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  1. I find the write up very humorous. It isn't subtle, but it does a great job of joking about those confused over very simple issues of public health and not so simple issues of conspiratorial thinking and being aggrieved over anything that makes them uncomfortable.
  2. After the 2 strange seasons, that sounds like a recipe for injured pitchers...
  3. Sorry dude, no offense, but please proof read before posting or use grammarly or something. I couldn't even finish reading this because of all the spelling and typographical errors throughout.
  4. I was on of the few that saw this happen, along with 3 of my grade school friends and my father. He brought us as my belated 13th birthday party and we each took turns sitting in the yellow seat where Puckett's HR landed from Game 6 in '91. The game was not televised either, if memory serves, so it was much more momentous to see it happen than I could really fathom at 13. However it's one of the childhood memories I cherish most. Even kept the ticket stubs!
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