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  1. He's been my favorite player for a while now and he has definitely played at MVP level when he's been on the field. I've always said, and somewhat believed Ripken was just a badly twisted ankle and a poorly placed hit by pitch from being called injury prone but this Buxton think is getting to be a lot even for an optimist like me. Too expensive to keep and too many injuries to get a lot of return value. Same solution I had for Johan Santana. Play him til the end of his contract and be happy to have a player even for one year at a bargain price. If he happens to stay on the fiel
  2. I read somewhere recently that when Greg Maddux struggled the thought crossed his mind that he could try throwing harder which he knew he could do. He said he usually got out of it by placing it better.
  3. I'm sure it was weighing on the Turtules mind that his pitching was disrespected. I'm sure word will spread around the league that next time someone swings on 3-0 on him in a blowout they can expect a nothing fastball thrown behind their butt the next day.
  4. I don't know why swinging at a 3-0 pitch wouldn't be encouraged in a laugher. Do you want him walking and prolonging the agony? If he is swinging at least he has a chance of making an out and shortening the game. Duffey throwing at him the day after is beyond stupid. If he hits him it gives the Sox an advantage for no reason. He gets on and maybe scores and our great 5-4 comeback maybe becomes a 6-5 loss. Not worth it on any level.
  5. 7 games down after 20% of the season. If we are 14 games down after 40% we can have this conversation maybe. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/the-greatest-second-half-comebacks-in-mlb-history-featuring-a-recent-as-team-and-a-memorable-yankees-rally/
  6. This is how quickly things can change. Polanco is now our hottest batter.
  7. For me, its the journey rather than the destination. I really enjoyed the 2001-2010 decade regardless of the playoff failures. Three of the closest pennant races in the history of baseball (2006, 2008, 2009) including some comebacks from bigger holes than we currently face made that an awesome decade in my book. .
  8. Could be. Though they were 12 games over .500 against the NL Central last year. White Sox and Indians have winning records against teams out of the division but the other three all have losing records this year.. 0-7 in extras and other blown games have been a team effort. I think the Twins are capable of scoring more in the late innings, especially with a runner on second. They are capable of playing better defense and they are capable of pitching better. I haven't given up on them but playing better is up to them.
  9. 9.3 SO/9 supports your comment on stuff. His 4.7 BB/9 supports your comment on locating. If you don't have enough command to get the ball to the strike zone, your command in the strike zone probably isn't going to be all that great either which is why his WHIP is so high. I remember Jesse Crain once saying he had no idea where his pitches were going. He was sent down for a little and when he came back he reeled off like 22 appearances without a run and I could see something like that happening if Colome figures it out. Of course after 22 scoreless appearance, when he did give up a ru
  10. Yeah. It would be nice to have May instead of Colome right now. On the other hand Graterol has a 20.25 ERA right now and is on the disabled list. I look at Colome's stats the last three years and think it was a pretty solid get. Sometimes good choices get bad results. Just think about what a difference it would have made if he was solid rather than terrible so far. If one person steps up it would make a big difference. If two people upped their game we would go from feeling lousy about the pen to feeling pretty good about it.
  11. Wait. Are you saying there is another team that has talented players that is on the other side trying to win also? If Rogers had thrown an 89mph nothing fastball down the middle of the plate that was either missed or scorched out to Buxton for an out fans on here would be saying its nice Taylor did his job. And I get it. Results based analysis is reasonable but then they also get on Thielbar who did not give up a run.
  12. Who has said that and why I wonder. 8.5 SO/9. 2.73 ERA in his career in 129 innings.. Tonight he gave up a walk and a double but didn't let them score. I'm not saying he's great but major leaguers do give up runs. This year he has 1 bad outing in a blow out loss. That's it, against 8 good outings.
  13. I am probably alone in seeing more positives here. Twins can't win all their games by 5 or more. They haven't just been losing games late because of bad relief pitching. They have also lost because of bad fielding and not adding runs on late. I had a great high school coach that used to say you don't learn much in blow out wins and blowout losses. Its the close games, win or lose, that test you and help you figure out how to play in those games. . The Twins need to have close games to figure out how to win close games. Give credit to Duffy for limiting one run in the 8th. G
  14. Probably a little early for musts but as always, a good week now makes the battle easier later. Also, it could work the way you outlined but, it being baseball, it could just as easily be Maeda winning twice, Shoemaker once, Thorpe once and squeezing a win out of Berrios, Pineda and Happ.
  15. He's not just good. I watched that 2nd play and just thought it was a good catch but no way was it going out. Then I watched the replay several times and thought it was a great catch but still don't think it was going out. I think he saved a double but it was closer that I first thought. The first one I wonder if anyone else in the game or in history makes that catch from where he was. Definitely a 5 star catch..
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