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  1. Bring up soft hitting .140 rortvedt. Ouch, not the answer. Lousy defensively not so much for Jeffers. He is pretty much on par with any other backup catcher in the bigs. Caught Stealing 23%, Garver 23%, Rort 44%. So Rort had better % but way less opportunities, so take that with a grain of salt. Stolen bases aren't solely on the catcher, pitcher plays a part, so in depth analytics on who attempts a steal, who was pitching, situation, etc comes into play. So. Fielding % Jeffers .994, Garver .996 and Rort .989. So on paper, reason Rort is in the minors
  2. Hockey = grape, MLB = Strawberry, NBA = Apple, NFL = Watermelon. They all can break apart, just how much force to do it. You have your diehards in every camp that will support their team/league. Owners are looking out for themselves as they run a business, players make a crap ton of money for a game they are suppose to love, but its a business. Manfred as a commissioner has a lot to be desired but not a single commissioner works for the players. So the tug of war will continue, the he-said/she said public banter will try to lesson the fans on who hates who. It will never happen, but pay each major league guy $1MM base salary every year and then incentives galore to make their money. Reset each year, players will play to earn their money each year, vs guaranteed money and if I have the sniffles, I'll sit out for a few days. What a profession to be in!
  3. Throw Larnach as a sweetener, used that in another post. If Kepler is moved, then I guess Larnach is playing daily. Kepler stays, I would play Kiriloff in OF more than 1st base. He can spell Sano couple days a week and you could put Gordon in utility role. Arraez I would move with Larnach and pitching prospect in a 3 for 1 or 2 deal to get a quality starting pitcher
  4. Use Larnach as a trade chip sweetener in any deal proposed. He has flaws and could be a good 4th outfielder for someone down the road. I don't see it here with him. He just isn't corner outfielder with consistent pop. Flip side is other teams probably see the same thing
  5. Would have, could have, should have signed this guy, that guy, but we get this guy commentary is about what I thought I would read this morning. It takes two to tangle and maybe, just maybe, we have had conversations with some of the better targets off the board and threw a contract out there. The player and agent could have easily said no thanks, appreciate the gesture and moved on. We will never know the what ifs side of things. So it comes down to quality for the price tag and how much price tag wiggle room do we really have. Probably not as much as we think there should be. Lockout is on, no news on player moves till 2022. Once the gates are unlocked, the mad dash is on. Hopefully Mgmt won't be still in taking their warmup suits off when the other offices are out of the blocks. I still see a trade going down when the lock out is over to grab a top 3 rotation guy, who not sure.
  6. on paper nice exercise, but in real time action Buxton has to appear in 100 games a year at a minimum during his contract. To be the guy, day in day out, number should really be 130 games a yea. Biggest problem I see for him to be elite and a true difference maker can't be 1/2 the season year over year. Let's hope the injury bug goes on hiatus for him
  7. he hit low .200's after the trade is a telling sign for me. Some will say change of scenery, living out of a suitcase as potential factors. I say not so fast, when you get traded to a contender to make run for post season, his juices should have been flying high. Liked him for what he was, but not for what he might be at a $10MM+ price tag. Say hello to the national league for Cruz if DH gets implemented.
  8. We can blame the FO all we want on this signing, but it could have been very easy by the Twins that Berrios wouldn't sign with the Twins regardless of offer, so they traded him. Not going down would / could / should have done this that or the other. We roll into next year with a new squad makeup and have at it.
  9. Pretty big gamble to trade both but very interesting concept. Garver with the injury last year to the you know whats, to me is the long term concern. Turning 32 this year and needing more rest to the knees, lower back and his manhood, has me thinking at best 75 games at catcher. Do we really want Rort who is probably a year or year + away from being a go to guy? Probably not. Trading Jeffers is risky because of youth compared to Garver, more seasoned and to me Rort is still a solid #3 catcher behind these two. Won't say no if the return is there though
  10. I'm not trying to debate you bight on Sano, was trying to find a similar comparison to Ryan and if Sano is deemed acceptable in a different position. All good on my end and your comments. If Ryan was to improve to say .240 avg, 20+ homers, K% less than 30% would we be happy? I think so. That easily replaces Garver at everyday type of catcher and allows him to move to DH at bats. The player movement on the team gets interesting at that point.
  11. But do you love Sano who is an older version of Jeffers: Avg, 23 out of 24, OBP 23 out of 24, OPS 17 out of 24 and amount of K's dead last. So he basically last in everything if you look at the top 24 guys listed. Sano had just over 200 more at bats than Jeffers. So ouch to both. Jeffers as a catcher vs 1B play is a little more taxing for him than Sano. I like Jeffers a lot and think a full season of MLB play was a sophomore slump so to speak. Sano is just Sano, big hit, bigger whiff type of player
  12. Move Sano along with Larnach in a package deal to get a MLB starter. Someone will bite on Sano hit 30 HR's and striking out 45% of the time. He is what he shows. Larnach might not be an answer in the outfield, if you think he is then Package Sano and Kepler together. This opens the door for Miranda to get his feet wet in the show. Rotate Miranda and Kiriloff at 1B along with Miranda at 3rd. Donaldson can take a day off here and there and you can get Garver some DH at bats to rest his legs behind the dish. Looks good to me on paper, but paper don't win games.
  13. It's a fun paper exercise on values, who is wanted, trade partners, etc. Bottom line as a fan, all the comments are a good gauge on what we would like to see happen. I don't see Garver and Jeffers being moved. Garver has issues with injuries, Jeffers filled in quite nicely, regardless of the .198 avg to date. He is strong behind the dish, has some easy power and is serviceable. Rortvedt is solid behind the dish but I don't see see his bat being better than the other two. I"m not hung up on righty/lefty options to give guys a break. Jeffers hit lefties fairly well this year and Garver can hit both options. If we play the spreadsheet statistical managerial role of Rocco we are in trouble.
  14. to keep Garver healthier, I see his rotation at the DH spot crucial. Now that opens up a can of worms. Let's say Kiriloff and Sano are rotating at 1st base/DH... Garver and Jeffers are rotating at Catcher... I think we have DH covered in that scenario but the spreadsheet loving Rocco could be the issue to the solution. Now if Miranda is the 3b of choice and rotates in with Donaldson because we know his legs will dictate DH time... we have DH issue with getting everyone at bats consistently
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