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  1. I can see no circumstance that the Twins trade Correa. Trading Correa indicates raising a white flag and the Twins whose attendance should be better than it is will not trade him. The Twins FO would be chased out of town if they traded Correa and rightly so.
  2. I think he will be on the team but probably not a starter. The only other possibility is Buxton because he is pretty well known even though he has been up and down this year. But, his hot streaks are fun to watch.
  3. Based on their starters performances I would say that the Twins have been using an opener in most of their games this season.
  4. Arraez is good with the stick but bad with the glove in simple terms. What to do with him is not as simple. The Twins need an on-base machine in their line-up to put someone on base for the big boppers to knock in. You could trade him but you will probably not get his value in return. Not every player on your team needs to be a slugger but that is not how the analytics folks think now days.
  5. It is always easy to be the Monday morning quarterback and look back 10-15 years and say that other players should have been drafted. What I don't care for is cherry-picking the best player that the Twins could have selected. This case could be made for every MLB team every year.
  6. Who ever said that life was fair? You get up in the morning and you play the cards that you are dealt for that day. Tomorrow? You do the same thing.
  7. Ron Henry was the first player to make his major league debut in a Minnesota Twins unform when he entered the April 15, 1961 game against the Orioles as a pinch-hitter.
  8. I believe that Cavaco was over-rated to begin with and shouldn't even have been a first round selection so seeing him drop in the rating is not much of a surprise.
  9. Who drafts a first baseman that is bad in the field and has a high strikeout rate with their number one pick. The Minnesota Twins of course.
  10. Donaldson had a decent year in 2021, but he is not worth the money he is being paid. The team finished last with or without him. The FO made a mistake by signing him instead of investing in pitching in the first place.
  11. If the Twins have enough patience with Larnach he will produce. Trading him at this point would be a huge mistake.
  12. I guess my question would be "What exactly is his strategy?"
  13. With Donaldson around there really is no spot for Miranda. The 25 man roster for a team is 99% determined before ST begins and how players perform in ST rarely changes that. There are exceptions of course but usually not in the players favor. It is much easier to lose a spot on the team than it is to make the team.
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