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  1. Kudos to Bundy. Should have went 6 or 7 and quite possibly even more. Will never get the chance with the current Manager who's in love with his imploding bullpen. Offense is what it is, pathetic. Can't get more than 2 guys to hit in the same game when it counts. Archer for 4 innings today and 6 relievers. Use the get-away lineup today and rest Buxton, Correa and Arraez. Gotta stick to the "Plan".
  2. And lost in there is that up 3-0 in the seventh was a perfect time to get Fulmer back on the horse after a loss on Wednesday night. Using this ideology, you could argue that he should have all of his worst pitchers throw as soon as possible after losing a game or a poor performance. I wonder how many more games Pagan and Duffey would have been used in? Mahle is a workhorse. His stats show he is better third time thru the lineup than 2nd time thru. At 86 pitches, 1 more inning would have been Adell, Walsh and Stassi. who hadn't gotten a hit off of him previously. At the very least Rocco should have sent him out to start the 7th.
  3. Being as efficient as possible with your pitchers is very important, especially when you only have a limited number of bullpen guys you can count on over a 2 or 3 day span. Which is how it is. Saving even just 1 inning from your bullpen whenever possible should be important. Sure they were rested. But just like us, Rocco doesn't know what tomorrow or the next day will bring. Instead he chooses not to look/plan ahead and use pitchers, especially starters, to their fullest. That's probably the #1 reason why the bullpen has been in shambles this entire season. He had been relying on one of the teams weakest assets to carry them almost every game up to the trade deadline. That is poor managing. Now overusing the better assests he has in Fulmer, Duran and Lopez for the rest of the season, will also be poor managing.
  4. Yeah, nothing speaks like confidence knowing your Manager will let you pitch as long as you are capable of doing the job. All good pitchers get out of jams all the time. Issuing a leadoff walk followed by 2 outs and then a double and the 3rd out of the inning does not constitute struggling. It shows the ability to get out of trouble. Using 1 less pitcher from the bullpen when you had the chance NOT to, only makes the bullpen stronger the next couple days. His head would be in an even better place if his Manager showed the confidence in him to go 7 innings, not 6. So if the Saturday and Sunday games are close in the 7th, 8th and 9th innings and Fulmer, Duran and Lopez all get used again Saturday they likely won't be available for Sunday. If they end up losing Sunday because Rocco didn't have even 1 them available, remind me it wasn't Rocco's fault.
  5. Unfortunately Urshela is blocking Miranda. Although we really don't have a true 1st baseman anymore with the departure of Sano who really wasn't a 1st baseman either. Maybe the answer is to let Miranda just take over 1st, learn the position on the fly and keep/extend Urshela to play 3rd. If some of these guys could actually get regular playing time everyday at one position they could maybe, just maybe, become consistantly good at the one position.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Why try? Over at mlb.com/twins the headline is "Rocco sticks with Mahle". Yeah, for 1 whole inning more than the usual. He still only threw 86 pitches. No reason for him not to go out for the 7th. I can just imagine... the 6th inning must have felt like caffeine overload to Rocco, shaking in his boots, with the overwhelming feeling that he was going to soil his pants. I'm sure he couldn't bear the pressure to have him pitch the 7th inning.
  7. Baldelli, LaRussa or Francona. Which Manager would you put your money on to do what it takes to get his team to the Division title. My money is on Francona. Has anyone else noticed how bad the pitching has become after Wes Johnson left?
  8. I'm excited to see how many different lineups Rocco can come up with in the last 52 games. If anyone can do it 53 times, he can! How many times he'll bat Kepler in the cleanup spot and he won't get a hit. How many more times he'll rest Correa, Buxton or Arraez on the same day. Or how many games will Buxton miss because of his knee or play and still be unproductive. How many more times he'll play his worst players like Beckham at DH while Urshela sits the bench. How many more games will they lose because they can't bunt a player into scoring position. How many times will he fail to pinch run for a slow runner after a leadoff double in the late innings of a close game and they fail to score. How many strikeouts Jake Cave can accumulate before he gets sent back down to AAA. How many more games Pagan will blow before he is DFA'd. How many games will Archer pitch more than 4 innings. How many games behind Cleveland and Chicago will they finish by. Yes, I'm so excited for Rocco to continue to botch up chances to win. Maybe if we are all lucky, they'll miss the playoffs due to his "Plan" and it will be the last time we see him in a Twins uniform.
  9. When he is playing, running the bases or chasing a fly ball he doesn't appear to be in pain. No grimacing, no limping. Yes, he is being coddled, however if he isn't going to be productive he should just go on the IL and heal. Since the All-Star break he has been a liability, not an asset.
  10. In 3rd place. Team got off to a hot start but has settled into mediocrity. Both June and July were losing months and August has not changed that yet. Too bad a different picture couldn't have been used for this article since Sano is gone, Larnach is IL for probably the rest of the season and Buxton should be IL as well.. The only one in the picture doing anything anymore is Arraez. The picture should have Gordon, Miranda and the bat boy with Arraez.
  11. Listing 15 pitchers that will need to be on the 40 man roster next season, I think will create an opportunity, not a problem. Outside of the big 3 you list, I'm adding Maeda to Gray, Ryan, and Mahle. That leaves 11 guys to fill 1 spot. That also means that the Twins don't extend Bundy or Archer, both of them have options for 2023. Everyone else in my book becomes trade bait. Even with Gray, Ryan, Mahle and Maeda, there is significant room for improvement. I'd be making moves early in the off-season to get a return on 4 or 5 of these guys instead of taking a chance you lose them in the Rule 5 and get nothing.
  12. All 3 are correct but I think you should add the Manager as #4. Doesn't use his Starters efectively which causes him to overuse the bullpen. Sticks with an ineffective pitcher too long in high leverage situations like Colome last year and Duffey and Pagan this year. Refuses to play small ball when it could win a game. Rests his better players like he did with Correa and Buxton on Sunday, the same day, when they already have Monday and Thursday off this week. Puts non-productive hitters like Sano and Kepler in the middle of the lineup, which changes daily so there is no consistancy. Has had Buxton leading off and Arraez hitting behind him, which is the exact opposite of what it should be since Arraez gets on base and Buxton hits HR. Puts a player like Garlick in the lineup against lefty pitchers yet doesn't pinch hit for him when the other team brings in a righty from the bullpen. His inconsistancy is a reflection on the team and the way they play, inconsistant.
  13. There are a lot of variables in that play from Beckhams extra bunny hop to Sanchez initally setting up in foul territory then moving back into fair territory to Merrifield not sliding to the backside of the plate. First of all, Beckham shouldn't be playing in the outfield. If Rocco doesn't rest Correa, Gordon is probably in the outfield or he ends up being the pinch hitter for Cave, which would be a good move and then just stays in the game at LF. Seriously does Correa really need 3 days off this week? That's Stupid #1. Even with the way Rocco had his lineup, the better move would have been to move Gordon to the outfield and keep Correa in at SS with Beckham going back to the bench. Putting Beckham out there instead of Gordon was Stupid #2. Sanchez did what he was suppose to do. He moved out of foul territory and opened up the lane. After catching the ball he dropped to block the plate like he was suppose to. Merrifield could have slid towards the back of the plate but chose not to. In that situation he isn't going to know if the ball is on target, if Sanchez will catch it, or if it gets to home plate in time for Sanchez to make a play. Not sliding to the back of the plate was a mistake, I think he knew it and after he was called out he did the only thing left that he could do, ask for a replay. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. What player wouldn't do the same thing? As far as I'm concerned, that rule should be eliminated. If you have an opportunity to keep a run from scoring it shouldn't be taken away from you for any reason. I miss the days of seeing Pete Rose barrel over catchers to score a run. That was baseball!
  14. Lewis wasn't expected to be a main piece of the puzzle this year like Larnach and Kirilloff. That is why I didn't mention him.
  15. The loss of Kirilloff is devastating. Hope it doesn't derail his career. Also not very hopeful that Laranch will make it back this year. Losing 2 main pieces that were expected to make major contributions is tough to over-come. Kudos to Miranda for coming up big so far. If we had all 3 of them playing in combo with a productive and healthy Buxton and Jeffers alongside Polanco and Correa we'd have a good offensive machine. Do we have to say, "wait 'till next year" again?
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