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  1. Would you trade Arraez for Cole Sands, Randy Dobnak, and Chris Vallimont? That seems like pretty similar return if it was reversed. No way I would trade Arraez for that.
  2. And in the next year or 2 he absolutely could have as bad a year as Simmons did. Look at his last 3 years. He’s heading that direction.
  3. His option (potential player option) is too complicated. The first year isn’t the issue, it’s the second year that is and I’m not sure you can accurately value that.
  4. I don’t see Arraez as redundant and admit I like a player with lead off skills. Yes, on the defensive side he is redundant but not on the offensive side. He brings skills that most of our players and prospects don’t. Trade someone with power who strikes out a lot (Sano, cough cough). We seem to have a surplus of those players and prospects. Yes, he would bring back more in return but I continue to think a trade for a SP is going to be someone less established than a Castillo or Montas.
  5. Have to be impressed with the season Celestino had at AAA after his MLB struggles and very little AA and A+ experience. Despite his struggles, it was good to see him keep his strikeout rate in check. Has he also shown the reverse splits that he did in the Majors or was that just SSS?
  6. Rordtvedt has shown good improvement in his numbers the last few years compared to the first couple. Butera never showed that kind of average hitting consistently. I think you should review their numbers a bit instead of lumping a whole minors career into 1 number.
  7. How many pitchers did Cleveland sign to this type of deal before their run of success. How about Tampa? Whether people here like it or not, this is what they’re trying to build - a pipeline like Cleveland and Tampa had. They’re not going to blow a bunch of money or trade off a bunch of prospects to block that pipeline. I’m not saying they won’t acquire one, and maybe sign or trade for another cheap reclamation project but people here need to realize and accept what they’re trying to do, or just keep complaining.
  8. The world has enough arrogance, close-mindedness, and unwillingness to compromise. I hope the two sides involved don’t share those traits. “I first want to ask you why you don’t support the great game of baseball” If this is how you start your letter it’s hard to imagine the remainder constructive and worth reading. The idea that he doesn’t support baseball is ludicrous. He works for people running businesses. We won’t always agree with him because of that, but wow man. Growing tired of this attitude from too many people.
  9. I think a lot of people need to prepare to be disappointed when the Twins don’t “win” or coming anywhere close to “winning” the off-season. The FO was brought in to develop pitching, not spend a bunch of money signing it. The pipeline is close to producing and I think we should be prepared to see that begin in 2022 and so they probably won’t sign a bunch of guys just to block it.
  10. I don’t understand all this angst and negativity against the FO for Baddoo. The Tigers just cut him loose and no one else wanted him, right? Shouldn’t that tell you something if you hold him against them?
  11. Yes, they were older. They also had generally decent health and continue to, at least compared to Buxton. I wanted(ed) the Twins to sign Buxton. My main point was the writer uses these examples of contracts but then doesn’t analyze them!? So I looked at all those players myself to see how they worked out. Turns out he didn’t analyze them Because a lot of them sucked afterwards. And the 2 that didn’t suck afterwards had healthy histories. And also, can someone give an example of a player with an extensive injury history who turned things around in the 30’s. I’m sure they exist I just can’t think of any. But what’s concerning is that Buxton early on had a lot of fluke injuries. That is still somewhat true but now he has nagging hip, nagging hamstring, shoulder surgery, etc. I don’t think these are good signs of future health, but who knows.
  12. Wow, the information you provided kind of changed my mind and is convincing me the Twins SHOULDN’T sign Buxton. All of those players have falling apart or begun to fall apart. Blackmon and Cain were originally worth their contracts but not anymore and the others have been largely disasters. Considering his already extensive injury history, and the fact that you can’t depend on him for many games per year, maybe moving on is acceptable.
  13. Admittedly, I think there will be a lot of negative views towards this type of plan, but I've decided to work with a couple of beliefs and assumptions. 1. I think "competetive" in 2022 means a team that can reasonably hover around .500 with a chance for more if things break right. 2. I think the Twins lineup lacks consistency and has too many all or nothing hitters. Some of those (ie. Rosario) are good but too many and your lineup can tank quickly. 3. If you want good things you have to pay for them, or trade good things for them. Sano, Donaldson, or Kepler trades won't bring back those pieces. 4. Not getting Zach Wheeler or Madison Bumgartner hurt and I personally don't see those two in this years free agent market. 5. When hired to fix a "total system failure," Falvine should have had a 5-7 year period to build a pitching pipeline. We're now getting into that period and I'm going to trust their work, to some degree. 6. The Twins will HAVE to overpay for free agents. 7. Our defense needs to be prioritized, especially the outfield since a lot of pitching seems geared away from ground ball pitchers. I'm making a risky trade. Garver (this one is particularly painful), Larnach, Sano, Canterino (or similar), and $4M to Miami for Edward Cabrera, Jesus Luzardo, and Nick Fortes. Both Cabrera and Luzardo come with significant risk and significant upside. I like the options the Twins have in the high minors but I see a lot of solid contributors but little potential for an Ace. These two bring this. They, along with Ryan, Ober and Dobnack will compete for 2 spots in the rotation. My initial choices would be Ryan, Cabrera, and Ober. Fortes will compete with Rordtvedt for back up catcher. Sign Jon Gray, 4 years, $60M Sign Michael Pineda, 2 years, $16M Bullpen: John Gant has been a very good reliever. That's what he's going to be for me. I'm also signing Archie Bradley and moving Jax to the bullpen; he has always looked like a reliever to me. Batters/Lineup: Jeffers gets the bulk of the catching duties. He struggled some but I'm a big believer. Kirilloff moves to 1B. Andrelton Simmons is brought back. I still think Lewis is the SS of the future and of the other options available, I'll bet on Simmons returning to higher contact in such a way that he will at least being a positive contributor with his defense included. I'm signing Chris Taylor for 3 years, $42M. He'll primarily be LF if things go well, but can fill in at SS, CF, and other spots as needed. Arraez will be the "DH" but will get plenty of time in the field. I'm signing Brad Miller to back up 1B, DH, PH and fill in where needed on occasion. Rooker, Gordon and Fortes/Rordtvedt get the other 3 bench spots, with Miranda, Celestino, Martin, and Lewis, etc, getting ready in AAA Using reasonable projections, and early Steamer Projections, this would put our lineup, bullpen and rotation in the top 10-15 for 2021. Twins 2022 Roster & Payroll Creator (SHARED).xlsx
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