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  1. I'll lay it out for him. It stems honestly from one thing and one thing alone. Our manager and/or front office pulling pitchers too early and losing games with a bad bullpen. They did this over, and over and over and over and over. EVERYONE could see it wasn't working, yet the arrogance displayed while continuing down that path angered fans. Couple that with a team that makes stupid outs and decisions on the bases and seems to not know much about fundamental baseball, moving runners, getting runners in from third with less than 2 outs, etc and there you have it. Basically, they found ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite a bit and that just isn't fun to watch and it's also predictable as a L more times than not.
  2. I have beaten on this drum for many years. Trust your minor leagues and play them instead of bringing in washups or guys that never really were that good and paying them. Sign and trade for only studs and use your minors leagues to fill out the rest of the team. Obviously there are times when you develop a stud and have to pay them too, but either way, you have high end talent surrounded by young hungry guys. I would much rather have seen some of our minor league arms this year than guys like Pagan, Archer, Joe Smith, etc. There has been a long line of this type of player on the Twins roster making that mid level salary that doesn't perform any better than what you could expect from someone within your system already.
  3. Get in the office now and give him an offer. Make it fair, but not stupid. If he says no, then move on. Remind him also that you are willing to do another deal like the last one if he can't find what he wants in a long term deal. Tell him he can have 50 mil for one year, who cares. I am not certain that it is worth it to go longer than 5 years with him. 5 years 40-50 per year, I would honestly be fine with that. I just don't want him around here playing 2B, 3B or DH, OPSing .650 and eating up a quarter of our payroll when he is 35-36-37
  4. Trade him or move him to AAA and I am 100% out as a fan. He is the only guy that has shown any kind of life this second half of the season. He also plays hard all the time. He's had a few errors recently, but alot of that has to do with the fact that we are out of it and no one cares anymore. Fans, coaches, players can all say they do, but when there is nothing left to play for, these kinds of things happen.
  5. Because they come off as smug and act as if eveything negative that happened wasn't their fault. Fans still pay the players and their salaries. If they would come out and say: Hey, we miscalculated a few things and it is obvious that the way we handled the pitching staff can't be so rigid going forward. We are researching and going to make changes that puts us in the best position to win every single night. We also ackknowledge that we have to do something about all these injuries and from now on, we are going to do our best to prevent them. Instead, it sounds like: Hey, we are smarter than most teams and definitely smarter than all of you fans. Things that happened are out of our control but we will continue to beat our heads against the wall until our way, which by the way, is the right way in case you forgot, works.
  6. Agree on all 3. I would also add, we may have one of the most dangerous relief pitchers in the game in Duran. Jax emerging as a guy we can count on in the bullpen could also be considered a positive. To point #2 though, counting on Maeda or Paddack is a mistake IMO. Basically, the Twins should act as if those 2 don't even exist and if they give you anything the rest of their careers it is a bonus.
  7. My main stickers. - Going into the season with 2 terrible starters on your staff, and only 1 guy that was proven(Gray) - Going into the season with a terrible bullpen(after trading away your closer) when you have an unproven and band-aided up starting staff.(just not good overall) - Having a manager that is so insistent on yanking guys early and leaning hard into a terrible bullpen(this will be my #1) They are so rigid with pitching usage, that they forget there is a game going on with humans right in front of their eyes - Not knowing how the run the bases or make basic defensive plays. - Us fans for believing that just signing Carlos Correa would lead us to the playoffs. Had we looked at it fairly, we would see that the gaggle of #4-6 starters, washups and bullpen projects on this team were many. Probably was unrealistic that we had any chance.
  8. Braves rotation took them to the World Series how many times? More than one group of pitchers in the history of the game I bet. That one stable of 3 or so guys got them to the World Series like 5 times. Unreal you would use them to make this argument. They literally are a bullet point how important guys like that are for your chances. I get the game has changed some, but the point still remains. If you don't have a few of these types of guys, your chances, flat out are not better. I don't care about an obscure series here or there, look at it overall. That list I gave says it all, filled with big name guys. I just don't understand how you can argue your chances are not better to win and advance in the postseason without guys like this.
  9. I agree Lewis can't be counted on for a ton next year. For one, I don't think he will be ready until mid-season. 2, he has a long injury history the way it is, maybe it is bad luck, maybe he is Buxton's equal. 3, he played here for a couple weeks and while he looked more than ready to make an impact, he will likely take some seasoning before he becomes a true impact player. Look how long it took Buxton to figure out how to hit at the MLB level. Of course, he could be like Miranda and be another stud rookie! All this said, I LOVED the way he looked playing SS and think he can stick there. If Correa is not back here is another option to consider. Make Gordon the everyday SS until Lewis is ready. I think the best move for him is to be a super utility player, but after the way he hit this year, I sure think he has at least put himself into consideration for us as an everyday player. Am I way out of bounds in hoping that Gordon would give you close to league average SS play for 1/2-3/4 of a season?
  10. How many runs did those starters that only went should I say 5 or 6 give up more than 1 or at most 2 runs? Were there games in the playoffs where some of them went 7-8 of 0-1 run ball to get to where they were ALDS, ALCS, etc? Games that were won, how many of these guys went 4-6 innings giving up 2-3 runs? Yes, yank your guy after 6, but if it's 6 with zero or one(against a WS caliber lineup), that is an ACE to me. There is no doubt in my mind that if we threw our staff out there against WS contending teams in a win or go home situation(Houston, Dodgers, etc), that ZERO of them would be able to hold it to 0-1 through even 5 or 6. Heck, we have seen it this year what happens to the starters we are running out there against this caliber of team.
  11. Agree 100%! No, the pitcher wouldn't have to be considered an ace. But, you do need ACE like performance from 1-2 guys to make real noise IMO. Do we have any of those guys? Maybe? Hopefully!!
  12. I'm with you. I am all in with analytics being a part, and even a large one on how they approach the game and season overall. But I think we saw that this year, the game is played on a field, with players, that are humans, not on a computer screen where we can predict results based on calculations. I think it starts with fundamentals being taught(stressed!) again throughout the entire system. Accepting no less than your very best effort on every play. Doing things the right way, LEARNING every game. I think it ends with management (FO and manager), realizing that there are no hard and fast rules in this game. You still have to use your EYES to a certain extent on a game by game basis. That means running once in a while if it looks like it's available, letting your pitcher go out there for a 6th or 7th inning if they are dealing. Not giving chance after chance to a bullpen guy that clearly is slumping. Yes, overall, use the numbers to give yourselves the best chance as it pertains to a full season. BUT, each individual game is different and to be SO RIGID with your decisions, gives you exactly the type of year we saw this season. Oh and find a way to keep guys healthy. If this means a different training, nutrition, strength regimen or flat out not bringing in so many guys with injury histories, whatever, this has to change as well.
  13. My point is, the cart doesn't come before the horse. You mostly are not going to the world series or winning it if you don't have a guy that gives you over 160 innings of 3-ish or under ERA ball. 2 of them is better. In the history of baseball, there hasn't been a team that has won the WS with gaggles of 4 and 5 type guys. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_Series_starting_pitchers Just look at this list. It's a who's who of ace pitchers throughout the years. I don't see a team in there with 4 #4 guys. The only one I can remember that has bucked this trend has been the 2015 KC Royals. They also may have had the best bullpen in the history of baseball though...
  14. It is rare, but teams that don't have it are never true contenders. I would argue that some of it is luck(drafting, developing, trading) for an ace. That said, it is needed if you ever want to be a favorite or a team with more than a chip and a chair. When is the last time a team won the WS without 1 or even 2 ace type pitchers? I just cannot remember one as long as I have watched baseball. Heck, to even get there you need one.
  15. 1 starter, 1 bullpen player each year. Every 2-3 years, one of those starters needs to be something more than a #5 type guy. I honestly don't think they have done a terrible job since getting here developing pitchers. What they haven't done though, is develop anything or have anything in the pipeline even that projects as top of the rotation. This will continue to be the main thing that holds this franchise back from being a real contender.
  16. They watched it happen for 2/3 of the season, yet this last third, they continued to yank effective starting pitchers in favor of their bullpen. They had their chance, I don't think you will see them change. Had they been open to change, they would have done so and we would still be talking about being in a playoff race. Not sure if it is arrogance or what, but they have been rigid in pitching staff usage and it cost them the division this year IMO.
  17. If these three were all healthy, I like them 150% better than using Archer, Bundy, Smeltzer, etc. Problem is, the most likely scenario is getting 4-5 innings out of each of them then taxing the heck out of your bullpen. Pagan and Megill will pitch this series. They will be the ones to make or break them. Book it.
  18. No problem. Sorry if it bothered ya. I will refrain and probably shouldn't have come in here with this stuff. Just frustrated is all. Obviously want to see the kid do well. And want to see someone come through at some point that is a top of the rotation starter, that is all.
  19. 9th round pick. That is all you have to know. #3-5 starter at best. Great and all, but we need top end guys. Getting value out of late round picks and finding guys in places others don't look is great to keep you close. But until we can identify, draft, and develop guys in the early rounds to be legit studs, this will be the same team over and over and over. So far any pitcher Falvine has drafted high hasn't amounted to anything yet. Heck, they haven't even tried drafting pitchers early for the most part.
  20. I think it was 2015 and their bullpen was maybe the best in the history of baseball that season also!! Have to have one or the other. Can't be middle of the road to poor in both categories and expect to contend.
  21. Here's the only thing though. With that gaggle of starters, we still at best just win our division. We need someone from within our system(preferrably 2) to be able to step in a give us a 180 inning, under 3 ERA season or we have no shot at REALLY contending. Right now, that looks like #3 and 4 starters galore. That or our bullpen has to be filled with absolute HAMMERS. Right now we have 1 or 2 I would classify in that category.
  22. I get it and I am competitive that way too. Thing is though, they have had the rosters both this year if healthy, and in 2019 to win it all. What they are missing is 2 bulldog starting pitchers. Every team is missing them right now except teams like Houston, Yankees, Dodgers, maybe Atlanta. And let's be honest, those are the only teams that have a shot without lightning striking.
  23. I think overall they have done fine. They need to develop a couple top of the rotation arms though with this next core, or it will be more of the same. Bad one year, win our poor division the next and bow out early. I like that they are aggressive in trades and signings. Stay the course. Figure out how/who/what it takes to develop a couple guys that can give him 6-7 solids more nights than not and they will get there. Oh, and figure out what is going on with all of these injuries. This can't continue to happen to every single core player we have on our roster or minor league pitcher we have.
  24. I am with you on almost this entire post. Rocco won't be fired, but he has done a poor job managing the pitching staff this year. The team has lacked fundamentals and made plenty of bonehead baserunning plays also. His teams have consistently been atop the list for errors per game as well. I don't care if this makes a 2 game difference or 10, but it makes a difference.
  25. Going against other teams mop up men is what it is. Simple as that. Down by 4 or better late, the other team is going to put someone in there to rest their better arms.
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