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  1. No. Tons of teams have gotten hot and surprised people in October. Besides which if they get into the playoffs they will by default have achieved my minimum goal for an enjoyable season which is to be playing meaningful games through September.
  2. I said it was a good throw. Watch again. You don't think most outfielders get rid of it more quickly? He caught it, double clutched it, then took his crow hop. It's not like he had to change directions or guage the bounce of a ball. He couldn't have thrown it any better but yeah, I absolutely think he could have got rid of it quicker. Shallow fly ball that was closer than it should have been.
  3. Yeah, I know he was out at home. I also know it was a good throw right on the money. Anyone else think Beckham wasted time with delivering it home? That crow hop should be made as he is catching the ball rather than taking the time after the catch. Basically saying that throw could have beat the runner by an extra 5 feet easy. Everyone yesterday was talking about fundamentals when I was thinking they were most just physical errors. This was more along the lines of fundamental mistake, imo.
  4. I wasn't speaking to your larger question of intentional walk number but the individual situation. If you end up walking both those guys you are going to face Urshela and Arraez. Cave to me is a no brainer because he strikes out a lot and you have a strikeout pitcher. You strike him out (and actually get the out) and numbers change. There are definitely situations where I would walk guys so I am surprised by your stats but last night would not be exhibit A for intentionally walking guys. As far as walks go I think players don't work on it as much but also I think it is just tougher to hit a 98mph fastball than the 92mph that guys used to face. On the flip side, the only thing worse than major league players executing a sacrifice bunt is major league teams defending sacrifice bunts so kind of a wash for me.
  5. I trust analytics on this if they were used. Cave strikes out a third of the time. Romero strikes out 12/9 innings pitched. He in fact did strike out Cave here but just had the bad luck of the strike out ending up on first and advancing the runner. Now you have a weak hitter who also strikes out a fair amount of time in Beckham. If you walk him, now you have a pitcher who walks almost 4/9 innings with a wild pitch also in play. Plus you have a batter who knows a walk wins the game so knows you have to throw strikes. Just think of how it played out. Cave struck out. Beckham grounded into what should have been an easy fielder's choice. It wasn't the strategy by the Jays that was lacking. It was the execution.
  6. No loss on position players. I know we want depth but Miranda, Polanco and Arraez should be main stays for the next several years. I am on board.
  7. Morneau played 163 games that year plus the Home Run Derby plus the All Star game. His last month plus was pretty bad and the Twins lost in game 163. Even at the time I was wishing he wouldn't join the Derby and that Gardy would give him a couple days off. With a strong last month from Morneau the Twins probably don't need game 163 and Morneau has a pretty good shot at his 2nd MVP. If you consider Morneau was also cruising to MVP in 2010 before the concussion at the midway point, his path to Cooperstown was more obvious than Mauer's.
  8. Maybe he can throw. Never appears to me that Correa is even average speed. Ripken wasn't fast either.
  9. I haven't had time to follow as closely as some years so I might be dreaming. Has the Twins bullpen done a nice job against everyone but Cleveland?
  10. No kidding. "The Minnesota Twins’ need for a starting pitcher is undeniable." I am denying it so ...... Smeltzer, Winder and Archer have been great. I have been waiting all year for a rotation of Ryan, Gray, Smeltzer, Archer and Winder. Worst ERA in the group is Ryan at 3.2 which is lower than Gallen!!!!!
  11. Anyone else think Gordon was safe on the steal? We get that call instead of goes against us and everyone is talking about the nice win.
  12. I do not understand these graphs. Are you sure they are recent? for example Miranda has 121 plate appearances. Is Larnach upper left and Urshella lower left.? Does not seem to have any correlation to what BR shows of their last 30 days.
  13. Really weird. I double checked your stats and they are correct. However, in the American League the Twins are 4th in OPS and 5th in runs scored per game. The Guardians are the X factor in that they leap over the Twins in runs scored despite the lower OPS. Is there something unique about the National League in that they only have 4 teams with a better OPS but 9 teams with more runs scored per game? Really weird.
  14. I've been wanting a rotation of healthy Ryan,, Gray, Ober, Scmeltzer, Archer with Winder waiting in the wings. Feels like they have been keeping it together with duct tape lately so hopefully we can go on a nice run with these guys. Miranda has hit .318 with a .894 OPS in the last month so hopefully he is here to stay. Ushela has been good the last month also. Larnach had a great start to the season before injury but has been pretty bad since he came back. He seems the most logical to send down to make way for Kiriloff.
  15. Griffin Jax You could make the argument that Jax is Minnesota’s best reliever not named Jhoan Duran. Sure, that may not be saying much for a bullpen group that has struggled so mightily,......... Is this really a fair statement? Twins rotation averages less than 5 innings per start and the team out performs its Pythagorean W-L. Besides Duran and Jax, Smith has a 3.00 ERA, Pagan has a 2.45 ERA Coulombe, Cotton, Megilln and Moran have combined for 36 appearances and a combined 1.87 ERA. Stachak did ok also. When criticizing this bullpen aren't we really just talking about Duffey, Cano and to a lesser extent Thielbar? Even Thielbar has been really good since a rough April so it probably would be more accurate to say the bullpen has been just fine except for Duffey.
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