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  1. It turns out there are a whole lot of expert doctors out there on the internet.
  2. Man the bullpen chart looks a little busy. Maybe they bring someone up from AAA for the Oakland series?
  3. Short spring training so they're playing it safe with everyone. It's a long season.
  4. Rad that Lewis, Miranda, Winder, and Larnach joined Buxton as the stars of the game. That's so encouraging! None of those guys were even expected to be on the opening day roster.
  5. It's nice of Baltimore to use a AAA roster to help Miranda feel at home.
  6. I think Sands goes back down. He got his cup of coffee.
  7. Super respect that Garlick was able to make the headlines for a game story WITHOUT it being a pun about food. That is a sign that he has finally "made it."
  8. I love both Duffy and Theilbar from their time with the Twins in the past, but they both look terrible.
  9. Or they could win the next two games and take the series!
  10. Rogers is/was a REALLY good trade chip. If Paddack turns out to be as bad as every Padres fan seems to think he is, I sure wish we could have done better. But if he turns into a solid #3, AND we pull some bullpen magic out of our butts, this will be a great trade. Again, Wes Johnson will have to be doing some amazing work.
  11. I agree with the point you make about free agency. Colomé is a great example of how experience does not mean they will perform well... Let's hope Wes Johnson and crew have better luck this season.
  12. It's wild that Correa makes more per season than the entire pitching staff. That's probably not a great sign...
  13. Why did you write the words "Sam Dyson" in an article? Are you trying to make me feel better about the snow?
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