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  1. It's funny how the people who agree with this post think that they've thought through the issue more thoroughly and that anyone who thinks harder comes up with their viewpoint. As if it isn't thought through to see it differently.
  2. This statement is like a "when did you stop beating your wife" statement. It's a baited trap
  3. What struck me after reading this article, is that the Twins played the game like a bunch of kids who drew up plays on the sandlot. Decoys, helping people overrun bases, bragging about carrying the team, home to first double plays, hustling to second on a big bounce, Kelly's comment about why he didn't take Morris out, etc. Made it a lot of fun! It's just a game
  4. Two glaring statistical omissions for Killebrew's 1969 season: 145 walks .427 on base percentage These help tell how much opposing pitchers feared facing him. Add these stats to the rest of his for that season to see total impact.
  5. They say they would have won the series anyway because they're the better team. If so,why cheat? Series win should be vacated; Twins don't absolutely need Marwin. Let him go.
  6. -outside the box, I know- Try having him be the opener for another pitcher who doesn't go long--like Odoh. Go three-four innings a start. 3 or 4 innings times 30 starts=90-120 innings. Plus it saves a lot on the bullpen for Odoh's starts.
  7. One friendly quarrel with this article is with the following: His immense impact on the field is marginal compared to his outstanding leadership in the clubhouse. As good as he might be in the clubhouse--no way!
  8. As Richard and LaTroy have commented, Kansas City never seems to quit. When the Twins score to go ahead they almost always respond in their next turn at bat. That trait doesn't seem to apply as much to Detroit and Chicago. Once we get ahead of them I feel pretty safe. Kudos to the Royals!
  9. Maybe another factor to consider is, like with Smeltzer, when he is brought in and facing a good hitter; he is usually brought in to face a left handed batter and that may be part of why he does well against good hitters. But, nothing against Smeltzer, just wondering if that needs to be factored in; since lefty on lefty, everything else being considered, is an advantage to the pitcher.
  10. Maybe captain obvious here but that inning Scoggins is referring to was one of the most impressive pitching performances I can remember seeing from a Twin's reliever. Kudos to Duffy and the coaches.
  11. Mike Sixel Yesterday, 10:58 PM I have always been a bit of a fan. Plus he's the kind of person that seems like he's a good human. Yes, in his mission work, which cost him his health (and from getting sick doing it probably millions of dollars). Gibson has truly chosen the better part.
  12. Absolutely agree with this take; there's no place for it in the game. A commenter on another thread said what the pitcher did was acceptable and he did it in the gentlest manner possible. Gentlest manner was a 93 mph fastball! And with that pitcher's lack of control he could have easily hit Kepler in the head instead of on the upper arm.
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