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  1. Brock, I think you need to stop speaking like you have been elected the spokesman for all minorities and black people. You just hurl bombs. I resent your piling all people of a certain race into only having one belief. That is racist in itself.
  2. I disagree with that comment. Not all blacks thing alike. To say they all do is a racist and invalid generalization. Its as wrong a comment as "If you don't vote Biden then you ain't black" Last I checked, people still think with their brain, not their skin (color).
  3. I think you are not being intellectually honest. You say we made so little progress in 55 years? I call BS. Exhibit 1: We elected and reelected a black man as President. He stirred up old racial animosities and that hurt the country. But a racist country does not elect him. Period.. 55 years ago we had some blacks playing baseball, basketball and football. Now we have many blacks in those sports. 55 years ago we didn't have many blacks in Congress, the Senate or in Governors offices. You can't say that now. In order to say there has been little progress, you have to ignore reality. We made great progress, until Obama. He set us back by stirring up racial divisions. .
  4. Brock, not only did Nick not need to write this article, but many of us disagree completely with what he said. And I found it condescending and a little arrogant and preachy. . You are a lefty too, I get it. But stop acting like there is only 1 viewpoint. That is narrow minded.
  5. The "easily offended " crowd seek to find fault with others, except those who share their ideology. They just like to stir up trouble. And they seek to silence those who disagree with intimidation tactics. I say get off Max's back. He did nothing wrong (except for possibly when he apologized for something that required no apology). Free speech hurts sometimes And we should not bow to the tyrants that seek to stifle our right to our own speech, whatever it is. My teachers taught me to believe that "I may disagree whole heartedly with what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.? Censorship and intimidation tactics have no place in America, not in the streets or on the TD board. When you start a thread, you need to let everybody say what they want to say. In law we call that "opening the door." If you open the door by stating a position, you need to let others walk in that door with a different opinion.
  6. So are you saying Minnesotans cannot be criminal opportunists? Antifa is in every state now
  7. I've coached it both ways. I have to say, neither way is better than the other. It all comes down to the situation, and the skills and mental make up of your pitchers. You go with what works, so there is some trial and error involved. If I have 3,4,5 coming up in the 7th and I have two relievers ready, I will use the better one to pitch to the heart of the lineup. If its the 8th. But if its only the 7th inning, you may see those 3,4,5 hitters come up again. Maybe in the 9th. If its the 8th inning,there is less chance of that. . It also depends on the box score that day. 3,4,5 hitters can slump. If they are 0 for 10 to that point, maybe you don't worry about them so much and save your best guy to close. So, it may depend on the situation and the players. Some pitchers are better starting an inning than coming in with runners on. I make a different call if the other team gets a couple of guys on base. Then I want the guy who is psychologically better in the pressure situation. Which brings me to this... There is a lot to be said with having to play only an 8 inning game (not really, but think Yankees with Rivera closing it down in the 9th, almost always). I have used a closer to pitch the last inning. One year I stuck to that all year. Great results because my closer had the closer's mental make up. His walk on song was the James Bond theme. The fans loved it. Rogers has that more than Duffy and May, in my opinion. Rogers doesn't get rattled. Those other guys do, especially May. And May has that tendency to give up the occasional homer. One other thing, players relish having the closer role. It is like being named a team captain. You rise to the role. And once "promoted" to closer, a pitcher feels that is his job. That's where we find ourselves now with Rogers. But he would accept the fireman role in games where it is warranted. I am sure of it. And how about Romo? He has been a closer and a set up guy. And he has a different style that mixes it up before a lefty closer comes in. Giving hitters two different looks at the end of a game is worth more than a passing thought Two things I know, Rocky will do the right thing.and Taylor will be all in for it.
  8. Max has nothing to apologize for. Nothing. I reject the false narrative -- the notion that supporting law enforcement makes you racist. What a crock. There are many black policemen and women. I support them too. So many people just want to seem fashionably woke. I say that is a different kind of ignorance.Herd mentality. . Police officers go to work every day knowing that they may not come home. In a sense, they stand in my Marine Corps yellow footprints. You just don't know what can happen when you step up, but you stepped up, and now you are in God's hands. That is the deal. Police officers that go bad are few, and fewer than people in other occupations. I encounter many crooked lawyers. I encounter many crooked insurance adjusters. I have encountered only a couple bad police officers. In fact, I have encountered more crooked judges then crooked cops. I see paid demonstrators and Antifa setting fire to police cars. I see thugs burning down businesses in the name of protest. Those business owners are sometimes black people. This is criminal activity masquerading as protest. I support the police and I support peaceful protest. What you are seeing out there today is anarchy. by a bunch of criminal opportunists. I stand with the blues and I am not a bit ashamed of it. As for Chauvin, the charge should be Second Degree murder, not 3rd. He knew what he was doing. He did what he did in a cool and calculated manner What they are charging him with equates to criminally negligent homicide. It was way more than that. But I think the bigger issue is why was this creep Chauvin even on the force? Didn't he have like 18 complaints against him? I think the mayor and police chief need to answer that question. Soon.
  9. Trading Nelson Cruz -- unless he wants a trade -- would be perceived as disrespect. It would also be incredibly short sighted and just plain foolish, especially after the leadership he showed with the younger players and the improvement they showed. Cruz is now Sano's mentor. I'd extend him for a year without a second thought.
  10. What Doc said. I'd like to add. There might be people who would be willing to buy these minor league affiliates (and make improvements of all kinds) if they were available. If municipal parks were for sale and a new owner could then upgrade the new privately owned fields, would that change things? Or do they just want to downsize? I don't think we need a draft with 30 rounds. I also don't think a little consolidation is a bad thing, if done correctly. But any way you greet tomorrow, changes are coming.
  11. I think the point of the article is that the Twins should be looking for young arms on the come. If we cleared out a half dozen mid level prospects plus a Cave or Gordon, it doesn't hurt us because we have a surplus in the OF and IF This is exactly what I think Falvey will do. Remember, his trade for Odoorizzi now looks like the work of a genius IMHO
  12. Im just going to say that I am glad Eddie is a Twin and our clean up hitter. I like watching him bring down the house and golf homers off his ankles. This guy is a difference maker. He makes big plays allatime. Edited by Sconnie
  13. WAR and other stats, like BABIP or BARISP need to be understood for what they are. They don't define a player. They are just tools that show a measurable fact in a certain very limited situation. WAR, over a season tells you a guy got some hits, but the stat doesn't say when he got them. BARISP is better for that. It tells you what a guys production is with runners on second and third. But that doesn't tell you what his slugging percentage is. And so on and so on. For me, how a guy plays in those moments where you hold your breath matter a lot too. But we don't have a stats that says "MONEY" Don't worry. There is a baseball nerd on every corner. Someone will come up with a stat that spells GAMER. Until then, I want Falvine to use the eye tests, and see lots of games, or game film, themselves. To me, the eye test is the best yardstick
  14. So, my point is not that he is an equal to HOFer Kirby Puckett. I said he is an instinctive player like Kirby was. Remember, Kirby started off as a wild swinging skinny kid that batted lead off. He was known as a bad ball hitter. His pure talent made it work out for him. My point is that there are certain players that are instinctive players. See the ball, hit the ball. Rosie is like that. And his success and failures all stem from the kind of player he is. Whether Rosario finds a way to become truly special or not remains to be seen. His story is still largely unwritten. But its too bad the Yankees have enough outfielders. I'd like to see Rosario play 81 games at Yankee Stadium.
  15. How do you know that if not for his leadership in 2018 they would have been worse? And they were playing without 2 of our best players, Buck and Sano. But I am not the one criticizing him. I'm just the one calling BS when I see it. I am not the only one to notice that there have been a lot of unfair critics of Eddie this year. I am not the one that mentioned hate. Others noticed it and commented. I simply agree.
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