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  1. And he really didn't even do all that much while he was here to make his moving on seem like a big loss. But going to the Yankees and being every bit as much of a dink as you'd expect a Yankee to be has really made it feel like addition by subtraction. (Sort of) well done, Josh D.
  2. As a consolation prize, it's a little break from the mental fatigue of watching him play at an All Star/HoF level and telling ourselves not to think about how great he and the Twins could be if he could stay healthy.
  3. Rocco's dirty uniform fines really cutting into that Twins stolen base success rate of 40%.
  4. There's a joke about Ash somewhere in this, but I'm too busy finishing the facepainting for the Wild game.
  5. One way to overcome concerns about descending into the roll of 'lefty specialist' is to get righties out. Given that they're hitting .391/.417/565, Thielbar may be opting for the less desirable way, failing to get lefties out.
  6. It's a nice tribute and all, but a pink and baby blue catcher looks like an MC at a gender reveal party that's expected to turn ugly.
  7. At least the Twins finished the loss efficiently with that GDP...
  8. Tomorrow is World Creativity and Innovation Day... But don't let that make you feel pressured to be... I dunno... creative or innovative or whatever.
  9. That's just your sanity's sense of self-preservation kicking in.
  10. My interest declined significantly after the chance of a rainout slipped away from the Twins.
  11. Sano has looked bad at the plate in April before, but his swing & miss on fastballs seems slower and more lumberjack-y than other times he's struggled.
  12. The Twins' bats helped the Kershaw relive his prime, so it wouldn't be surprising if they helped make Lynch the next Koufax.
  13. The B-52's were right: The Staaay-shack is a little old place where foes' bats get much better...
  14. Just a lucky one-timer off the assist. It's a miracle I was even awake after eating so much Easter ham, which it turns out was actually turkey this year. Free range organic turkey too, which has even more of that sleep-inducing stuff, terspi... tippy... better google it... okay, it's tryptophazzzzzzzzzzz.
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