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  1. Nuhuh! There's weeds on the outfield walls and the entrance was in The Blues Brothers!
  2. I'd feel worse about checking my fingernails four times in the past 2 innings to see if they need clipping if it weren't for the fact that a ton of people who paid good money for infield seats have gone home or didn't show.
  3. Will Detective Coulombo come out for the 6th so the Twins can give up "Just one more run..." Edit: Answer to my question is looking like 'Yes'...
  4. Can we call the other bullpen dudes by the names of delicious pastries as well? Ralph Glazed Jr.? Luke Fritter? Tyler Muffin? It might make it more enjoyable to talk about them getting lit up, at the expense of an occasional drive to the neighborhood convenience store for 2/99¢ bismarcks
  5. And now I feel silly for wondering if it would be worth it to turn on the Twins game and pull up the TD game thread... Probably wouldn't have picked up on this until tomorrow otherwise. Thank you, possibly in Australia twins fan!
  6. Seeing the slow motion replay, I'm suddenly disappointed that I didn't have 'Opposition's 9th inning rally stays alive because high throw leaves Miguel Sano suspended weightless above first base' on my 2021 Twins bingo card.
  7. You don't fully appreciate your team's cross country coach until you've seen another school's morbidly obese coach chasing his runners for 3 miles up and down the hills of an 18 hole course and yelling at them from a golf cart. We found out afterward from one of their guys that the only reason he didn't smoke while doing it was that it was against school policy.
  8. If you find a new-looking Titleist x-out it's probably mine, but keep it... you can see how much good it did me.
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