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  1. Indeed. The bullpen is an absolute joke. I don't think the Twins benefit by trading Berrios. He's a solid low 2 high 3.
  2. I have to wonder if Rocco has completely lost this locker room, for reasons no one knows about. This season is a total meltdown.
  3. Berrios is a very good #2 on just about any staff. Worth $100mm? No. Especially if you don't have a real #1. The Twins haven't had a real #1 for a long time. Buxton has not proven he can stay on the field. I don't agree in giving him a huge contract for 70-80 games a year. Time to get what we can for anyone on this roster. If this club continues to want to build from within and not spend money, do it now while they have some value.
  4. He has always been an injury waiting to happen. Very good player when he's healthy. Move on and trade him.
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