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  1. Is that a new rule that the game is continued today? I was hoping for a rainout so they would get a do over today? Is there a point where it would be a do over? If it was rained out after 5 innings would it be counted as a game or continued?
  2. What closer in Twins history hasn't made Twins nervous? Key words are "getting out of the jam" He has a 2.35 ERA and a career 1.05 WHIP which is better than Joe Nathan's so maybe the aberration is the walks. . Of course you can't walk 2 guys an inning and be a closer but his career BB/9 is 2.5. His current SSS BB/9 is 10.6. Why assume he is going to continue at the current high rate rather than assume he will settle closer to his career norm? I like guys that battle and he seems to fit the bill.
  3. I know these guys are all really good but as a former infielder I gotta believe the other infielders would prefer a 6'2" target (Miranda) rather than 5'10" (Arraez). If Lewis continues to mash I have no problem seeing him at third and having a super athletic left side of the infield. He can spell Correa or Buxton occasionally and with shifts for lefties will play in the shortstop position sometimes anyway. Arraez can DH. Buxton Arraez Correa Larnach Polanco Miranda Jeffers Kepler Lewis At some point that is the lineup I would like to see.
  4. Miranda at first allows for promotion of Lewis to third and also giving Lewis a chance to spell Correa occasionally.
  5. All depends on how you view greatness vs sample size. If you took the best pitcher in history (Koufax?) and only took his best 3 months would he be the best pitcher in baseball for those three months? If you only had Babe Ruth's best 3 months would you not agree he was the best player in baseball for those three months? If you extrapolate Buxton's 71 games over the last two seasons to a 162 game rate his 13 WAR would be 2nd in the history of baseball to Babe Ruth's age 28 season. I remember Morneau's monster half a season in 2010 where he batted .345 and was easily on track for MVP. His WAR extrapolated for 162 games was 9.4 or 3.6 less than Buxton's rate. I don't know how to data mine smaller periods but who else has had a 5.7 WAR over any stretch of 71 games? Maybe Trout. Maybe Barry Bonds.?
  6. Twins have a pretty long history of guys playing injured to the detriment of the team. That always irritates me. However, when fans have ripped super stars like Morneau and Mauer for not playing when they are less than 100% its kind of hard to blame the players that try to play through their pain while also trying to get major league checks.
  7. 2020 and 2021 the norm? 2020? Probably shouldn't use a season where they win 60% of their games and win the division to make your case. If this opens up more at bats for Arraez it could be a good thing.
  8. I am mostly with you. There shouldn't be any set formula or strict policy. I don't care for season innings limits. Pitchers should stay active and loose between innings and pitch counts in an inning is probably more important than for a game. Meaning 80 pitches in 4 innings is probably worse than 100 pitches over 7 innings. Pitchers definitely should have been working on arm strength and endurance during the lockout. On the surface though, Archer seems to be a poor poster child to support your position given he barely pitched in 2021. Plus, there is the flip side which is if Archer had gone out there for another inning and gave up a walk, a single and a dinger I would bet my house that someone here would be complaining about keeping him in too long.
  9. I hate season innings limits and don't care for game pitch limits but I do believe you have to build up to it. None of these guys pitched more than 4 innings in a start during spring training. If this were June, I would expect Archer to go 7 innings with the efficiency he showed.
  10. I'm kind of with you there. It's a combination of the conditions, the lineup he faces, not pitching for 5 games and the time in the game. I remember when Aaron HIcks was debuting at the start of a season after a great spring training and he led off against Verlander and Sanchez at their best. 0-9 with 5 strikeouts. Not a great way to start a career. All the good mojo from ST gone just like that.
  11. I'll give passes to anyone on a night like that. I thought it should have been called in the 6th but they just kept going in what appeared to be a pretty good downpour. I have no problem throwing Winder out there but also give him a pass for not coming through. I have noted in the past that some players do well in the cold and others just suck. Same with the rain. Everyone is built differently.. If you saw me play golf with a group of my friends in nice weather you would say I was one of the better players in the group. If you saw me play in a rain like last night you would say I was the absolute worst. I don't know why, but I cannot keep my grip with a wet club. Could have been just the opposite with Winder, but it wasn't. In the little bit I watched when Coulombe was pitching I noticed the umpire wasn't doing pitchers on either side any favors. Tough on a night like that when the great pitches on the corners are being squeezed.
  12. Great thing about baseball is that even as great as those two were, the Twins were only treading water when Morneau went down. Casilla, Hardy, Valencia and a few of the pitchers stepping up made the difference in the 2nd half.
  13. Mauer and Morneau in 2006 ranks way up there for me. Morneau as MVP went beyond WAR numbers. #s 1 and 6 in MVP ranking. Mauer and Morneau for half a season in 2010 was about as good as it gets. Morneau was having a monster season that would surely have gotten him top 2 in MVP and Mauer at #8. .
  14. I haven't been following so closely but quickly looking at the last several spring training games I haven't seen any of our starters throwing more than 4 innings. Are any of these guys stretched out to go 6 innings even on a good day? I am hoping Ober and Archer are replaced by Winder and Paddock soon but before that happens I definitely think we need more than one long reliever for the next couple weeks.
  15. I would prefer Winder make the Opening start because that would mean Winder would be one of the 5 pitchers in the opening rotation. I expected Gray but am fine with Ryan.
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