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  1. I don't think we'll see much change for next year in the lineup outside of SS. Garver and Jeffers are locks at C. I think Sano is cementing his position for 1B by having a good September which means Kirilloff will be in the OF when he comes back. Polanco needs/will stay at 2B. Donaldson and Arraez will platoon 3B. Kirilloff, Buck and Kepler will man the OF. Bench will be Rooker, Gordon, Turtle, Cave (groan). This is start of the season with possibly wholesale changes by the trading deadline depending on W/L record at that time, meaning they will be either buyers or sellers. I'm guessing they will be selling due to a weak season of pitching again. 2022 won't be much different than 2021.
  2. The main argument made in this article is that Pineda has become injury prone thus the Twins should not resign him. Use your crystal ball and tell me what pitcher they currently have or will sign that isn't going to have an injury. They could sign a top free agent pitcher for next season that has never been injured and the guy could blow his arm out the first game he pitches for the Twins. There are no guarantees. The current rotation stacks up as Ober, Jax, Ryan, and a combination of Pineda, Dobnak, Gant and any other arm that is still attached to someone's body. If this is the plan for 2022 and to take a look at Balazovic, Duran, Winder, during the 2022 season then they are looking to 2023 and beyond, which means there won't be any big moves this off-season but more of the same dumpster diving for live arms to patch a rotation for the season. The guys like Smeltzer, Thorpe, Albers, Barraclough have no value going forward. They need to stop looking back for old arms that aren't worth anything and start looking forward to the young talent they have.
  3. Simmons has a .221 batting average, was brought in for defensive purposes and has been able to play almost everyday. Kepler at .207 and Cave at .193 both with injuries that hurt the Twins, would have to be ranked higher than Simmons. Astudillo out hits them all with his blistering .249 average and ability to play multiple positions, although none of them exceptionally well. I'm willing to give the new guys a pass for now but not the 2 veterans listed above. Sano is not far behind.
  4. "The Twins shouldn't spend much on starting pitching this offseason". Are you sure you didn't mean to say, the Twins won't spend much on starting pitching this offseason?
  5. In spring training, most of the time those rookie pitchers are going to be pitching against rookie hitters. If you want to get a real feel for how they will do against major league talent you bring them up as September call ups. You've already been able to see what they are doing against other minor leaguers. If he get's his butt handed to him now then you know what you got, Right? I would suspect they know what they got with guys like Albers who's 35 years old. Might as well bring back Matt Shoemaker, Matt Capps and Bartolo Colon if you just want to eat innings with washed up pitchers and not learn anything about your future.
  6. Albers proved once again why you do not take on reclaimation projects. For as good as he was last outing he was just as terrible this time out. As for taking one for the team, if that was Baldelli's intentions he should be fired immediately. They had an off day on Thursday and he only used Garza out of the pen on Friday with only 8 pitches thrown. His entire bullpen including Garza should have been available to use. What is the point of using worthless pitchers that have no future with this club? Where are the other up and coming prospect pitchers we need to be taking a look at besides Joe Ryan? I get it that this season is over, but we should be evaluating all of the close prospect pitchers in the organization now, not using has-beens and washed up players that won't be a part of the future of this team. I don't understand this organization and their unwillingness to move on and away from worthless players.
  7. Not a Dobnak fan but I'll admit he pitched well after the 3rd inning. If we are going to blame Sano (defense) for a run then keep in mind that both Buxton and Kepler took hits away on great catches (defense) in the outfield or the score and Dob's performance might have been worse. Sorry, I just can't get excited about him pitching. He reminds me of any "flash in the pan" player who gets lucky with a few good games, then goes on to be an average to below average player that an organization just can't move on from based on those few games. Jake Cave is another one. Had 2 reasonably decent seasons in 2018 and 2019 as a part-time player and has been worthless ever since. Kepler and Sano aren't far behind. Teams don't win championships with a lot of mediocre players. That's where I put Dobnak and half of the current Twins team.
  8. #1. Ober looks to be a solid addition. #2. Free Agency will only work if you sign quality arms. No more Shoemakers or Happs. If ya don't spend here you might as well forget it. #3. Yes, trade where you have extras. Kepler, Sano, Donaldson, consider Arraez if the return is huge. #4. I'm ok with giving Pineda another year. He shouldn't be expensive and he slots in at #4 or #5 easy enough. #5. Seen enough of the Dobnak experiment. Move on please. #6. For heavens sake what are we waiting for. The pitching was atrocious and none of these guys were worth taking a look at before now? Let's see what we have before they die from old age.
  9. Gordon got thrown into the CF position due to necessity. Buxton, Kepler, Refsnyder and Cave were hurt. Celestino failed to produce. Even tho this happened due to emergency I liked him out there better than the last 4 listed. Is the Major leagues a place to be learning a new position? No, but sometimes stuff happens. I'd much rather see his bat in the lineup verses Cave. Sorry, I just have no love for a player that only hits .179 no matter how good his defense is, and I don't think it is any better than Gordons who will only get better the more he plays CF. Miranda has 4 things going against him at this point. 1.Donaldson, 2.Arraez, 3.The Saints are good and playing for a title, 4.The FO. It's all about service time. If the treatment of Buxton taught us anything is that they are willing to throw players under the bus for money. You can argue, why start the clock in a lost season? Why not bring up Miranda and see what you have? What about the young pitchers? Where's the likes of Balazovic, Winder, Duran, lets look at Ryan and Woods-Richardson. Are we still playing for this year or does the future start now? In another article I listed 19 players on the 40 man roster that the Twins could release due to being, 1.Easily replaceable. 2.Just not that good. 3.Veterans that don't fit even for a short rebuild of the roster. When half the team is expendable and you have talent waiting in the wings it only makes sense to see what they can do when the current team isn't very good. Other-wise they can have those prospects become the next Akil Baddoo and play elsewhere while they sit on their hands and wallets in wonder and bewilderment.
  10. Mauer was paid millions and how many Championships did he bring? ZER0. He brought fans to the park and helped the Pohlads recoup some of the millions they spent, Did he bring in enough to cover his contract? What is the goal? Making money or winning Championships? We can argue the Twins have a better chance of another WS title with Buxton verses without, but if he's always hurt, he becomes a very expensive part-time player that probably isn't going to make a difference in a quest for another ring. Can't recall a Championship team winning it all when their best player/s only play part-time. My biggest gripe about Buxton...... we are at the point of his career where he will become a Free Agent and he really hasn't even played a full season yet. How do you put a value on a player like that?
  11. I keep AK and the rest can walk. They bring nothing extra to the table that you can't find elsewhere. Others on the 40 man that will be gone or are expendable: Albers, Barnes, Barraclough, Colome, Coulombe, Duffey, Farrell, Gant, Garcia, Law, Minaya, Thorpe, Simmons, and Cave, That's 19 spots. Move on, move up, not sideways.
  12. I agree with Rosterman, It's not complicated. Pencil in Miranda at 3B. Donaldson to DH. Let Polanco, Simmons and Arraez shuffle duty at 2B and SS. Bigger question happens next year when you need to replace Simmons. Do you put Polanco back at SS so Arraez can play 2B full-time? Really think Arraez would make a really good 3Bman, I hate to say it but if Miranda is the man then Arraez may be the odd man out and could be good trade bait for a good arm for the rotation or the bullpen. With Austin Martin on the verge and Royce Lewis not far behind SS should be covered going forward. Hopefully Martin can jump in for 2022 if they don't end up moving Polanco back there.
  13. Putting the word "Legend" with Jake Cave isn't appropriate and makes me want to hurl chunks. He's the type of player that could leave anytime, (as proven by his missed playing time this year due to injury) and the team he'd be playing for wouldn't miss him.
  14. Had hoped he would continue his early tear and be the next big bat in the lineup. One thing I also noticed is that he is pretty much a dead pull hitter. Hope someone told him he should use his, now time in AAA, to also learn to hit to all fields. A single to left field is much more valuable than hitting a ground ball to the 2nd baseman who is playing in short right field.
  15. If this organization doesn't start developing #1 and #2 starters then all the #3, #4, #5 starters in the world won't make a difference unless the only goal is to close out a losing season like this one. It doesn't really matter if you have 3 of these guys or a whole stable full of them. They won't take you to the next level no matter how many of them you have.
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