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  1. The amount of times this has happened to pitchers all around MLB makes me sad.
  2. I trust the Twins to pick the correct pitcher less than I trust them to pick a position player. I don't want 35 million for Nathan Eovaldi.
  3. The twins should not count on any of them. Larnach and kiriloff haven't proven they can hit consistently in the big leagues but they have proven they can't stay healthy. Same with Buxton. I haven't seen enough of wallner to form an opinion. This team has so many holes (of their own doing) that it's going to be near impossible to put together any type of inspiring roster.
  4. At some point you have to question whether we're better off playing guys that are hurt rather than some of the options in the minors.
  5. I respect Rocco a bit more for benching Celestino for his idiocy last night. I also think it's the right move to get him right back in the lineup tonight.
  6. I went to a game in KC in 2010 where Valencia hit a grand slam in the first batting ninth and we scored 19 runs. Anthony slama made his debut that evening.
  7. They'll need at least 12 starters.
  8. I feel fairly certain now that I will not be regretting these words.
  9. I feel like it would be incredibly easy to get inside Naylor's head.
  10. Correa getting a scheduled rest day would be more realistic.
  11. Morneau says Rocco might start taking starting pitchers out earlier than normal.
  12. Gray hits 70 pitches and thielbar immediately starts heating up.
  13. Analytics haven't quite figured out injuries yet. If low pitch counts prevented injuries the twins would have twelve healthy starters . I mean Santana only threw 134 pitches. Thousands of people did it before him. But we'll never really know either.
  14. It was on the post game from the clubhouse this time instead of the field.
  15. I don't. Injuries are going to happen whether you throw ten pitches or 200.
  16. Either someone sat Ryan down and told him to be a professional or he calmed down a bit and did it on his own because the second interview was much more by the books. Although I do like when pitchers get mad at being taken out.
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