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  1. I doubt that the Falvine/levine duo will be fired after this season but I would love to see it happen. My hope is that Falvey gets hired by the Mets and then he will know how great he had it here.
  2. Why do you think that at some point he will stop getting hurt? Some people are more prone to injury and healing times are slower.
  3. By 2022 I will have waited six years to open that gift box, so no, I don't trade Lewis now to sign a high priced shortstop.
  4. Besides being a Twins number one pick what has Cavaco done to warrant such a high rating?
  5. This was a good trade for the Rays, Twins and Nelson Cruz. Everyone should be pleased with what they received.
  6. You don't have an unexpected bad season like 2021 without someone paying the price and Falvey and Levine are safe for the time being. There has to be a "blood-letting" and Rocco is the logical suspect. The FO won't be fired, the players can't be fired so who do you have left?
  7. But then again he sat out his last start not to endanger his ERA lead.
  8. I think folks give this FO too much credit. Most of the players that have made Falvey and Levine look good were brought in under the Terry Ryan regime. The FO was supposed to be pitching savy but it is hard to understand why they have brought in has been's like Homer Bailey, Rich Hill, JA Happ and Matt Shoemaker to complement the starting rotation. Ryan's organization didn't use analytics enough and this Falvey regime uses it too much. We need to find a happy medium here. Another issue I have with this organization is that they seem to be home run happy, baseball is not just about waiting for a home run.
  9. Trading Taylor Rogers would be a huge mistake for the Twins unless they are offered a deal they can't refuse and that deal needs to include a player major league ready. Rogers isn't having his best season but he should be this years Twins representative to the All-Star game. The Athletics have made a habit of trading or letting closers go and they have been successful but the Twins FO doesn't measure up to the A's front office.
  10. For a FO that is supposedly pitcher savy they sure seemed to make a lot of mistakes with their off-season pitching moves Their approach seems to be to sign a slew of has-been's and hope that one or two turn out to be keepers. It is not easy making silk out of a sow's ears and you will fail more times than you succeed. Maybe a better approach is to spend some money and sign some proven talent and hope that works out better. But what do I know? I don't have a degree from one of those fancy eastern schools.
  11. I am a big believer in that minor league players should be brought up sooner than later for a big league trial. Good for the player and good for the big league team to see how the player reacts. If only a few of these early call-ups stick in the big leagues the organization comes out ahead. Particularly with pitchers I think, they have only so many bullets in their arsenal, why waste them in the minor leagues. If they can't cut it, their spot in the minor leagues will still be there waiting for them. I think you can learn more in two weeks in the big leagues than you can learn in a season in the minors.
  12. Sounds good. I think one of the best parts of the new site is how clean and uncluttered it looks. Can't wait for you to get rid of that orange bar, it definitely catches your eye and serves it purpose but for some reason it just "grates" on me. Have a great day.
  13. John, would love to see some trivia topics from you in the forums, if you're ever feeling up to it. 

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