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  1. Rooker should stay in AAA. He does not belong in the major league.
  2. Twins now has a collection of great pitchers with double digit ERA. Congrats to its wonderful FO. No other major league team can match that. Keep all of them and make history.
  3. I don't understand why Kepler and Rooker are batting 1st & 2nd while Arraez and Garver are batting 5th & 6th, I also don't understand why Sano is batting 8th. Cave should be released immediately when Buxton comes back.
  4. None of the Twins hitters can touch Cole's heater. That's why.
  5. What a disaster. Garcia either threw wild or down the middle of the plate. I am not interested in seeing this guy in Twins uniform.
  6. Please no more Colome next season. What a disaster.
  7. I don't think Refsnyder and Smeltzer should be protected on the 40-man roster. Cave should be let go after the season.
  8. Gant, Minaya, Gordon and Thielbar deserve to be protected on the 40-man roster. I am not interested in seeing Refsnyder, Smeltzer, Cave and Simmons in Twins uniform.
  9. Kepler needs to retire. Cave and Burrows should be released. Rooker should be demoted.
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