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  1. I agree and don't label it as click-bait either, but if we start valuing threads based on views or pages I think that's where you are headed. It does sow division as others have pointed out when you quote Cuomo it's equivalent to quoting Limbaugh for 'the other side'. Also some of us would like to give Kepler the benefit of the doubt rather than to inflame his character. My whole point is I don't know that this belongs in the Twins news thread, which is why I think your reaction is surprising to you, not that it's because people don't like what they see in the mirror. That seems unnecessarily inflammatory and divisive in of itself. I'll bow out. I've said my piece, it just makes me sad that even TD has become a place where lines are drawn and the other side must be evil.
  2. Sure, I get it's a hot topic, but is the goal division and click-bait. If so it is well within the site's right of doing so, but it's so off the norm and not something I would want to be part of going forward.
  3. This does seem to belong better in the off topic thread. My biggest takeaway is we lack empathy for others, especially those we disagree with. We presume the other side to be evil simply because we don't agree. Unfortunately, this article bears that out to me. At one point I was an avid reader of Aaron Gleeman (quite a ways back). He made a political post at one point we disagreed and he told me he would rather me stop reading his work than disagree. It still bothers me, but when someone tells you who they are you should believe them. I hope that isn't the way we are headed on Twins Daily since this place has been so good at bringing people together and has even been open to other views on the political threads before they became a thing of the past, until this one popped up in the Twins news thread. It's disappointing. Love each other, try to assume positive intent, and always be ready for an act of kindness instead of malice.
  4. I understand and respect your decision and sympathize with the tough job of moderating them. I will also greatly miss the political threads. Even though I didn't post frequently it became a place I knew I could encounter other world views without the level of vitriol that you find on twitter or other sites. I do hope a solution can be found in the future and that we can work on having better dialogue. Shout out to the moderators! I appreciate your hard work.
  5. Did anyone enjoy Stranger Things after first struggling to get into it? My brother constantly tries to get me to watch it. About a year ago I watched half of the first episode and stopped. Aliens just doesn't do it for me normally. He started harping on me again and so now I am through episode four. I find it tolerable, but I am certainly not hooked or even really excited. I'm hoping someone can tell me whether I should just abandon ship or keep going.
  6. I wouldn't say I'm triggered over it. I just think words matter. I guess maybe our distinguishing difference is what someone else previously said I believe you can do/say racist things without necessarily being a racist. It just makes you some combination of unaware, ignorant, or stupid. Heavens knows I have done things that I ought not, but I don't think that makes me racist. I can understand though if you think doing/saying things that are perceived as racist means you are racist. It feels like we are splitting hairs here though so I'll bow out as we both generally agree his attacks are entirely unwarranted and unnecessary.
  7. I know you didn't state I was excusing his behavior, but others have insinuated as such and I just wanted to first say I am in no way excusing his behavior. I think it is entirely atrocious. I still don't believe it's racism so much as a schoolyard bully. He just picks the low hanging insults. I guess it doesn't really matter so I should just drop it, but I think sometimes words lose their value when they are over-applied.
  8. I don't know that I buy Trump is a racist or a white supremacist. I definitely think he enables a contingent of his supporters who are and that is terrible and wrong. His ugly attacks are certainly not limited to women of color. Doesn't excuse his behavior in my book, just makes him not a nice person.
  9. I understand you felt the tone was already set, but escalating wasn’t going to help your cause. In my experience when we soften our tone it causes others who disagree normally to soften theirs as well. Then discussions can happen. If we escalate you get the kind of responses you did. I’m not a MN local (but I am here for the game tonight!) so I don’t see as much of the Omar stuff as you all do. If that statement regarding the military and al Qaeda is accurate then call her out on that and rightfully so. But to just say they are psychopathic there is nothing for people to discuss. It just comes off as an insult. I have been lurking/rarely posting for well over a couple of years. It’s one of the places I frequent to get a liberal slant to help keep me in balance. I certainly was not trying to attack you or put you down. I am just trying to help have a discussion that doesn’t result to rolling in the mud. Enjoy your vacation! I always find it refreshing to use it as a reset from social media as well. Be well!
  10. Honest question. What was the goal here? If you were intending to foster discussion go after a certain position and explain why you don’t think it’s feasible or you disagree with it. If your intent was to rile them up, then carry on. A couple of other things that bother me. It almost sounds as if you are saying most blacks don’t think for themselves. It’s offensive in the same way that some liberals insinuate the evangelical right don’t think for themselves. We can and should do better. Also referring to the Democratic Party as a plantation seems like the same ilk as calling detention facilities concentration camps. If you want to have a discussion here you will likely need to pick your words better. Otherwise you kind of kill the chance for discussion with your tone/style.
  11. I understand your point, but pretty much all of Americans see the Nazi flag and think pure evil. People in the south,or at least a fairly large segment, don't actually see that when they see the confederate battle flag. It's not so much to screw with Liberals. It's like if somebody said Nascar and it's supporters were actually racist. I guarantee you the next race would be overflowing. Not as a screw you, but because they feel like you are attacking their identity. Granted again, I don't agree with them. Obviously my example is flimsy, but I am just trying to make a point. If you disagree that's fine. We can both agree it is a terrible thing to do and we wish/would like to work to make it go away.
  12. I totally agree and don't want to mince my words or excuse the behavior. I was just trying to say that not everyone who flies it must be racist, even if their actions are shameful.
  13. If you so choose not to equate those or rather say they can’t see those things in the flag than you are correct that would be racist if it weren’t about southern pride. I do honestly believe that is a very small segment of the people who fly it though.
  14. It's not totally dissimilar to the same people that get up in arms because they feel Kaepernick disrepects our American flag. It's just proud of being where you came from. Southerners view themselves as hospitable, loyal, and nicer than people in the north. It's SEC SEC SEC (shudders as an anti-SEC person). It's Paul Finebaum's radio show. It's sweet tea. It's going 30 down a road that is 45 because I'm not going anywhere in particular. It's going hunting on Thanksgiving morning while the women are back at home cooking. It's just a different lifestyle and they are very proud of that difference whether you or I agree. For a segment of them it also includes Dixie and the confederate battle flag. I'm okay with a lot of the southern pride thing and even relate to some of it, but I just wish we could all agree some symbols are best left in the past.
  15. Granted I moved away so my experiences are reduced to trips 'home' at this point, but I actually do think it is dying out. When I was in high school kids wore it to school. Now you see it on an occasional truck, but it is not nearly as prevalent in my city anyways. Of course all of my evidence is almost entirely anecdotal. I think it is a mindset that will eventually just go away. I know doing nothing seems lazy/unproductive, but telling people they must be racist if they do this thing that they don't view as inherently racist just makes them go into insider/outsider mode and all communication is shut down if it wasn't already. Honestly I think we need a better leader in the Republican party or of similar mind to rise up and help.
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