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  1. Major holes at catcher, 1b, dh, lf, rf, and cf half the time plus underachieving Correa. Of the poor performances Correa is the only shocker.
  2. I really don't like both catchers in the lineup. Not because I'm deathly afraid of losing the dh but because neither are very good hitters and it's a shame to use your dh spot on either on of them.
  3. It only takes one to show some brain and backbone and try something different.
  4. I really like this new score keeper that actually hands out errors at appropriate times. Now if only MLB doesn't overturn her decisions.
  5. My attempt at a play on words. In truth, he's probably 3rd on my pecking list.
  6. If Sanchez gets hurt and Jeffers has to catch do we still lose the dh or do we just plug someone else at dh? So the opposite of the ohtani rule?
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