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  1. This was during the ninth inning with the game on the line, mind you, and Gomez just started cussing out bugs and taking an enraged hack at them.
  2. The thing is if 2 of them pan out this pitching staff is still terrible.
  3. Colome is the only one out of the group that should be surprising. The others just are not good pitchers. Even Colome was due to some regression. Look at the price tags. I have a difficult time believing the front office thought much of these guys either considering what they signed for.
  4. Dobnak an all-star? Believing in Ober? Stay tuned next week for What's not to like about Grffin Jax?
  5. The Twins aren't cursed unless you mean they're cursed with a front office that jettisons effective pitchers and scours the scrapheap to not only fill out their AAA roster but their major league roster as well.
  6. If you're going to insist on having a 13-14 man pitching staff you should probably attempt to have some quality arms out there.
  7. Too many mediocre to awful pitchers in this league. I want to watch great pitching matchups but they just don't happen anymore. Even if by some miracle degrom squares off against Kershaw what's the point? They'll both be out by the sixth and the game will be decided by garbage relievers. The relievers... WHY ARE WE USING 9 MAN BULLPENS? How terrible are managers and GMs that it has come to this? I'm not going to bother to learn anything about these guys when they'll just be cycled through for someone else after they've given the team an inning. Cookie cutter players. We got rid of the cookie cutter stadiums because they were awful. Now 90 percent of the players are the same. They hit. 240 with 30 home runs and 170 k. Great product. Or they throw 97 but can't last more than 80 pitches. Sweet.. 7 inning dh, random runner on 2nd, keep adding playoff teams, challenges, can't block the plate. I still get angry when they don't pitch for an ibb I want BASEBALL not a stat driven simulation.
  8. Also to answer the original question, I have zero faith. i assume they won't completely whiff on every single FA they sign again but they have put themselves in such a huge whole that it won't matter.
  9. The Dodgers thought so highly of Maeda that they consistently traded for someone better mid-season relegating him to the bullpen come postseason... but he's our "ace" and it's not even close.
  10. They all just try to imitate each other. For every star veteran that fell off the face of the earth in their prime I will show you 100 prospects that never made it. Instead of trading berrios why not improve the pitching staff instead of continually subtracting from it?
  11. Well, can you see why this might be frustrating for someone who only wants their team to win to see said team take three steps back for every step forward year after year after year? They aren't losing money. The only thing preventing the Pohlads from building a winning team is themselves. Enjoyed the back and forth!
  12. Kimbrel for Madrigal This is a legitimate trade. I like this from both perspectives.
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