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  1. I would be shocked if Gallo is not beardless and in pinstripes soon. At this point, Texas needs as many lottery tickets as possible, and if they can get Garcia in the package, I think they give in. Max might be gone, but I think it will be elsewhere.
  2. Fair points. But with Yadier, Wainwright, Goldschmidt, and even Arenado to some degree, the Cardinals might go for it all this year and next. After that, they might be in for a long rebuild any way. A playoff rotation of Flaherty, Berrios, and Wainwright is not bad, especially when it seems everything is up for grabs this year.
  3. This is one of those situations where you see who is willing to overpay at the deadline. If you get an amazing deal, you say so long to Jose and rebuild in '22. If not blown away, hang on tight and try one more time for an extension in the off-season. Don't trade him just to trade him. I could see a team like the Cardinals pulling the trigger with 2 of their top guys (#30/31).
  4. Not likely, no. But if the Mets continue to struggle to score runs, and if their 3B keeps getting hurt (which he has over and over again), they might sacrifice a little D for a little O and have Sano play 3B. A DH in the NL also seems inevitable. But correct-this trade would have to happen a bit later down the road, and would be a "change of scenery" type scenario for both players. Lindor Conforto Polar Bear Sano This could do some damage.
  5. I wonder what a package including Sano for Syndergaard would look like. Sano + who? Any ideas? If we could get Sano to heat up for a month or two first, obviously that would help.
  6. I would be okay with Kintzler and/or Clippard on the cheap-could do worse for good veteran depth-as long as we get at least one more high leverage kinda guy. Osuna doesn't seem to be a "value" guy, but maybe he is flying a little under the radar and we could capitalize. If we are unable to resign Nelly, I wonder if Joc Pederson would make any sense on a 1 or 2 year deal? He can play all 3 outfield positions and would be a nice left-handed DH option. 29 years old...
  7. Yay. Now sign Paxton and either sign Osuna or trade Polanco for Hader!
  8. Paxton and Tanaka. Best 2 SPs out there....and have them spill the beans on as much inside-Yankee info as possible. We need to beat the Yankees any way possible.
  9. Good point-and this would be nice in many ways. The only counter argument I have is that baseball is many of these gentlemen's chance of leaving a pretty rough life in some pretty rough areas...
  10. Want to really shake things up? Find a way to trade Cousins and Reiff or Barr for Deshaun Watson. Maybe the Texans pull Hopkins trade part II...
  11. Point taken-but it will still be a role of the dice for anyone to sign him. A "good" offer on a contender might be enough-especially if he wants to stick it to Cle for trading him (who knows).
  12. I would not be surprised if Kluber takes the biggest one year deal to prove himself and sign one more longer term contract next offseason. Maybe a 1yr deal with club option? Year 1: 10 mil Year 2 Club Option: 15 mil (maybe a 3 mil buyout?)
  13. A few things to throw my 2 cents at: 1) Marte is so, so good. Just don't see us giving up the prospects necessary to land him. 2) Chris Taylor is a good ball player. I have seen a lot of Dodgers games-both on TV and in person. He makes some great plays wherever he plays in the field, then makes some horrible ones that leave you wondering how he can play defense at the MLB level. Solid bat and he is a body to put at multiple positions. Too inconsistent for my liking. Kike is a nice player-but I would only spend money on him if the price is right. 3) Starting Pitching: has to be #1 priority. Kluber just threw today...he is a major bounce back candidate. Many people might not remember how good he was even in 2016-2018-probably because we did not want him to be good for CLE. I would love to throw a 2-3 year, incentive based contract his way. At any rate, we need to sign multiple SPs and hope at least a couple can contribute, or we are in trouble-even making the playoffs...let alone winning a playoff game.
  14. Jokes on the White Sox-they will score way too many runs to have a lot of save opportunities! Suckers!
  15. Story's home/away splits scare me...a lot more than Baez's 2020 season. I would be very happy trading for Baez or signing Simmons.
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