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Update on my Lockout OOTP Twins rebuild. 2022 Season Twins pre-play.




Twins Video

I’ve been playing the Twins season while trading, signing free agents and auditioning the Twins best minor leaguers. The bad news is that the Twins started 1-11. The good news is that I continued to trade, sign free agents and give almost all the top prospects an audition. You might be surprised at which prospect emerged. I’ve played all games except maybe a total of 1 when the AI took off while I napped! I also do pitch by pitch, which is pretty exciting, especially using the CF camera for pitches.

The Twins are currently 11-17, so 10-6 since the awful start.

Highlights are the seeming permanent emergence of Trevor Larnach, Alex Kirilloff flirting with superstardom. I’ll leave the SS surprise for the box score of game 28.  Jose Miranda has held down 3rd after I traded Donaldson mostly for payroll reasons. I traded for Josh Bell, who is having a monster season. Which means Sano is gone. Study the Box Score and guess where he went! 

I started with no injuries checked but decided that wasn’t a fair measure of how I could cover a Buxton absence. SO I set injuries on and just 3 games later Buxton was injured with a chronic back issue for 4 weeks. Problem is that it’s been probably 5-6 weeks now and he wasn’t hitting at the start. Billy Hamilton and Gabriel Maciel have played most of the cf innings. I traded Ober along with Arraez to get Bassitt from Oakland, certainly my worst trade.

Here’s the box score. If OOTP is a good predictor, there are some exciting things on the horizon for the Twins.




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