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  1. It's not a fluke that this pitching staff can't get anyone out.
  2. Trade deadline day is easily my least favorite day of the year. It's always crappy teams giving away their stars to the same 5 or 6 teams (and "surprise" team) each year. Look how easy it is for the Dodgers and Yankees to get whoever they want, yet 95% of the other teams refuse to do it. We always take about the king's ransom we can get for our players but it never plays out like that. It's always just middling garbage who, if we're lucky, might be a decent player for a month or two.
  3. Imagine what might have been if Rocco doesn't leave Happ in 40 pitches too long and then doesn't follow it up by bringing in two guys who have no reason for being in the big leagues. This was a replay of the last Shoemaker start in KC but multiplied.
  4. This is what gets me. Happ is going to end up throwing the same amount of pitches as berrios or maeda when they're sailing along. How about you let pitchers throw more when they're doing well and take them out faster when they're getting shelled?
  5. The sad thing is Colome is the only one anyone could be surprised with being this bad. Robles is actually doing BETTER than what I expected.
  6. It will take at least a generation for people to stop calling them that. I don't know any actual UND fans that call them whatever they're called now.
  7. Rooker reminds me of Brian Buchanan and I assume he'll have a similar career where he hangs on for a few years, never getting consistent at bats, hits lefties decently, struggles vs righties and is an afterthought in five years. Hopefully I'm wrong and he is Nelson Cruz.
  8. Joe Ryan looks to have nice strikeout numbers.
  9. Let's not forget we thought we could get Kemp, Billingsley, Broxton for Santana then it dropped to Ellsbury and someone and then we got Gomez and garbage.
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