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  1. Much ado about nothing. If you don't like them, then don't buy one and the problem is solved. I won't buy one but I won't spend any time complaining about it either.
  2. Every player is a trade candidate, if they are not they should be.
  3. The most valuable pitcher on this list for the Twins might be number 11 Rod Stripling.
  4. Just because you can throw hard doesn't mean you know where to throw it or that you can throw it accurately.
  5. I sure am glad I don't have to make a decision on him. The man threw only 5 innings twice this year, both happened in September. In 21 starts he never hit the 80 pitch mark. His stats for this year are dismal. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=balazo000jor. Still very young but being young doesn't make you a pitcher. I would try to move him before his so called potential disappears totally.
  6. Just because someone gets paid for doing something doesn't mean they are good at it or know what they are doing.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of this FO. I think they shoild should be all be fired because they just don't seem to know how to run a baseball team but they can build one heck of a FO staff. I would say that judging the Mahle trade at this point is just unfair, we need to see a longer term picture to really judge it one way or the other.
  8. He offers speed and defense but little to no hitting. Can't see Twins signing him with no intention to bring him up. Sounds like Buxton is done for the year but the Twins don't want to announce it.
  9. From a Target Field attendance perspective, this schedule is terrible for Minnesota. With a number of "better drawing" teams coming to play the Twins either early in the season or in September when the weather is cooler and school is in session.
  10. MLB continues to exist by selling the theory to fans that even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. Then when it happens it makes a huge deal of it.
  11. A good team player but will not be a starter on a playoff team. But let's be honest here, I have higher expectations for a number one pick fifth overall.
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