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  1. I generally think this kind of "sports writers are biased" comment is bs, but it does seem that every time a team like the Twins has a good player, everything written about them in the national media seems to focus exclusively on when they can get away from that team and to a big market. So I don't know that it's necessarily an intentional bias, but I def think a lot of national writers tilt toward assuming players should leave any market that isn't NY, Bos, or LA
  2. The one thing this is missing, though, is the potential that being a dedicated one inning guy could add a couple ticks of velo to his fastball, which then makes his breaking ball all the better. It's not guaranteed, but we've seen it before (Perkins comes to mind)
  3. I actually felt relieved when that hit came through in the 7th, because there was no way they were letting him go 9 in his second big league start after being off for several weeks, and there's a certain segment of the fans that would have completely lost their **** if he was pulled with a perfect game going. The amount of time sabermetrics would be incorrectly and agrily invoked would be impossible to quantify.
  4. Maybe I'm just too scarred by the Ryan regime, but I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a trade deal. This package blows the Santana deal out of the water, and if Berrios was as set on testing free agency as has been reported, this is probably the best case scenario for what the Twins could have gotten in return. Bummed that this means next season is probably a wash, but 2023 is looking pretty exciting.
  5. Don't remember the year or line, but there was an Al Newman card where he had a giant booger hanging out of his nose that was a huge favorite when I was a kid. I traded away some pretty valuable cards to get multiples of that one as a youngster, but I'm pretty certain all my cards were thrown away when I went off to college and a quick google search isn't turning it up. But it definitely existed, and it was glorious.
  6. Dude, Schilling collects Nazi memorabilia. Only two people collect Nazi memorabilia: Museums and Nazis.
  7. Schilling isn't mad, no sir. Why, in fact, he finds the whole thing funny and it's probably you who are mad
  8. It's weird to have faith in the Twins front office for the first time in my life, but I'd definitely rather they develop some guys they think they can work with rather than spend on a reliever. Or maybe I'm just still scared of a Matt Capps kind of situation
  9. Good write up, but I feel like signing Cruz is a no-brainer. The one position the Twins appear to be fully set at for years to come is DH, so there's no need to sign an expensive long term player there when worst case scenario the spot can serve as a mostly off day for a rotation of sluggers.
  10. *Italian chef finger kiss thing*
  11. I don't think this is anything terribly concerning -- my guess would be that he's filling the Rooker role of bench bat that can be called on in an emergency. I doubt he'll get much playing time, but given the way Rooker came up an immediately mashed, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he did.
  12. Someone needs to get Jomboy on this so we can find out what was said between these two
  13. Newman was also great for the baseball card of his that was a hot commodity when I was young b/c he had a giant booger hanging out of his nose on it. But a better Newman story is from a buddy of mine who met him at a Twins fest or some such thing and while Newman was autographing something for him, he cracked a joke about Newman's one career home run. To which Newman, without looking up from signing the card, simply replied "one more than you have."
  14. Loving these Win Probability Charts that immediately shoot toward the Twins' side of the graph and just stay there.
  15. I knew there'd be some "sky if falling" posts already, but really all we learned last night is that Lester is a better pitcher than Bailey. And if that shocks you, then maybe you're not watching much baseball.
  16. Fun fact: when Albert Grossman was putting Peter, Paul, and Mary together he originally wanted Dylan to be part of the trio but Dylan turned them down. One fateful decision could have had so much impact on future Twins Daily articles.
  17. The players already agreed to a pay cut to get back on the field only two months ago and the owners tore up that agreement because they're greedy. Framing this as a both sides thing is absolute nonsense.
  18. This is the worst possible take. The players already took a paycut the owners agreed to, but then the owners decided they wanted even more money and are demanding another paycut based on...well, they won't even publicly identify the reason. Imagine your job was shut down due to COVID and your boss said you had to take a paycut to start working again. Then you agreed to that, but before coming back, your boss demanded another paycut. I'm sure you'd happily agree to that, right? You wouldn't have a single problem with it?
  19. Yeah, God forbid you think about the rest of the world for a second. Grow up.
  20. I'd be down for another disco demolition night. Maybe pair it with a 10 cent beer night and let things get really fun
  21. Pretty certain the announced owner's plan has a universal DH clause in it
  22. Does anyone know where the header image is from? First time I've ever seen it.
  23. This is great, and more of these articles please, but you really should at least give a shoutout to David Roth since you're stealing his bit and all
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