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  1. Friendly pitching bets between Verlander and Ryan: More K's? Fewest BBs? Most HRs given up? I'm going Verlander across the board. He gives up 2 bombs and we win 3-2.
  2. I sat behind home plate to watch Francisco pitch when he was a rook. This is when Johan was Johan. ....Francisco was...BETTER!!! That injury killed me.
  3. I would LOVE Means. I almost value him higher than Montas or Manaea...or Mahle...or Marquez. He is not talked about enough.
  4. Fair enough! Not a popular option apparently! Ramirez is a top-5 player in the game...I'd go all in. Would add as many pieces for a 2-year window as possible. Then tear down and rebuild. None of this matters if we don't get more SP help any way...
  5. I know trades within a division are rare...like, incredibly rare. But what if... Would you make this trade? Jose is under contract for two years at $26 million total. He is 29. To Cleveland: Arraez, Royce Lewis, Trevor Larnach, and Blayne Enlow A package like this might be too good to pass up for CLE, and this might entice Correa to stay for a bit longer...at least a second year?
  6. Thought it was the full moon. Thought it was the weed. But no...I've jinxed the universe. Me panties...I just peed.
  7. Fairly certain I am in the minority here...but I think Donaldson is cashed. Done. Finito. People talk about Buxton playing 110 games...I'd set Donaldson at 75-90 games. Clearing his salary was big...even if it was a strange order of events.
  8. No...we are not one player away from competing. IF we got Story or Correa for one year (which again, I see as highly unlikely), I am hoping we would move some pieces around to get some pitching and shore up our infield... A team looking to go all in at the deadline might give up a top prospect or 2...
  9. 125 Games. .279 BA .867 OPS 26 HRs/36 SBs Gold Glove
  10. I think the odds are quite small either one sign a 1 year deal. IF it does happen, and IF they would sign with the Twins, it allows us to compete/contend this year while getting Martin/Lewis/Miranda/etc. ready for 2023. Slim chances though. It would also allow us to trade them at the deadline to a contender if we are out of it.
  11. Toronto is now rumored to be kicking the tires on Jose Ramirez to play 2B. If that happens, they might turn into the favorite team in the league.
  12. I just don't think we get either one. Predictions: Correa gets 8/300 and Story gets 6/200.
  13. Good question! For Correa, I would go 1/40, 2/75 with a club opt out, 3/120, or 4/150. 4 years would be my max, unless he took 5/175 or something similar. Story...1/27, 2/50, 3/75, or 4/100.
  14. Not if the Twins can't find a way to pull off some moves...and some sizeable ones! Toronto is just going to be fun to watch. Especially if they start to own the Yankees and Red Sox. (Great story!)
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