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  1. I am very happy this got done. I think it is super team friendly but also gives Buxton security going forward. My hope is he stays healthy and turns into one of the best players in the game! He certainly has done it for short stretches, imagine say a 140 game/yr Buxton's impact to a team.
  2. Twins are most interested, IMO, in what goes on with Buxton. My guess is we are exploring a trade and full rebuild. Sad to say, but that is likely the truth. That or they are exploring the trade market for starters, I prefer this to signing guys washed up or pitchers over 30-32 years old.
  3. Just get him signed. If he reaches the incentives he wants, it means he has a great season for you. If he IS healthy for a full season, I see him as one of the best players in baseball. If not, well, then its more of the same from him. Fantastic for short stretches, and then hurt. In this case, you are paying him the kind of deal you like. 10/11 mill per year.
  4. Injuries would get a zero from me. Every team has them and the the front office is responsible for having capable guys around that can fill in, in case of one. That is all. Rocco has been bad too. Terrible really. The rest I would put on the anyone that thought you could dump half of your bullpen before the season and still be successful.
  5. I don't like them spending any money on position players. Sign 2 of the best relievers out there, and 1 starter. Then look to trade for a starter. A top starter. Any prospect should be on the table. All of them. Get me a 24-26 year old arm that is controllable and a top of the rotation piece. Polanco can play short. If not, then just sign back Simmons or some other glove first guy on a short deal.
  6. This is the kind of thinking the Twins have used for quite some time. And it is also a reason IMO why they haven't won in the postseason. This kind of stuff DOES matter whether it fits nicely into a stats notebook or not. Postseason ball you throw stats out the window. Then it comes down to stuff, guts, moxie, etc. I like Berrios. I think he was as close to an ACE as we've had since Santana. That said, he didn't win a playoff game. The best win in the playoffs no matter what their offense does. If the offense scores 2, then they give up 0-1. Offense gets 4, then they give up 1-3.
  7. These guys are not idiots. Not close. I think alot of what frustrates people is that they see alot of the same things with them, that they saw from TR's regime. Washups, constantly relying on washups. Prospects not panning out much - so far. Losing in the playoffs, not even being competitive in them really. I will say. Joe Ryan is going to make these guys look like geniuses whether they thought he could be this good or not. This guy is a difference maker and going to be an ACE type. I'd argue one of the only starting pitchers in our system that can be one. Honestly, how did we get this guy for a rental of a 41 year old DH?
  8. I get what you are saying, but then you go ahead and list more free agents that are the same types that you said you didn't want? IMO, the only way out of this is to be able to develop your own guys, or get some guts and pull off a couple big time trades. Signing guys in their 30s is a good way to have happen exactly what you described in the first part of your post. Develop, or trade for studs that are either right in their prime or the more preferred about the enter it. And when it comes time to draft again, go after the high upside arms and lots of them. We have enough speedy outfielders and SS that can't hit.
  9. I honestly don't even want to see him anymore. Stick him in the mopup role out of the pen until his contract is close to done, then DFA.
  10. I was actually at this game last night. My first one of the season. The Twins pitching did alright last night. Player of the game for me, goes to Tyler Duffey. Rocco put him into an "unwinnable" position and he looked fantastic just dominating the three hitters he faced to strike them out. I thought to myself after him getting us out of that jam, "we have to win this one now". But our offense couldn't get anything going. Lots of big stupid swings up there when we need a single or even just a baserunner and popping the ball up. Oh well, great night for a game.
  11. This is why you try guys like this out before you sign them. Watching him pitch the first few times he had a chance this season it was obvious everything he threw was flat out of his hand, he didn't have much movement or velocity on his pitches. Everything was hanging and hanging right over the middle. It reminds me of when we traded for Delmon Young back in the day. After 2 games of watching him, it was plain to see this guy was going to get himself out a TON because he swung at anything and everything. Watch with your eyes Twinkies, the evidence is right there for you to see.
  12. I don't think there is really any chance without them getting extremely lucky. Lucky meaning 2 guys we haven't seen much from this year come in and be anchors in the rotation with one of them having an all-star type year. It would also likely mean signing or trading for one of the top 1-3 starters on the market, which I don't see them doing. The bullpen will also have to be reworked. Meaning trade for a guy, sign 2 more and have 1 or two from your system fill big holes. To be quite honest, the prudent move might be to have a fire sale. Blow it up with an eye on 3-4 years from now. I HATE that, but I just am not sure how you can truly contend with the severe lack of pitching we have right now.
  13. They lost it in the offseason when they decided to let go of most of their bullpen and replace it with guys that are castoff, no talent bums.
  14. That's just it, they shouldn't be. A guys best darts in in his mid-20s - 30 years old. The real kicker here is that these guys that are touted as top pitching prospects in our system, flat out AREN'T. They are mid-tier mop-up #5 starter types. They aren't good. That is why they haven't been called up. Right now, they may have some trade value, but when they come up and instantly bomb, all that is out the window. These guys have about 2 years to get something going with this pitching or they are out. They won't be fired this year, but a couple more years of this type of pitching staff will get them sent packing. So far, they have been bad, maybe the worst in the entire league at drafting/developing and trading for pitching. Terry Ryan did a much better job. Too arrogant these folks, it is biting them in the butt this year.
  15. No, they are supposed to draft and trade for those types of guys. Raw talent is not something that can be coached. It is picked up and brought here by identifying it, then taking a chance and getting it here. Whether that is trading for it, drafting it with your top picks, paying more than the next team to bring them over here from a foreign country. This is where I don't agree with most of you here. I think you need to take some risks on pitching if you ever want the kind of it that equates to real winning.
  16. I am amazed that writers around this team call this success. What is so successful about developing #4-and 5 starters? News Flash. EVERY TEAM DOES THIS Where are the top arms? Where are the guys with great velocity and hammer breaking stuff? What about someone that throws an unhittable changeup and has exceptional command??? Success in developing pitching is what Cleveland has done. What Chicago has done. Etc etc. Top arms. #1 and 2 types. Bare minimum is what I would call the Twins development of pitching for quite some time. Low risk = low reward and that is what has been done here for many years as it pertains to drafting, trading for or signng FA arms.
  17. I hope he continues well, but I doubt it. Flat out, his stuff isn't good enough. People claim Greg Maddox didn't throw hard, etc. Well guess what, his cutter could cut all the way across the plate and he ran it in there with great command and a hammer changeup. His stuff was elite.
  18. And if you want to continue to believe that guys that are 24-26 and still in the minor leagues are going to save this franchise, go for it. I will continue my belief that talent is talent and it rises to the top quickly, always has. In the last 20 years, I will bet my house that there are more guys that developed into ML aces called up before they are 23 than those that have been older than that when they debuted. Hell, even bullpen arms usually work this way.
  19. I didn't say anything about players that can impact a roster. Any player that is of starting caliber in the major leagues will imact their roster. Studs, #1 and 2 starters. That is all I am worried about. 3-5s can be had at any time in free agency or drafted and developed with late round picks or had in trades every year. And if you aren't going to have it in your starting rotation, then you better have a knock out bullpen. This is what separates teams that can compete for titles from those that can't IMO. Stud pitching. Buy it or develop/trade for it. Twins have done neither, thus the reason they haven't won a playoff game in 800 years. Teams that can develop it or have bought it: Cleveland, Tampa, LA, NY, Boston, Oakland. Houston. SEE A TREND HERE?
  20. Correct and this is exactly what I was getting at in my post. One guy took till 26 to get the show, the rest were up before 24. If you are good, going to be great, you are up here in your early and mid 20s already playing big boy ball. Not sitting in A or AA like the guys in our system. As usual, you have a bunch of 3-5 starter types. Exactly the problem with this organization for many years. We don't develop pitching. PS - Every team in the league develops those same back end of the rotation starters...
  21. OK, we can run that out to 23 then. If the kid is a top pitcher in college and is drafted high and produces right away, BANG ML roster. My point is, when these kids have been in our system for 2-4 years, are in their mid 20's and haven't been to the show yet, the chances of them being anything more than that 3-5 starter I was talking about is very little.
  22. I don't watch as much as I used to either. Alot of it is the fact that my daughter plays travel softball. Let me tell you this. It is a much better game to watch. Pitcher gets the sign and goes. Lots of running, bunting, hitting fielding, old school type ball. These girls play 10x harder than what I see on an MLB field. The game only goes 7 innings and most are done within an hour, hour and half. Baseball is losing viewers IMO, because it is too long and the game is too slow. Also, the #1 reason IMO, is that everyone knows it is not setup fair. It is huge in east coast markets and LA where all the best players are paid 100x more than they are worth. Across the rest of the league though, fans know many times before the season even starts that their team has zero chance. In short, WAY MORE have nots, than haves.
  23. Not the type of pitching that is needed to win in the playoffs. There are only 2 ways to get that. Draft or trade for and develop. Or trade or sign it and give up all kinds of money or prospects. Twins have done neither since Santana...
  24. I am 100% with you. If these guys are gonna be aces, meaning true bonafide aces. They are in the show at 21-22. We don't have ANY of those types of arms. We have guys that were drafted low, etc. We had our chances to take top pitching the last 10 years and always want to try and get SS and CFers around here. There isn't a pitching prospect in the Twins system that rates out as an Ace type. It is the same exact thing it always is. Guys that profile into that 3-5 starter role or long relief man. We need guys in this day and age with hammer offspeed pitches or guys that run the gun up toward 95-99 mph with movement and command. Those are aces. You have to take chances, both in your drafting, trading and international signings though if you want those kinds of pitchers. Twins have always played it safe and continue to do so. Even as good as this kid from Toronto seems to be. IMO, that trade needed to be centered on the very best pitching prospect you could get. We already have Lewis and Buxton to tantalize us with athleticm. And to be honest, neither one of them has done a hell of alot for the team yet either.
  25. I agree. And if they trade any one of Buxton, Berrios, or Rogers. They flat out MUST get at least one guy AND develop him into a top line starter. This is where the FO should be making their money. So far, neither that last FO nor this one has developed anyone that can start games and be in the top 1/3 of the league except Berrios. Trading for, or drafting and developing top line arms are what this organization has struggled at for quite some time. It needs to be better flat out or we will never see what we want to see here and that is winning playoff baseball games.
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