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  1. When i was a STH I would get really pissed when I would drive 300 miles for a game and Gardy would put out one of his Sunday 2nd string rosters. I don't get this one with the Twins having two off days this week.
  2. One positive that stood out to me about Duffy was that he always seemed to be a stand up guy. He faced the reporters and fans when he pitched well and when he pitched poorly. I appreciate that.
  3. What would register as some of my favorite memories of Sano? dunno, the long homers were sweet but then I remember the massive number of strikeouts in important situations and the time he sexually harassed a photographer. I know it isn't my money but if it was, I would DFA him.
  4. Didn't Petricka's family own a grocery store in Northfield? I lived there for a few years in the 90's and seem to remember that.
  5. Martin's bat seems to be getting some life (finally) from what i gather. That would be very good news whether he is advanced in the Twins system or traded.
  6. From what i have read, LSU is offering a huge bump in pay. Add two that the season is much shorter. It also is a chance to return to his home area. He is from Arkansas and has three kids so family is a monster draw. The Head Coach at Arkansas will probably be retiring in the next few years. Wes was pitching coach there before joining the Twins. The LSU job may set him up to be the next HC there.
  7. I wasn't happy when they let him go in the first place. No, he will never win the Cy Young. But he would provide stability and a professional outing every fifth day. He is a class act and that is something every team values.
  8. Seems like a solid consensus about the rule. I agree. If arms are being affected then perhaps they need to look into what type of conditioning was used when staffs were much smaller. A caveat though is that in general I believe pitch velocity is much greater today than in foregone times.
  9. Martin seems lost this year. The team knows(?) that he is not a SS yet they continue to play him there. Is it possible that his defensive shortcomings are having a negative effect on his offense? I surely don't know but just spit balling.
  10. Sanchez does a decent job as DH but i would be concerned about catcher wear and tear. I foresee Sanchez as playing catcher 2 out of 3 games going forward. Rest him on that 3rd day. Let's not forget that the team has "Mr Swing and a Miss" Sano returning in the not too distant future also.
  11. i wish I could get a feel for what Kirilloff is doing in St Paul. I have seen that he is getting hits, but is he driving the ball, hitting with power or just dink and doink? Anyone have any insight?
  12. The Pirates have abused a great fanbase for many years. It is just stupid. They have a great ball park and very loyal fans. It is criminal.
  13. Kepler is the one I am most excited about in this regard. For years we have seen him bounce out or pop out to the right side. I have screamed at my TV for him to just lay down a few bunts to the left side just to get on. It looks like he is getting it. I like this brand of baseball. It is fun to watch.
  14. I hate to say this out loud but I thought Angel Hernandez called a good game last night. I didn't think that was possible. I'm not sure what that balk was (I know he strode too far towards home plate but that is almost never called). At least I know that Angel has it in him.
  15. Getting concerned about Cole Sands. He doesn't seem to have any consistency. Hope he figures it out soon or he won't last on the very crowded 40 man roster.
  16. Absolutely! CC is the very definition of best of the present. Lewis is the future and this experience will do great things for him.
  17. Meniscus tears have two different surgeries depending on how severe the tear is. One is relatively minor with a recovery of 3-6 weeks normally. The other is a full repair and recovery is 3-6 months. I haven't seen any word on which will be done but that often isn't known until the surgeon opens the knee and determines how bad it is.
  18. This is off the wall so bare with me please. I know Gardy wasn't the greatest of managers, but compared to Rocco, his pre and post game pressers were a lot more fun. Rocco always reminds me of Donald Sutherlands character in Kelly's Heroes.
  19. I really would like to know who approved the reconfiguration of the Camden Yard outfield. It's like the little hill that used to be in the ballpark in Houston. That outcropping that Nick Gordon almost crashed into is going to get a player seriously injured. The ballpark designers just can't help themselves but to get really cute. Just stupid.
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