ahead of expectations). Bundy is probably 2nd on this list. He may be valuable enough to pick up his option at the end of the season the way he is going. Bill Tanner has a good point on Cave. He is not as high though because of time in majors is too limited. But he does make the list.
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