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  1. Yippee! A winning streak, albeit a small one mainly against one of the poorest teams in MLB. The lineup managed to score 4 runs on 14 hits and 2 walks going 1 for 13 with runners in scoring position. It just boggles the mind how inept this team is when they get runners on base. Are we are suppose to celebrate the return of one of the most over-rated players in Twins history called Max Kepler? Don't understand the love for a guy who can't hit. Will be glad when both him and Sano are gone. They just make for 2 massive holes in the lineup. Both Larnach and Kirilloff in their 1st seasons are
  2. It's not rocket science or brain surgery. If it's under $25M per year you got to sign him. If he wants more than that then you've got to let him walk or at least try to trade before he walks.
  3. Can we all just laugh at this team and say, see ya next year..... HA! HA! HA! Makes ya wonder what we have to look forward to next year if wholesale changes aren't made. HA! HA! HA! Can we have more dumpster diving with the likes of Happ and Shoemaker, HA! HA! HA! Sign Crap, Expect Crap! HA! HA! HA!
  4. You don't have to worry about seeing him very often unless you run the rehab unit.
  5. I have been a big critic of Baldelli. Funny how good a Manager looks when your team hits enough Home Runs to set a record and the next year you only play a handful of teams and most of them aren't very good. Both situations can/could make anyone look good. Then 2021 rolls around and your team can't seem to score unless they hit a HR and that isn't happening like it did 2 years ago and now you are playing all of the teams, not just a select few weaker teams like you did last year. Maybe we are now seeing the real Baldelli. When you make the same mistakes over and over you are going to be critis
  6. It's is hard to imagine 3 minor league prospects pitching worse in the big leagues than Shoemaker, Colome and Dobnak. It is way past time for the FO to show some guts and release these 3 worthless clowns and give some youngsters a chance to play where they are needed. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results. Falvine......... how insane are you?
  7. Rocco creates a lot of his own bullpen problems. It starts by not letting his Starters go long enough, especially when they are pitching well. There was no reason to pull Ober after 5 innings when he was only at 75 pitches. No reason NOT to trot him out there for the 6th inning and try to get at least 1 more inning out of him. Also no reason NOT to use Rogers for more then 3 pitches. Also no reason to move Shoemaker to the bullpen where he can now lose games in the late innings instead of the early innings. Twins already have Colome and Duffey that can do that, no need for another one. If Robl
  8. It comes down to 2 choices on TV: 1. watch the Twins or 2. watch some thing else It's crap either way.
  9. Flipping thru channels and it was 5-2 and figured it was another loss. Tuned in here now and see they won. HUGE surprise. Too bad they have played so poorly that no one cares to watch anymore.
  10. It doesn't matter if not many players make it to free agency in their prime. You still have a choice to go after them or not. Get the best ones instead of the leftovers, which they have been doing for years. Hasn't worked has it?
  11. I listed Bauer and Hendricks simply as examples. Why do the Twins always sign players that had excellent careers when they are at the END of their careers like Donaldson and Cruz. If you read my next post you'd understand that paying for crap will get you crap. Maybe they should try a different approach like trying to sign Free Agents in the prime of their careers when they are top performers, not when they are washed up, along with the other players that won't/don't make a difference. Example: Gerrit Cole 7-3, Randy Dobnak 1-6.
  12. Nothng will change until they start signing players like Bauer and Hendricks. Yes they are monster contracts but you get what you pay for and right now the Twins are paying for crap.
  13. We understand Aichiman. I am beginning to feel that way too. The ownership of this team is not serious about winning much less building a dynasty or even a legitimate contender anymore. We were lied to about building Target Field for more revenue to bring in top Free Agents. Instead we still get guys like Happ, Shoemaker, Colome, Robles, Simmons, Garlick, Broxton? I'm sure I'm missing a few. The 2 significant signings of late have been Donaldson, (a big disappointment) and Cruz (is probably on his last season as he has really dropped off). I've seen enough of Dobnak. That contract is a total
  14. This team is toast. Biggest problem I see is they can't hit, pitch or play defense. How do you fix that? Complete over-haul. What did Puckett, Hrbek and Gaetti have that no one on the current Twins roster have. Leadership qualities. You can argue that Cruz has it but he's not a fixture in the Twins organization and is only there on a 1 year deal. Donaldson should be but again he's not a Twins original. It takes someone who started their career with the organization to emerge and take the reigns. Sano and Buxton come to mind but one is lost at the plate and doesn't know how to hit and the
  15. Wait for it..... Wait, Wait, it's coming..... there it is... the 8th and 9th inning. TaDa!
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