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  1. So that's it? The Twins get an extra-innings win, and there's no appeal process or do-over or anything? Cool!
  2. To paraphrase Homer's exit line in 'The trouble with Trillions', "I never thought there could be a worse extra innings bullpen than the Twins' , but brother, we found it".
  3. Did we win yet? I don't know what happens in extra innings if the Twins score.
  4. That's the agent who doesn't own a globe? The Hungry Mandarin Buffet and Taekwondo Studio still feels the burn of not being in the joke with the other residents...
  5. The answer to the question "How far can the Twins bullpen get us in extra innings?" is exactly the same as the punch line of the Ron White bit about how far the airplane can fly after an engine quits: "All the way to the crash site".
  6. It certainly is if he can't come up with a hit in situations like that one, tailor-made for a guy whose one tool is making contact.
  7. At first I thought it was a double post, but then I realized this second one is in case he blacked out for the first one.
  8. Nice work by Gordon to leg out the double. But when his helmet flew off, just for a second I was terrified that he's actually a cyborg and we were getting a look at his internal wiring.
  9. If you thought that was bad, you definitely don't want to see my outtakes...
  10. Yikes, just read about that in Wiki. Sounds like the pregame prayer turned dicey when the Luther College hoops team played the now-defunct Algona Atheist Academy.
  11. The name is still spoken with reverence in the hallowed locker rooms of the Cedar Rapids Civic Auditorium...
  12. I've noticed that when Alcala pitches well, his name sounds cool to me. But when he blows a lead, his name seems like the kind of word you make up in your head when you have too many damn A's in Scrabble.
  13. We trust that you wore it up and inside your helmet for roller derby... Was the penalty on you or #10, btw?
  14. It was the best we could do on short notice when we weren't able to hit you with Operation Cicada Plague.
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