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  1. bullpen setup for Sunday isn't ideal. That's pretty much what we will get with Bundy and Archer on back to back days. Blow through 5 BP arms each night asking them to go one inning each. More reason would have liked to get another starter and have Archer in rotation and Bundy the long relief on the days Archer pitches. Get another starter and pick your poison and release Bundy or Archer. Bullpen killer when these guys start back to back games. Go Twins
  2. Rocco talking about Pagan getting low leverage situations after his horrendous showing vs the Guardians was admirable but then you throw him in a 1-0 game in the 6th. If low leverage means the inning you use him, then Rocco only got that part right. 1-0 lead isn't low leverage and Pagan did his thing by getting nailed when he needed to be the hammer. Yes offense blows and the top of lineup sure hasn't lead the team when someone of them are suppose to be leaders. Buxton must feel sorry for Sano, because he sure has ben Sano-esque. On to the next one hoping for different results once again. Can Twins ever win two in a row?
  3. 19 blown saves is pretty telling comment. Imagine if you save half of the blown ones, your divisional lead is in the 8-9 game neighborhood. Now if we were in that position, our trade deadline would have looked different for sure. Not sure FO makes the moves to improve the pen. One outing and I like it. Biggest payoff is yet to be seen
  4. Would be nice to see the front office own a mistake and do what is right. Learn from your mistakes vs hiding from them and front office should do the same. Pagan is a nervous option for all fans everytime he jogs onto the field.
  5. the comment about him still getting stretched out makes me laugh. Dude has pitched 5 complete innings only 3 times. He is at best a long reliever. Combine Bundy and him as guys who should be pitch on the same day and you may only have to use 1 or 2 bullpen guys to finish the game. But knowing you have to burn 5 guys when Archer pitches is blowing up a fragile bullpen already. At least next year, those two guys won't be Twins
  6. Urshela not a 2nd stringer but Sanchez is 2nd string but has to be play 1st string role because all the guys being hurt has forced him to play everyday. He is quite brutal at the plate. Had one season hitting over .270 and that was what 4 years ago. Career low .200's hitter at best and we see why Yankees were easily getting ridding of this guy
  7. And the musical lineups continue ... When has Garlick ever been a lead off hitter? interesting move
  8. So batting .210 with 25 HRs, 45 RBI's and 170 K's... trade away my provisional friend, trade away.... tongue and cheek sarcasm
  9. Archer is just plain brutal when you have to take into account you have to tax your bullpen everytime he gets the start. He is 2-5 on the year and will most likely may get one win rest of the year. Pretty easy to say that because he has only pitched thru 5.0 innings three times all year in 17 starts. Three Times! The front office basically promising him a starters bonus won't move his spot to the bullpen. He averages 4.0 innings a game. Perfect spot for him to be long relief when Bundy is the starter. Time to move on from the Bundy/Archer experiment and thank them for their service along with Pagan. Move them by Tuesday, don't care how they leave
  10. Miranda showing Sano, you no longer are needed. Back to back 3 hit games
  11. 141 pitches by 3 Twins to get through 5 innings. Burns by himself throws 102. Must be nice to have a guy give you some length
  12. He has averaged exactly 4.0 innings a start and is 2-4 on the year, soon to be 2-5. Cut after one bad outing, only 3 outings has he gone a full 5 and that has to been his highest. He doesn't deserve a rotation spot, he is at middle relief status at best. No wins April, May or July. His only 2 wins came in June.
  13. When Mgmt promises him starter innings to earn a reachable bonus, you get crap starts like this vs being a bullpen arm. They have to man up and send him packing or put him in pen or crap add him to a trade as parting gift. He doesn't deserve a rotation spot at all
  14. Gordon didn't set himself for a good throwing position. Had plenty of time to square up and crow hop into the throw. Like Gordon and his multi-positions but he didn't give himself a chance
  15. walking the 1st batter to start bottom half by Archer is not what you need, but come to expect in a game like this
  16. got away with it for sure, because he had stepped out of the batters box and in play, so too close for comfort. Thrown ball was inches away from hitting helmet and/or bat.
  17. about time for Sanchez to hit a hard liner... he hasn't been good this month... so nice to see us back to tie game. Need Archer to have a clean inning
  18. hard hit ball by Gordon, nice to see back to back doubles.
  19. Another reason why we don't move him in a trade bait situation. Sano just saw what it looks like to hit a baseball consistently
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