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  1. I hope they move Lewis around for the time being 1B, LF, SS and 3B as we need help at 3 of those spots right now. I wonder if we could trade with Washington for their 1B if someone doesn’t step up soon. We can get Arreaz more time at 3rd.
  2. Being a 4th OF is not the same as in years past. If the 4th OF can play CF there will be lots of opportunities between CF, RF, LF, and DH and pinch hitting he could easily start 100 games and make appearances in 40 others. He could easily make 400 + plate appearances. Especially with an OPS over .800
  3. With all this COVID and HBP injuries and knee surgeries and groin injuries and knumbscall injuries all within the last week or so, Does anyone know what the actual 26 man roster is at this time?
  4. Either he makes it or doesn’t there is no worry. He’ll make it back though. Probably as an Arreaz type of super utility player.
  5. 1 Ryan 2 Gray 3 Winder 4 Archer 5 Paddack 6 Winder 7 Woods-Richardson 8 Bundy 9 Balazovich 10 Dobnak/ Smeltzer cause we will need more than 5 starters the rest of the season.
  6. Lets see we got a multi all star closer, an all star starting pitcher and the one of the best Nick Names ever for AJ (Boof). not bad. not bad at all.
  7. I was thinking either him or Strottman if he is pitching well out of the pen.
  8. The Joe Ryan trade will never beat out the Johan Santana trade. How could a rule 5 draft pick for a 2 time Cy Young award winner get beat? THe Joe Ryan trade is still a top 5 or 3 or possibly 2.
  9. Things to make this season successful. (Note not all are required just this is a list of individual things collectively I want to see most of them however) (Also note this list is after winning 9 of 10 games. 10 games ago I would have been happy with winning 82 games as a team and developing a core of pitchers) 1. Develop several starting pitchers into competent major league starters for next year and beyond and continue adding prospects to the pipeline 2. Get Miranda, Jeffers, Arreaz, Lewis, Martin, Larnarch, and Gordon fully established in the majors or at least enough experience so that next year they are ready to go. 3. Sign Correa to contract extension. (If we develop enough low-cost pitching, we can afford this and why not). 4. Win a playoff game then playoff series 5. Finish the regular season with over 90 Wins. (Twins are currently on pace for 95.7 wins).
  10. What pitches does he throw? Does anyone have a scouting report to add here?
  11. At least they aren’t going backwards as they were a week ago after a 5-2 week.
  12. I expect at least 20 to 30 plate appearances his first go around. He will get some time in LF, 1B, BH. Maybe a start at 3B and PH. It would be cool if he hits right out the gate but no real expectations for the small sample size.
  13. It’s for an initial debut. It’s always a good idea to make debuts less stressful for the rookies. There is plenty of time during the next 6-10 years for Winder to start on a regular basis.
  14. I would keep Winder up until Archer hits 5 or 6 innings. He hasn't done that yet. I like Jax and would like to see him get more time as a reliever too. same with Stashak. so I am conflicted with who they send down, probably Winder and Jax. or Jax and an OF.
  15. I am more concerned with Theilbar then I am with Sano. What's up with him so far this year? I think Sano will still get close to 40 HR's and have his option picked up. and next season he will be a full time DH. I doubt Sanchez will be back next season. Though if he can be an average C this year and he hits 25+ HR's then maybe. I also think Urshela has been doing a great job so far as an Arreaz light. .304 ave and .370 obp. On a side note. I would like to see Kepler, Polanco, and Sano spend their whole career here just to see how many HR's and RBI come from that 2009 international league signing class for us. It would be cool to see if they could combine to hit 1000 career HR's for us. They are currently at 368. It would definitely be fun to watch as time goes on.
  16. Winning streaks and how the team plays week to week affects their standings from week to week in some capacity. They do give weight to expectations but for only so long. With us being in first we should be higher up. Being in the 14-17 range seems like where we should be. We were also 5-2 for the week. I think expectations should keep Chicago higher ranked but for the time being we should have closed the gap some.
  17. Don’t forget your private jet to get you back and forth.
  18. On May 1rst I would demote Celestino and Either Stashak, Jax or I am dumping Thielbar if he continues to give up runs and try to send him to AAA.
  19. I know these are fluff pieces and click bate but if mlb.com can let Rosenthal go then the person who does thier rankings should be next. How do the Twins go 5-2 and take over 1rst place in thier division and fall from 19th to 22nd in the rankings at mlb.com?
  20. This game seems pretty entertaining. The Twins must have read Nick’s comments about being boring and decided to have several defensive gems, key well timed Buxton Homer’s, and even a Sano single. Everyone was entertained today. And we are back to .500 and knocking on the door to first place again where we belong.
  21. On the plus side we are on a 3 game win streak with the win today. We could even be potentially tied for first if Cleveland loses today. 7-8 from 4-8. I will take it ugly boring game and all. Cause I know that when the temperature goes up so will the HRs and actions and all kinds of good happiness stuff that makes people happy at games.
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