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  1. With Donaldson around there really is no spot for Miranda. The 25 man roster for a team is 99% determined before ST begins and how players perform in ST rarely changes that. There are exceptions of course but usually not in the players favor. It is much easier to lose a spot on the team than it is to make the team.
  2. A very nice ball player that was fun to watch. HOF worthy? Short answer is no.
  3. Seth, you are sounding like Sid Hartman in bringing back any athlete that passed through Minnesota.
  4. So the Twins hire Jayce Tingler to be their bench coach after he was just fired by San Diego for managing a team full of stars to a 79-83 record and a third place finish in his one full season as the Padres skipper.. Why am I not surprised? On the plus side he does speak English and Spanish.
  5. You can refresh your Metrodome memories by going https://wp.me/P1YQUj-27 .
  6. I think a C- is being generous. A 29-28 record for the last two months is nothing to crow about, If you asked fans before the start of the season if a .500 record would be acceptable in 2021 they would have laughed at you. Twins fans and baseball experts all predicted a huge year for the Twins and the Twins FO and Baldelli fooled us all The only thing I see standing between Baldelli and a big red F is the Twins FO.
  7. Have you heard of the old saying that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then?
  8. I would not call hitting .240 and striking out in 42% of your at AB's continuing to rake. Sabato is the biggest Twins first round bust in many years.
  9. I doubt that the Falvine/levine duo will be fired after this season but I would love to see it happen. My hope is that Falvey gets hired by the Mets and then he will know how great he had it here.
  10. Why do you think that at some point he will stop getting hurt? Some people are more prone to injury and healing times are slower.
  11. By 2022 I will have waited six years to open that gift box, so no, I don't trade Lewis now to sign a high priced shortstop.
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