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  1. Nothing surprising here with this FO. They value veterans that don't perform over rookies that do. This move proves it. It's comical they won't DFA a veteran player that doesn't produce, I am assuming, because they have millions of dollars tied up with that player, like a Sano, yet they pass over, send down, or just won't commit to a young player that does. If you DFA a player and play a different player that out-performs him isn't the cost still the same? Did Royce get a big raise when he came up to the majors and then get less money when he went back down? Don't think so. If it isn't about service time then they have a lot of explaining to do, since other players, (like Arraez, Gordon, Polonco, Sano) have learned or are learning different positions at the major league level. Lewis is more athletic than any of them but he's not qualified to do what they did or are doing? The comedy duo of Falvey and Levine have struck again. Should we say Buxton 2.0. Laughable!
  2. I find it quite ironic that an article like this comes out after the Twins win and the players performed making it look like Rocco made all the right moves. Would it have made the column if Gordon wouldn't have executed the bunt? Or Cano imploded? Or Duffey would have blown the 9th. How many times has Rocco asked anyone to bunt before last night? I don't remember one, but now he's a genius? How many times has he wasted a pitcher on any given night by having them throw 2 , 4 or 5 pitches and then goes to someone else the next inning? A Lot! Easy part of the schedule right now followed by a run against the best of the Eastern division. Well see how great Rocco is when his team plays against the best. So far he's hasn't looked any thing like a MOTY against the them, (Dodgers & Astros).
  3. So you are saying there are more Managers that don't know how to manage besides Rocco? Just because more than 1 person is doing something doesn't make it right!
  4. Twins win despite another short stint from a starter and Rocco mismanaging another game. Managers worth a hoot don't have a player leading the league in homeruns batting leadoff, they bat 3rd or 4th in the lineup so when they do go deep it might actually produce 2 or 3 runs instead of one. Then leaving Jax in to pitch as long as he did was another mistake. He was clearly gassed in the 7th, waits too long to replace him with Smith and then only uses Smith for 1 out on 4 pitches. Instead of using Smith to pitch the 8th as well he uses Duran in the 8th and Pagan in the 9th. Why use an extra pitcher in that situation when you can't get 5 innings from your starters on a consistant basis? Smith hadn't pitched since Sunday and he only threw 12 pitches then so he shouldn't have been tired. Rocco doesn't know how to use a bullpen.
  5. Do the Twins really think they can be contenders this year? The Dodgers and Astros have pretty much shown where they stand in that department. I too am getting tired of seeing Sanchez get an over-abundance of at bats in the DH role when there are other options. I'm fine with him catching every 3rd or 4th game but that's all he deserves at this point. Gordon, Arraez, and Celestino have been much more productive when given the chance to play yet Baldelli seems to find reasons to limit their playing time. With Lewis. Miranda and Arraez all able to play 3rd base, and I wouldn't count Gordon unable to play there either, they should be getting more playing time in the field also. I am all in favor of a total youth movement for this season. Why not give these youngsters the benefit if playing more in a season that will likely die in the playoffs anyway, if they get there, to the likes of the Astros and Yankees, so we know what we have for 2023 and beyond. I know no one wants to throw a season away in May or June but we have seen what this team can do against the power teams and that has been little to nothing. Let's give the young kids a chance to prove themselves instead of wasting another season playing guys that continually struggle or under-perform like Sanchez, Urshela, Sano, Kepler.
  6. I suspect the only reason why he was brought up was because Luis Arraez got sidelined due to Covid. He needs to go back down to AAA and stay there until he gets his groove back, if it is possible. If not, his days of playing professional baseball are numbered. I definitely hope that is NOT the case.
  7. It will be interesting to see how Lewis does. I hope for the best. If he takes off with a great start both offensively and defensively does anyone else besides me then consider signing Correa a $35M mistake? That money could've been used to sign an Ace pitcher. Correa hasn't exactly been raking it so far this season and might actually have just been starting to get where we were hoping he'd be from the start. A hot start by Lewis could make everyone not miss Correa and make Falvine wonder why they did what they did and spent what they did for Correa. Garver with Jeffers behind the plate with Donaldson at 3B and Lewis at SS might have been better with an Ace in the rotation.
  8. You can hang this loss on the coaches. Having 2 runners thrown out at home is strickly a 3rdbase coach problem. Also, why was Thielbar the choice to pitch in the 5th inning when the first batter (Mateo) is a right-handed batter, the only lefty he was going to face was Mullins. Wouldn't Joe Smith have been a better choice? Even using Duran I go to Smith instead if I haven't used him already. What about Pagan? He had 2 days off like Smith verses Thielbar at 1 day off. The starters also need to start pitching into the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings. These 4 inning stints are not going to work long-term. We are a month into the season. If the starters are not stretched out enough to start throwing 90 pitches or more by now then something is wrong with their conditioning.
  9. The Twins need to move away from the bomba squad mentality and take good hitting players and let them be good hitting players instead of trying to make every one of them Sano type strikeout/homerun machines. Maybe thse young players would make it to the majors a lot faster if the Twins wouldn't try to make them into something they aren't. Larnach is a great example. Last year he was trying to pull everything to right-field and into the seats. Who's idea was that? This year he is spraying the ball all over and hitting .300 and helping the team win. Let Martin be a hitter, not a homer,
  10. Extremely disappointed in Bally Sports coverage of Twins games so far this season on my local broadcast network. The Guide shows that the Twins game is scheduled to be broadcast only to find other programming instead. I will not pay additional fees to watch Twins games in addition to my local network fees. I am sure my local network, supplying the Bally Sports channels is paying their fair share to have them available to their customers. Now it feels like we are being targeted for more fees just to get what we already are paying for. The Twins organization needs to take a long hard look at this. Alienate your fan base and your customers and they will go elsewhere.
  11. Twins are 2-5 against teams with a winning record and 9-4 against teams with a losing record. So they can beat the bad teams but can't beat the good teams which means they will finish somewhere around .500 unless they get better. Can't blame Bundy since everyone knows he is going to have games like this. He isn't an Ace and won't pitch like one every time out. The offense needs to get better and be more consistant or every time they face a Kershaw or a Kluber type pitcher this team will lose.
  12. "If Kepler can adjust his launch angle slightly, he may see better results that correspond to his increase in average exit velocity. " If Kepler can adjust his launch angle slightly, he can go back to hitting weak popups.
  13. Talk about bad luck. If the Tigers would have had a good rightfielder in the game Sano's hit would have been another out and the Twins lose. Bad luck for the Tigers. We've seen Robbie Grossman play defense and he doesn't belong on the field. All of the numbers you throw out about exit velocity and hard hit rate only mean to me that he is the same ol' Sano and won't ever be a good hitter except for those 2 or 3 weeks when he finds a good luck streak and can raise his batting average to .190. Are we to expect Sano to get off to a good start, ever? Do the games in April mean nothing? He has struck out in his career at a rate higher than anyone ever has in the history of the game. I've watched him so many times swing at pitches he shouldn't and watch pitches go by that he should swing at that I can't stand to watch him bat anymore. His approach at the plate is almost exactly opposite of what it should be. Let's face the facts, he's always been an average to poor hitter regardless of how hard he hits the ball and that is what he is. If he hasn't changed by now he never will. I say good riddance and the sooner the better.
  14. How do you put a value on rest verses consistant playing time? Would the players benefit more from playing every day and getting consistant at bats to get their timing down by seeing more pitches? Having fresh players at the end of the season has done nothing for their post season games. With all the rest they have been getting have the injuries went away? As a Manager you should establish a starting lineup and stick with it every day with only 2 exceptions... 1. Injury and, 2. If a player tells you he needs a day off. The manager doesn't know how tired you are, only you do. If you have a guy that can't hit a lefty pitcher or a righty pitcher and you need to platoon them then they should be replaced entirely or on the bench. I understand there is more than just playing the game each day but c'mon, the games last roughly 3 hours and most of the time these guys are standing on the field waiting for the ball to be put in play or sitting on the bench waiting to get up to bat. I've worked 8-5 jobs that would put most of these guys in a wheelchair if they are getting tired playing ball. For being superb atheletes these guys are wimps if they can't play every day. It's not like they don't have scheduled off days for rest.
  15. Let's just say the Twins got lucky. Rocco was proud of the way his team played. Despite his efforts to blow the game, yes they managed to take the win due to the Sox handing it to them yet almost taking it back in the 9th. Why was Larnach lifted for Garlick when he is one of the few actually hitting the ball? Why do you trust Duffey to pitch in a game this close after his last performances when you had at least 3 other options? Where was the next pitcher in the 9th to relieve Pagan if he got in trouble? Rocco was going to stick with him no matter how it turned out. There was no Plan B in the 9th or we would have seen it or can't Rocco make a pitching change anymore in the middle of an inning? I'll give credit to Pagan for not giving in and to the Ump for making the correct call on a close pitch for strike 3 to end the game. But overall it was another dismal performance by the offense. How many games is this team going to win 1-0 or 2-1? Not many.
  16. Rocco's brilliance or lack thereof was on display again last night. The offense continues to sputter and he has his best hitter (Arraez) sitting of the bench. I guess a .414 batting average at Kauffman stadium isn't good enough to warrant playing time there. For someone who is so into analytics how can you make the decision not to have him in the starting lineup? If righty verses lefty matchups is the only deciding factor he uses when he makes out the lineup card he is worthless. He's all about creating favorable matchups alright, even if it means benching your best players for guys that can't hit. I'm not sure how much more of his ineptness I can handle. This is bad with no end in sight.
  17. Is that why he brought Theilbar in to face Hernandez and Boegarts, two good right-handed hitters the other day against Boston? IMO that is not creating a matchup that favors Theilbar.
  18. Rocco is going to use a veteran who is bad in a high leverage situation over a young arm that is good time after time. He showed it last year with Alex Colome to the point it single handedly probably cost the Twins the season. This year he is doing it with Tyler Dudfey. I know spring training was short. I know Rogers got traded at the start of the season but Rocco doesn't have a feel for the game. Last nights game is a very good example. Joe Smith whos' been very good so far threw 2 pitches and gets pulled for Dudfey who's been terrible. Makes no sense. Also, I always hear the praise of Wes Johnson and how he can get the most out of these pitchers that were once stars and need to turn themselves around after the Twins sign them when no one else wants them. Why not sign good pitchers to start with and have Wes make them even better instead of signing crap pitchers and have Wes try to make them average?
  19. Arraez a 1B is a miracle. Sano not in the lineup is a miracle. 9 hits from this lineup is a miracle. Only 5 strikeouts from this team is a miracle. The starting pitcher going 4 and a third is not a surprise. The Coaches making mistakes is not a surprise. The Manager using one of his current best relief pitchers for 2 pitches and one of his worst relief pitchers for an entire blowup inning is not a surprise. Batting Kepler who is one of the worst hitters 4th and putting Urshela who is one of the hottest hitters 6th is not a surprise. Pulling Gordon for Garlick shows the Manager has no feel for the game but strickly makes every move based on analytics. If the Bomba squad doesn't reappear and the Twins end up needing to win based on Rocco's decisions they are doomed.
  20. I don't see a post by you 'goulik" before my response to jmlease1, which is who I was responding too. Are you both the same person? Anywho, if you would bring up Lewis and Miranda and they would out-perform both Sano and Kepler and Sano and Kepler would then ride the bench filling spots now being taken by Celestino and Garlick, would that cost the Twins more money? No. Would it possibly give them a chance to improve their lineup? Yes. Will they do it? No, And I already explained why. If you have no problem waiting for prospects then it explains why you have no problem watching 2 veterans help flush another season down the toilet because that is what happened last year. The time to try new toys is when the old toys don't work. That time is now.
  21. To continue to trot out players that don't perform and contribute to a teams success is stupidity. Good teams don't do that. Playing Sano an entire season to hopefully get 1 good month out of him is stupidity. To play Kepler for defensive purposes even though he hits an occasional homerun that might win 3 or 4 games for you in an entire season when he plays one of the easiest positions to fill, outfield, is stupidity. No one is asking for a $35M Correa type player to replace these 2. Finding 2 guys that hit better than both shouldn't be and quite frankly isn't that difficult. The team already has options particularly in Lewis and Miranda, which I pointed out but they will keep them in AAA solely because of the money they are paying Sano and Kepler. I'd much rather see 2 new youngsters struggling at the plate than 2 veterans who've already proven they can't hit on a regular basis. Continuing to play them and having them block playing time for new, possibly better players and have them cost you wins at the same time is stupidity.
  22. Was going to point out that 3 guys had 7 of the 9 hits today. Half of the lineup went 0-fer again. When the 3 or 4 guys in the lineup that can hit don't, there isn't much hope for a win on those days. We've already seen that. Yeah, keep playing Garlick over Kepler. That eliminates 1 worthless bat.
  23. I was calling for their removal last season. Ther are marginally better than Jake Cave who was also kept in the organization for no reason
  24. If you keep em and play em and lose, verses you cut em and pay em and win with other players which is more productive? Just because you are paying them millions does that mean they play no matter how bad they are? How many games you lose because they can't hit and be productive pieces of your lineup? Evidently if you are Twins management that is what you do. There comes a time when you must cut bait and run and when it comes to Sano and Kepler they missed the boat.
  25. The Twins play like their Manager acts.... complacent, uninspired, unsure, asleep, excuseful. This teams needs someone to light a fire under 'em and unfortunately Rocco isn't the man for the job. Why is it the team they are playing doesn't use the excuse that it is cold for their pathetic offensive production? The last time I looked they were playing in the same stadium as the Twins when they play each other. Could it be most of these players just can't hit? Or maybe it's time to fired the two hitting coaches, Rudy Hernandez and Dave Popken. They surely don't appear to be helping anyone.
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