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  1. As a fantasy baseballer who owns 4 dynasty teams with deep minor league rosters, I am constantly mining data to identify guys who have broken out before they ever hit any sort of "list". I remember running my queries maybe in late May this year, and I was shocked to see Rodriguez at the top of my board. I knew who he was, but I don't follow the Twins minors specifically much closer than all the other organizations, so I was shocked at the numbers I was seeing. I flagged him for pickup/draft and I now own him everywhere. If he comes back from this injury and picks up where he left off, he's a potential top 10 guy by the end of next season. Lots happens between A ball and MLB, but he's one to be excited about for sure.
  2. This is a top 3 RandBalls Stu. I was laughing a little too hard, my coworkers wanted to know what's up. It was "Nightmare Diarrhea" that finally got me.
  3. I'm all for aggressiveness, but if we do all the things in this post, the payroll will exceed $200M. While I would argue that ownership could afford it if they wanted to, it's not feasible to expect this would happen. I would be a fan of signing Correa and Abreu though.... And the trade for Burnes and Woodruff....the "tradeables" listed have really no trade value at all. You would need to prepare to deal 3 of your top 5 prospects plus someone like Jose Miranda.....and even then I'm not sure it's enough. I like aggressiveness and passion, but we have to be realistic too.
  4. You'd.....let Jorge Alcala go instead of pay him $800K? I don't even know where to start with that....
  5. You don't employ backup catchers for their bats, guys. You just need to be capable or better defensively. And he's at least average if not somewhat above.
  6. Dreaming on potential..... 1. Gray 2. Mahle 3. Rodon 4. Ryan 5. Bundy still I guess? Still, please, please, please....
  7. Hard not to like what Cade Povich has done so far this year. Pitching well at high A at a reasonably young age and hitting 97 shows that his velo is up a tick. Wouldn't be surprised to see his FV grade rise to a 40+ or 45 if this is indicative of how the rest of the year goes. Possible Top 15 Twins prospect next year.
  8. I'm happy Buxton took the deal he did, but part of me remains surprised he didn't respond similarly to the Twins' offer in real life as he did to your OOTP 7/$100M offer.
  9. I agree with the sentiment that what was proposed probably isn't enough, but: a) Trueblood didn't finish putting the deal together, he was just highlighting the integral pieces; and I think people are really UNDERVALUING the compensatory pick I doubt this is as far off as several believe it to be. Some people posting what they think the Reds would demand might be right - they might demand it as a starting point, but to think that Alex Kirilloff would need to be included is a tad absurd. 6 years of Kirilloff for 3 of Castillo is a loss before you go any further. And the Reds would know that.
  10. I think this is where we lose a bit in translation as fans. Categorizing Kirilloff as a guy with no games above AA is both true but also direly in need of context. He did spend the entire summer in St. Paul and got to hit and play simulated games at what was more or less a AAA level. All accounts of that time that I've read is that he was the best player there. We didn't get to see that or evaluate that, but the Twins did. I have no angst about the decision - they may still decide to manipulate service time. But I also don't see it as a stretch that he very well is the right guy for the job now.
  11. Plenty of representation on the Top 133 released on FG today - they do 133 to include everyone who is a 50 FV or better. Canterino has a 50 as was previously mentioned here but falls outside the top 100. Everyone else (Kirilloff, Lewis, Larnach, Jeffers, Balazovic, Duran) is in the top 82. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2021-top-100-prospects/
  12. He has them 5th. He had them 13th last year, so that's nice movement. Mentions a trio of potential mid-rotation starters, including Canterino with Duran and Balazovic. He projects we'll slip a bit next year with Kirilloff, Jeffers and maybe 1 or 2 others graduating, but probably still inside the top 10 in 2022. Promising.
  13. I'd place the odds that Nick Gordon is DFA'd before ever playing an MLB game at 60/40 or better. I'm surprised at the number of people who think he's close.
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