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Pitching Trade Targets - All of em

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Knock-Getters and Boppers: The Eternal Struggle

Swinging hard in baseball was invented by Mel Gibson in 2001 for the movie “Signs.” From that point forward, hitters kept swinging harder while in many cases adding steroids to the mix, resulting in more power across the league. Guys who were teetering on the brink of being labeled “Quad-A Guys,” suddenly realized if they could add 20 home run power to their repertoire, they could cover up all their other glaring flaws. In 2019, a juiced ball turbocharged this trend and not coincidentally that y

What if the Twins talent level keeps getting better, but their game execution keeps getting worse

The hitters are good, the pitchers are good, everyone is hurt and the team is fading fast. I traveled through time to give you the beat report from June 6th, 2025:   These Twins are hard to figure out. Sure, they lead the league in run differential but something seems to be missing for the club, now 25-35 and one game out of first place in the AL Central after being swept by Cleveland while being outscored by three runs.   “We’re taking good at-bats; we just can’t seem to scr

Process, Results and the Front Office

The Twins are projected for 81 wins this coming season, which is fairly generous for a team coming off a 78-84 season that is losing its MVP in Carlos Correa. The front office is on the hot seat, having failed to win a playoff game in their six year tenure after inheriting a young, cheap and talented roster prior to 2017. That front office believes in its process to the point it apparently feels comfortable running back pretty much the same guys and hoping that fewer injuries vaults them up the

Fun with Player Comps- Center Field Edition

In "Fun with Player Comps" I look at player comps for 30 current Twins who figure to ply a role in 2023, starting with their closest age player from Baseball-Reference.com prior to 2022. I then move into the best and worst case scenarios based on each player's general vibe. Find the first installment for the middle infield here.   The Twins center-field options will include at least one new face for 2023 in Joey Gallo. The rest of the group contains the same warts: When Byron Buxton ge

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland in Player comps

Fun with Player Comps- Middle Infield Edition

Since no one has any idea what’s going to happen for the rest of the offseason (Emilio Pagán traded to the Mets and then extended for four years 36M?) I thought it would be fun to try out some player comps for 2023. I’m going to go through 30 players who are on the team and figure to, if not make the team in spring, at least figure into their plans in the first half. We’ll start with their closest age player comp from Baseball-Reference for their 2022 season just to put some sort of foundation t

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland in Player comps

Could the Twins target Chris Sale?

Losing out on Carlos Correa was interesting. It was both a gut punch and completely expected. I’ve seen Carlos Baerga be right too many times to not get a little into the idea that Correa might actually eschew the great weather, prestige and generally winning culture of the San Francisco Giants for less money with the Twins. It unfolded how it should have. Once the Giants got to a certain number, maybe 310M, they were betting against themselves. The Twins only got to 285M- I doubt the Cubs

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland in Trade Prospects

Correa or no Correa, 5 things that must happen for the Twins to contend in 2023

The team is in a tricky spot following the winter meetings. They allegedly remain in play for Carlos Correa, but their backup options are getting swallowed up and their 50M remains unspent. Even with Correa, this team will have some challenges going into 2023. Winning the Central can’t be the goal, especially with the state of the competition being as sorry as it is. To be a real force in the AL, the Twins need a few things to happen, Correa or not: The Astros take a step back. Th

The Respectability Gap- Was 2022 a Stepping Stone?

It’s hard to get excited about the Minnesota Twins. They could easily be an exciting team by next spring but that’s beside the point. The Twins just never seem to command any respect. They’ve been around for sixty years, have won two titles and plenty of divisions. No one blamed them for getting Sandy Koufax’d in 1965. They had a historic home run hitter in Harmon Killebrew, a spark plug who could carry a team in Kirby Puckett, and the Jack Morris ten inning shutout. They don't limit payrol

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland in Twins Offseason

Twins Pitching Trade Targets - All of em

It looks like the pitching market is really shaping up for 2020 in terms of who is going to be available via trade. We have the Red Sox with David Price, Nate Eovaldi and maybe even Chris Sale. The Cubs may dangle Yu Darvish and there has even been some Mike Clevenger talk. Matthew Boyd continues to pop up; Robbie Ray, as well. Beyond that I haven’t heard much, and that’s a shame because the hot item come July is rarely who we expect going into Spring Training. With the way teams prefer to retoo

Hans Birkeland

Hans Birkeland

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