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  1. The "very simple solution" is to just sign Trevor Story or Carlos Correa but we know the Twins won't open their pockets to do that. (Even though that was the purpose of building Target Field). When they add Free Agents like Bundy, Cotton, Megill, Rodriguez and Fisher we know what their plan is. (Cheap, Cheap, Cheap). Could you imagine how many more fans would be in the stands if they would have signed just a couple of these guys: Robbie Ray, Marcus Stroman, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jon Gray, Kevin Gausman, Max Scherzer, Marcus Semein, Corey Seager, Javier Baez, Story or Correa? Don't think they could have? Detroit did! Texas did! If the current crop of up and coming prospects don't pan out, (if that is their plan) then we can kiss another decade of baseball goodbye because they won't use the FA aspect of the game to their advantage.
  2. Another Dumpster Dive, Hope and Prayer or Catch Lightning in a Bottle. Some things never change.
  3. My 2 favorite Twins players. The heroics of Puckett in the 91 World Series does it for me. Trying to compare the 2 is tough. No doubt Carew was magical with the bat. No one in his era was better than him at getting on base. I was also amazed at how many times Rod stole home. The thing that impressed me most about Puckett was the fact he could hit almost any pitch to any part of the field even if it wasn't a good pitch to hit. Had Kirby waited for a better pitch to hit he undoubtably would have walked more and his OBP would have been much higher. If you break down each of their careers only looking at their bats Carew had more seasons but both had 12 really good seasons. Carews numbers in the other 7 seasons were good but they weren't like the other 12 and Pucketts were all really good.
  4. He wouldn't have mattered in the 2019 playoffs. The Twins were beat in all 3 games before he would have been used out of the bullpen. The 3 games against the Yankees were 10-4, 8-2. and 5-1. No chance he would have made a difference. In 2020 it wasn't pitching that caused them to lose against Houston, it was that they couldn't score. Only 1 run in each game.
  5. Berrios had no intention of staying with the Twins and Pressly resigned with Houston because it is home for him. Both wanted to play for an organization that is committed to winning, not pretending or just being "competitive".
  6. Not sold on any of these 3 and relying on 1, 2 or all 3 of them to make a comeback only proves 1 thing.... the Twins are desperate.
  7. I think the bullpen additions to the Twins have already been made..... Jharrel Cotton and Trevor Magill. There's also Derek Rodriguez and Dylan Bundy if they don't pan out as starters.
  8. Hindsight makes for an easy evaluation. Losing Pressly at the time hurt but looking at the Twins since then they haven't done anything (no playoff wins) since he's been gone. So, that makes the trade a positive for the Twins. I'm most excited about Alcala and hope Baldelli gives him the closer job out of spring training. There was no reason why he should not have had it the whole month of September instead of Colome. Finally the last game of the season he got to close a game.
  9. Only way I trade Arraez is for a front line starting pitcher. I would pencil him in at 3B every day until he proves to me he can't play the position. I think with more playing time there he fills in rather well. maybe not great but keeping his bat in the lineup makes up for an error or lack of range occasionally. Donaldson slides to the full-time DH role. Both have knee issues and if one of them breaks down then I go to Miranda to cover for them. With that in mind, the Twins need to get a SS that can cover some ground and help fill the hole between SS and 3B. That too makes fielding easier for whoever they put at 3b.
  10. Unfortunately Kepler is trending downward while Polanco, Buxton and Garver are going up or staying about even. Cruz is gone so he doesn't matter.
  11. I would have to agree with miracleb on this one. Kepler has had 1 season with a batting average above ,250. 1 season with a slugging percentage above .500. 1 season with a HR total above 30. 1 season with an on-base-percentage above .330. All of them happened in 2019. Outside of that season he's been pretty much average to below average at best.
  12. Just like starting pitching the Twins, IMO have no intention of signing a top Free Agent at shortstop. We were all hoping for a major acquisition to the rotation and we got Bundy. (Last year they waited for the left-overs and got Shoemaker and Happ and we know how that turned out). We were all hoping for a Trevor Story type upgrade and we'll end up with someone like Simmons, Ehire Adrianza or they'll just run Nick Gordon out there and cross their fingers hoping that works. There is no urgency with this FO to make this a contending team. Saving money looks like the move they decided on and with no end in site to the current lockout it might make them look like geniuses.
  13. Thinking outside the box..... start service time when a player starts playing for an organization in the minors. Base his pay on each year starting with his first season in the minors and then incrementally increase it each year. Once they get called up to the majors bonuses kick-in based on performance. Every team has the same salary structure on each player until they have played, say 10 seasons total. (Doesn't matter if they were all in the minors or some in the minors and some in the majors). Once they reach 10 seasons played they become a Free Agent. Their original club has the option to match any offer they get in Free Agency or they can let the player go. A salary floor using the average team salary from the previous season could be used and times that by a percentage, such as $150M average X 50% = $75M floor. The luxury tax could use the same formula but a different percentage, $150M average X 150% = $225M. As salaries go up the floor and the luxury tax would also incrementally increase.
  14. Comparing MLB to the NFL is like comparing apples to oranges.
  15. Only way this is a good option is if they get more in return than what he already delivers. He's a good proven big league hitter. He'd have to bring a good proven big league pitcher in return. Donaldson's big contract makes trading Arraez over Donaldson a better option to other clubs. Not sure it is the better option for the Twins though. Arraez and Miranda at 3B might be a good combo until Miranda becomes that same good proven big league hitter.
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