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  1. This season is so trying, but who knows... go Twins! Please dear god get some more guys healthy!
  2. why can't we have nice things? here's hoping...
  3. They should have just signed a good free agent starter in the off-season...
  4. That's a steeper price than I was hoping for... He better be good!
  5. Yeah I had to watch his last "save" from in between my fingers clutched over my face.
  6. (is that you Alex? I saw a De Jong reference and knew it seemed familiar. ) Duffey should not be on the team if he wasn't used in this series. The jury is still out on Thornburg
  7. See this is why you save your bullpen for when you have a lead. Just yesterday (this morning), everyone was ripping Rocco for not using Duran down a run.
  8. "Unfortunately for Baldelli, and we’ve seen this in previous years as well, sometimes the decision comes down to a 50/50 coin flip on which he is consistently seeing the wrong side of." Is that even true? It seems like the bullpen under Rocco has been outperforming expectations, even last year.
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