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  1. Berrios yes. Buxton only if he would sign an incentive laden deal as karbo stated but I see today's athlete all about guaranteed money vs incentive. Agents being agents aren't going to go that route = Show me the money they preach
  2. Bad Luck or the result of big money for any athlete... Players have a lot of money on the line and by no means am I'm not saying Buxton is dogging some of the injuries or any other athlete but growing up with the "spit on it and get back in the game" mentality isn't followed anymore. For certain injuries it shouldn't be, especially concussions and getting hit in the man jewels aka got Mitch Garvered... but big time paychecks and agents and "more sophisticated" analysis from the doctor world plays some part. Players can get better diagnostics performed on their bodies to diagnose and recover,
  3. Outside air conditioner for swing and a miss...Hot nights the opposing catcher and umpire have to enjoy when he is in the game
  4. I wouldn't just pencil in swing and miss Sano for full time DH. Depending on Garver's health post surgery, you may see him at DH more time then behind the dish. Squatting, stretching and up and down every time every pitch won't help his recovery from the injury. Sano has been awful majority of the time. Sano playing 3rd isn't shoring up our defense either.
  5. Maybe rocco got confused in looking at his spreadsheets and the Little League setting on that said he can't go more than 70 pitches because he would need more than a couple days rest before advancing his team in the tournament.
  6. 63 pitches thru 4 pretty easy innings for Ober. What's that get him? Pat on the back, seat on the bench and no W in the personal win column. Such BS by Baldelli. My goodness that he didn't send him out there for the 5th. Even if he fell apart quickly, it's a learning opportunity for both sides. Pitcher can gain knowledge of strength and conditioning and Mr. spreadsheets can gauge his next time the order goes through the pitcher analysis. 12 guys faced. WTF
  7. Not a fan of Sano, regardless of his bomb potential. Move Cruz to say thanks for your service, here is a contender for your ride off to the sunset. Start Kiriloff at 1B and let Sano be the backup (DH) at times. Buxton will be back but how long can we depend on the guy to stay healthy? Gordon has been really good as a backup, need to play him more, wouldn't send him down. Kepler will be interesting to see come back and what happens. Garlick sent down along with Refsnyder, would rather have Ref stay here. Rortvedt is interesting, not hitting the ball very well, but better defensively than
  8. When we live in the world of woulda, coulda, shoulda... The current Twins epitomize this. Would have been better without the injuries, slightly better but we really weren't that good when we were healthy (minus the 1st week). Key pieces of the pie on paper could have done better and should be playing better. Kepler and Cave in OF were placeholders for the young guns and weren't the difference maker. Sano, you get a blind squirrel finds a nut (HR) every now and then but overweight K machine consistently is brutal (modern day O's Chris Davis). Cruz has been better side of OK, need to move hi
  9. Let Buxton play with Saints, all he wants. He gets hurt down there so be it. Once he feels healthy to come back up, bring him up, hope he as a good couple of weeks and then I would float him on the trade wires before deadline. Someone who has been on IL more than games played for year in and year out, does he really have long term value? Give Gordon the everyday job for next few days and see how can either blossom on defensive side of things or what his limitations are. Pleasant surprise at the dish, so he will cool off, everyone does so he will have some up and downs. Rather do it now w
  10. Garver at Catcher after his experience last week, might not be a great fit for the next month or so. Catchers are like goalies, takes a strong somewhat disturbed mindset to be behind the mask. So another option is give him more starts at DH and let Jeffers continue the confidence building momentum he has since his recall. Why DH one might say? Put Cruz out of his misery and move him over to a contender as a Thank You for your service. He is slowing down at this point of his career and the body aches and pains are starting to occur more on a daily basis. Tortuga isn't going anywhere and h
  11. Situational hitting to me is an area of concern for me. If it isn't a homer to score runs, we are in trouble. I don't have the time to analyze the run production but driving in runs other than a HR seems be severely lacking. I could be off base, but clutch hitting doesn't seem to be there
  12. Stat Cast I care about: 22-34, 6th worst record in MLB, 12 games under .500. All other stuff is whipped cream on rotten cherry
  13. So is it a bonus that Sano hasn't struck out yet? absolutely not
  14. Just his pride at the moment. Feel good media love story is fading for the turtle. 1st base is covered with Kiriloff to me as the starter and the K machine Sano the backup. Not going to play turtler up the middle IF or CF. Corner outfield spots covered so leaves a 3B option and Catcher. Two spots he really isn't that good at. What I find interesting is Gordon riding the pine and not seeing the field... Why bringing him up. Emergency Big League paycheck must be nice
  15. Sano is boom or bust but to be considered for the monthly hitter award shows you how little of options you have. Refsnyder more deserving than Sano, regardless of the amount of games played. He brought energy to a position of need and Sano really should be backup 1st basemen and not in everyday lineup. Tough article to write but Sano would be easy choice to leave off. When his K rate comment of it being or par for his normal stat line, doesn't make it a warm and fuzzy okay to K so much feeling to overlook
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