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  1. The end result will be good for the other team.
  2. I am sorry to say that I believe he's going to be worse than Scott Diamond.
  3. Dobnak just needs more time to work on his stuff in the minor league while getting paid millions. I believe he's got plenty of time. Thanks to smart FO.
  4. I would prefer to see Dobnak sent down. I think unlike Dobnak Jax has a future in the major league.
  5. I have been doing the same this season. I suggest all Twins fans should take a little break this season. This pathetic team can drive people crazy.
  6. I was about to say Dobnak set up nicely for Stanton's 2nd Homer with an easy & quick 5 pitch walk to Torres when that actually happened. I was almost speechless. Dobnak is not a major league pitcher period. There is no question about that. Why on earth the FO gave this unproven guy millions?
  7. Hackimer should have been released earlier. Gibaut should have been released already. Any pitcher who allows 2 base runners per inning has no future in baseball. Sammons should be demoted. Jovani Moran has been incredible this season (ERA: 0.92, 6 hits and 30 strikeouts in 19.2 innings.) Yennier Cano has also been amazing this season. (ERA: 1.23, 2 BBs and 25 strikeouts in 14.2 innings.) Both Moran and Cano should have been promoted to AAA now. I think both of them have a future in the major league.
  8. Celestino just can't field, can't hit and he has no baseball IQ.
  9. Look at Sano's stats today. 4 ab, 3 strikeouts and 1 GIDP when bases were loaded. I think they should just let Sano bat 8th for now.
  10. Thielbar certainly made sure 2 of 3 inherited runners scored before the inning was over like all Twins relievers do. I think Rocco might as well leave all the starters out there to finish their innings up since none of the relievers care about their inherited runners anyway.
  11. Whoever complained about Romo last season, take a look at all the relievers this season. Romo could be effective as long as a manager knows how to use him.
  12. He is not expensive, he would be a much better choice than Shoemaker. I guess he is just a little more expensive than Shoemaker. I still think it's worth it though.
  13. Outfielders: Buxton, Kepler, Larnach, Garlick, Broxton (Whitefield if anyone is injured) Infielders: Kirilloff, Arraez, Simmons, Donaldson, Polanco (Gordon if anyone is injured) DH: Cruz Catchers: Garver, Jeffers Super utility man: Astudillo Sano and Rortvedt should be demoted.
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