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  1. For a FO that is supposedly pitcher savy they sure seemed to make a lot of mistakes with their off-season pitching moves Their approach seems to be to sign a slew of has-been's and hope that one or two turn out to be keepers. It is not easy making silk out of a sow's ears and you will fail more times than you succeed. Maybe a better approach is to spend some money and sign some proven talent and hope that works out better. But what do I know? I don't have a degree from one of those fancy eastern schools.
  2. I am a big believer in that minor league players should be brought up sooner than later for a big league trial. Good for the player and good for the big league team to see how the player reacts. If only a few of these early call-ups stick in the big leagues the organization comes out ahead. Particularly with pitchers I think, they have only so many bullets in their arsenal, why waste them in the minor leagues. If they can't cut it, their spot in the minor leagues will still be there waiting for them. I think you can learn more in two weeks in the big leagues than you can learn in a season in t
  3. Sounds good. I think one of the best parts of the new site is how clean and uncluttered it looks. Can't wait for you to get rid of that orange bar, it definitely catches your eye and serves it purpose but for some reason it just "grates" on me. Have a great day.
  4. John, would love to see some trivia topics from you in the forums, if you're ever feeling up to it. 

  5. Nice job to all. I like the red and white but miss seeing some blue.
  6. I can't wait to see the Royals play the Twins and see what they really have in KC. Should be fun to watch.
  7. One thing you didn't touch on here Seth is the minor league schedules. If you look at each of these teams schedules, the games both home and away are set up in six game blocks so each series is actually six games. I wonder what impact these six games series will have on the pitchers or the hitters as they become so familiar with each other of that short time period. I wonder too if this is another one of MLB's tests and if this practice will move to the big leagues. I suppose it can cut down on travel costs and it may benefit the players with less actual travel and more rest time.
  8. I enjoy Morneau as the analyst. The only thing I would say is that I would like him to speak a little louder and show more enthusiasm. He is a breath of fresh air from Bert.
  9. If Kirilloff is not playing left field this year full time the Twins FO screwed up big time not keeping Eddie Rosario.
  10. A good player and a very nice person, he will be missed in baseball.
  11. So sad to lose Henry Aaron. Aaron was my favorite all-time player who played for my favorite team at the time and a player that I have followed since 1957. A true legend and a hero and in my mind one of thee greatest baseball players of all time. RIP Henry, you earned it.
  12. I like Liam Hendriks a lot but the White Sox over paid for a reliever that has been great but the mileage is starting to accumulate. The problem with free agency is that you are always paying for history. I wish Hendriks the best but the White Sox will regret this signing long term. In addition, Hendriks will find a huge difference in pitching in the White Sox band box versus in Oakland.
  13. If the Twins FO isn't inquiring into all the FA's they are not doing their job. Should just be common sense that they would.
  14. Eddie is a "good news/bad news" type of player but I think the Twins will miss his RBI's even if the analytics folks don't value RBI any more. Frustrating sometimes? Absolutely, but is big in the clubhouse and will be missed.
  15. An extension after one big league game? I don't think so. I think Kirilloff will be a great big league player but know one really knows for sure. Can't believe the FO would take a high risk gamble like that.
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