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  1. At least no one has brought up Lewis yet. I have seen comments in the past that Lewis is heir apparent at SS and it could be next year or after. Not sure that is viable option. Handful of games since 2019 with a knee injury doesn't bode well for a SS position that has to move quickly and plant throw etc. SS needs to be addressed with a long term (meaning not a one year deal) FA acquisition. If Gordon is the better option, then make it so if you don't acquire anyone. You need stability on a diamond with C, SS & CF. We have 2 out of 3, who is SS that solidifies the group. Very easily could have 1 out of 3 if Buxton moves on
  2. Pay him what he wants, how about pay for 36% of what he is worth since he doesn't play more than that in last 4 years. What he wants and what he deserves are millions apart. No faith in the guy who had one out of this world month in his career.
  3. didn't realize that he was also bugs bunny and pitching in the game at same time. Polanco at short doesn't equal 100 losses
  4. Interesting to say the least about bumping floor to $100MM but it doesn't necessarily work to force the hands of taxpayers and benefit them. Pirates are prime example (live outside the city) and the disgust of the organization and how bad they are year in and year out. Taxpayers built a stadium for them and then a new "sheriff" bought the team. He runs it to solely make money as it is his business to do so. There is no investment by him to be better than just turning a profit year over year. They are MiLB team in MLB clothing. The potential upside is that he may be forced to sell the team if he doesn't get to threshold or the beer prices will be $20 per 12 oz very soon. Fans pay the price all around no matter what
  5. Lewis hasn't played a game since 2019, and really only a handful of guys played in 2020 if you want to call alternate site games for development. 2021 injured with a knee and don't really care who you are a knee is easily a year of recovery. So that puts him back to square one for 2022 and spring training. Hasn't played above AA and I don't see him being on the MLB roster till at best 2023. Yes you can rehab, work out to stay in shape but there is game shape that has to come into play. 2 years gone, he isn't the golden child answer anytime soon to solve our SS woes. So you start him at AA and see how he fairs at AAA to handle playing everyday and can his body hold up. Minor league stats of 45 errors and fielding .955 needs some improvement.
  6. older vets are looking for one year pay me deals and not worried about the following years. They will chase the money. Not worried about finding vets to fill spots, the right dollar figure brings them in
  7. Catcher is the least of our concerns. All about pitching depth for this team
  8. Nothing mgmt does at this point makes perfect sense. Waste of a move that Gordon was sent down for a cup of coffee at Saints for what about a week. You already have a bench utility and Milb roster filler on the team in Astudillo, so really no need to have two on the bench. Simmons is gone in about 45 days when season ends, would rather let him be the bench guy at the moment and let Gordon prove his worth.
  9. Not a bad thing for Larnach hit the reset button. It worked for Jeffers by getting off to terrible start in April and spent a month in St. Paul for May. Since his return, he has moved his stats upward and looks more like he did last year. So for Larnach, use the time down there to take a breath, work on some confidence with positive at bats and get ready for 2022.
  10. Leave him in St. Paul if you aren't going to use him. Left handed bat vs a righty for Cleveland is right up the stat sheet spreadsheet sweet spot for Rocco. Simmons isn't the difference maker in winning games. Give me some Gordon to see what he can do as his 40 man spot/option are on the line for next year
  11. Lineup for tonight's game (8/17) is out and Gordon is riding the pine once again. What a waste of time to bring him up to chew gum and get some splinters. Upside for him is getting paid big league money to keep the bench warm. The love affair with Simmons, will it ever end? Sure hope it isn't until October
  12. I like the Gordon move to AAA to get the reps most likely at SS/2B and not so much in the OF. Let him play the rest of August and then in September bring him back to see how he plays those positions. Simmons can be moved to bench player and farewell pack on the back tour for rest of the season.
  13. He may have less power than Lewis but Lewis has less games played. Throw injured players out of the rankings at least internally until they play x amount of games. For some to project Lewis as MLB roster 2023 seems pretty far fetched. Not saying Martin is knocking on the door for next year but next year should be fun to see how guys play out when they play
  14. Twins should capitalize on overpay scenarios, especially from Padres and/or Blue Jays. What price will be enough for Twins to make the move? Fly on the wall in the trade bunker office for the Twins would be a fun day. I think you get something less impressive for Pineda, Robles and Duffy would be arms for the future but don't think it will be anything that knocks our socks off. Buxton move would be interesting, don't see them parting ways with him at this time. I'd like for Berrios to go NL vs AL
  15. Larnach is more promising than Celestino and Cave isn't really a long term solution. Boot Celestino back to Saints and Cave can be on his farewell tour for August and then his time is on the pine for the get to know the call ups month of September
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