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  1. Actually, Radke got the Twins closer to a World Series than Johan Santana ever did.
  2. Keeping your starting players sharp certainly isn't meaningless. I can't think of any manager who would sit his starters for over a week in preparation for the playoffs. It'd be nuts. Heck, the Dodgers have been playing meaningless games for a while now, yet Bellinger and Seager are still out there playing. It's a bummer what happened to Arraez, but that's baseball. Wrapping him in bubble wrap until October 4th was never an option.
  3. I'm not sure how one game negates the past couple months. Tough crowd, I guess.
  4. I don't recall anyone saying you had to proclaim Falvey and Levine the "best" anything, so maybe ease up on the strawmen. You said "with a little luck" Falvey and Levine would be gone from Minnesota, meaning you want them gone. Why? Providing an explanation would have been helpful.
  5. I'm not sure the 2015 Royals had a starter better than Berrios.
  6. Ah, beat me to it. Yeah, if this is a bad front office, I'll take a bad front office all day long.
  7. I hardly think it's unreasonable to believe Baldelli may have been a little too bold in using Dyson in Miami, but I agree with you that it's ultimately on him that he hasn't gotten the job done. It's certainly on him to pull himself together. I'm still confident he will.
  8. When Joe gets his #7 retired, he'll join #14 and #28. If I'm a new Twin, I'm grabbing that #56 before anyone else does.
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