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  1. If (giant if) they do play this year, I could very much see a situation much like the '87 football season. While the lower-end guys and hangers-on have a huge incentive to go through with all of this and be quarantined away from their families and everyone they know, there's very little reason for the elite players to do so. Hell, if anything, there's every incentive for every player good enough to have the financial stability to miss a season to sit out. Why risk it for one year if your Bryce Harper or Mike Trout or really anyone who has future earnings to consider? Throw in the lack of a real spring training to ramp up and the unequal access to work out facilities and whatnot and whatever baseball does end up being played has a good chance of being basically minor-league level. I mean, I'll watch the hell out of it, but I have to believe a good chunk of quality players will not be involved.
  2. Ufda, the passive voice is doing quite the heavy lifting in this sentence.
  3. The biggest difference between Johan and Koufax is the laundry. If Johan had spent his career with the Yankees, he would already be in the hall.
  4. Didn't even need to scroll down to know what #1 would be. The better question to ask would be what hit will possibly dethrone that from #1?
  5. Regardless of what happens, can we all just take a moment to soak in the fact that we're asking what we should do with a high-upside pitching prospect that we have no room for because we're loaded with quality pitching? I'm nearing 40 and genuinely don't remember another time in my life when that could be said of the Twins.
  6. It's Spring Break and this guy's doing homework?!? He everyone, check out the neeeerrrrrrrrrrddddd! (In all seriousness, this was pretty cool)
  7. That spray chart makes me feel things inappropriate to share on the internet
  8. I really like the rest of this article, but gotta go with a strong disagree on this one. According to Sportrac, this roster puts the Twins at 14th in MLB for payroll. One season of spending enough to have a middle-of-the-pack payroll does not make up for decades of penny-pinching.
  9. Jay Buhner! That's a name I haven't heard for awhile. He was somehow inexplicably one of my friend's favorite players, which is why I remember they used to have nights where you'd get into a Mariner's game for free if you let Buhner shave your head. Trying to think of what Sano's version of that would be. Free Heel Laceration Day doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
  10. This is great. I was 9 when they won that series, and as a budding catcher, I for some reason decided Junior Ortiz was my favorite player (no idea why I picked the backup over the everyday guy) and I wore 0 throughout little league because of him. It would fulfill a dream I didn't even know I had to see Junior Ortiz Blvd.
  11. Even worse, when people brought it up, Hinch and others on the team repeatedly mocked them as sore losers coming up with wild excuses for why they couldn't beat the Astros.
  12. Whether it works or not is obviously an open question, but after spending the majority of my life watching the Twins field a bunch of slick-fielding infielders who couldn't hit to save their life, I'm more than willing to give the opposite a shot. Here's to winning a bunch of games 12-11.
  13. Well, at least the Vikings loss today will take my mind off of this terrible off season for a little while...
  14. I get the calls for patience, but this article is really cherry-picking the data here. Sure, the Royals gave up two blue chip prospects, but let's check in and see how they're doing now. Manaea looks like he might be a good player, but Finnegan has a career ERA of 4.11 and a career WHIP of 1.393, building up 2.7 WAR in 5 seasons. That's not a trade that hurt the Royals, but screams to me of another case of Twins fans way overestimating the value of prospects. But the bigger problem is that this article posits you have to go on an extended losing streak if you trade for high-impact talent (not at all a given) and ignores how often the Twins go on extended losing streaks without ever acquiring high-impact talent or winning anything of importance. Perhaps you missed the past decade of Twins baseball? You know, when they lost 99, 96, 96, and 103 games in various seasons? I'd sure rather go all in and win something real and then become a basement dweller for years than go just in enough to win the Central and get swept out of the playoffs and then become a basement dweller for years.
  15. I've long rolled my eyes at the people who bellyache every year about the Twins not spending enough because it's the Twins and that's what they do, but this is the first off season in a long time where a lack of big time spending would be downright criminal. Think how differently this past season would have gone with just one frontline starter. Imagine instead of Dobnak (who I actually like and am interested to see develop) starting a playoff game, it was Cole or Strausberg or someone of that ilk. And it's not even like they need to break the bank -- if they just spend into being in the top half of payroll in MLB, they could put together a real juggernaut.
  16. Hey, that's me! I'm the brother who went to that game, and must be noted, did all the driving. I think the Sanó homer was undersold -- that thing is still in orbit somewhere. After the game, we went out to the field beyond the fence to try to find the ball, and it was nowhere. Probably because it's still somewhere in the troposphere.
  17. I dunno, he was handed a gigantic lead and most likely told it was his job to finish the game. He could have given up several more runs and it would be fine by me -- he did his job giving the rest of the bullpen a night off while still making the game enough of a laugher that no one else had to get up and none of us had to sit on the edge of our seats. I'd say that's a good outing for what he was asked to do.
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