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Everything posted by notoriousgod71

  1. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. MNF tried it with Dennis Miller and they haven't had a competent booth since. Provus is the obvious choice. I just want someone who can judge a fly ball, convey a thought in proper grammatical form, is mildly entertaining, and doesn't have a grating voice.
  2. https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article280783790.html
  3. I know he had an overall good game but the game seemed to immediately turn when Julien somehow didn't get a triple and then was immediately doubled off.
  4. Sign the top three guys in contact rate that are available this off-season.
  5. for those that say this is a successful season, I ask why? If they don't win this series they have been eliminated in the same round they're always eliminated in. Just because they beat Toronto in an added round doesn't mean it was a successful year. It's like a big 10 team winning a playin game in March madness.
  6. You'd have hoped he'd have learned from Schneider but I guess he's looking at the same spreadsheet.
  7. Lopez has obviously been a stud so far this post season but Gray had better stats over the course of the regular season in many categories.
  8. Are we guessing this is going to start on FS2 since the other game hasn't even started yet?
  9. Hopefully at the very moment he tweeted Tanner Morgan signed with The Vikings.
  10. So umpires get their postseason assignments based on good regular seasons...
  11. I really hope we get to see Lopez and Gray for as long as they are effective and Rocco doesn't try to get ahead of the game and pull them at the first sign of trouble.
  12. Farmer pulling a Joe Namath (guaranteeing a win not trying to make out with Audra).
  13. This bullpen certainly inspires a lot of confidence, doesn't it?
  14. Ten years ago no one would bat an eye at 200 career wins but this one seemed different. Congratulations on a great career!
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