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  1. Wouldnt mind giving Cueto and Wacha chances-they both have pitched really well this year...and (? maybe) won't be expensive.
  2. Just sign Verlander and deGrom. Duh.
  3. I thought Johan was good...like amazing. He could throw 3 change-ups in a row and leave the batter clueless. Then I sat behind home plate and watched Liriano pitch (before his injury). He was far dirtier than Johan, and had he not got hurt, I am convinced he would have had a HOF-type career.
  4. not sure if this has been mentioned in any threads, but Duran became the 1st pitcher in MLB history to throw a 100 MPH splitty...
  5. Naughty naughty. That's part of next year too.
  6. Was referring to his offense numbers. He is top 5 in the game.
  7. Point taken...just some food for thought: Lindor hit .230 with an OPS of .734 in his first year with NY... Also...Trea Turner is the best in the business. Seager and Boegarts having very nice years...for losing teams. The other names you mentioned are good players-and are having comparable seasons to Carlos-some on winning teams, some not so much. I agree I would like to see him hit better the last 2 months (and hopefully playoffs).
  8. You may very well be correct on all points. However: 1) Verlander signing with the Twins was/is highly doubtful (for numerous reasons). 2) I'm one of the few who voted the trade deadline as a front office "C." Pitching, especially RP, could have been acquired much more efficiently. SPs are very hit and miss in FA.
  9. This is baseball (and all other sports) every year. Some players are over paid. Some are under paid... according to their stats. But then...there's winning and losing. Would we be in a position to win the division without him? Not so sure...
  10. Tor can hit. Usually Archer's high pitch counts are due to walks...but they are just fouling off a ton of pitches. Can't blame him for that. Now he needs a 10 pitch inn.
  11. White Sox got Diekman for him. Great trade.
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