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  1. Don't understand the love for aging veterans clearly showing decline in their game. You list multiple reasons why the Twins should stay away from a guy like Abreu. His career BA is .311 yet in 2022 he hit .268. Both of his OBP and SLG% are also clearly dropping off. His 15 HR are a career low and RBI's 2nd lowest. He is a defensive liability. I guess if you want more unproductive hitters that can't play defense then he'd be a perfect fit. I'd rather they kept Urshela and used a Miranda, Arraez, Urshela rotation for 1B,3B,DH than bring in another washed up veteran, which is what they've been doing with the rotation. How well has that worked out?
  2. Just looking, I would guess your numbers are not correct. No way is Arraez that high and Kepler that low unless all of Kepler's weak grounders to 2nd base and Arraez's line drive base hits to right skew the numbers.
  3. Well, they have been trusting Buxton to be their centerfielder and he's only given them 1 full season in 8 years so what more do they have to lose?
  4. Would much rather have a Gordon in the lineup than a Kepler. In 2022 Gordon hit .272, Kepler .227. Both got about the same number of at bats, both hit 9 HR. Gordon had 50 RBI to Keplers 43. Gordon is getting what? League minimum? and Kepler $8.5M with a $1M buyout for next year so figure $9.5M. I doubt they will extend him for $10M in 2024. The shift won't help Kepler. The 2nd baseman can still play in the hole to the edge of the grass which is where he hits it 90% of the time.
  5. If you don't pay for a "front of the rotation starter" you can still be over-paying for the other guys as well. Would you agree that the Twins over-paid for Maeda in 2022? How about Shoemaker? Was he an over-pay? I'd rather they over-pay for a guy like Rodon than the typical bottom feeders like they have been signing. At least with a "front of the rotation starter" like Rodon there is a chance that he will be just that. a front of the rotation starter. Over-paying for guys like Shoemaker, Archer and so on will never get you anywhere. Give me "the chance", not the "what's left".
  6. So Doc you believe that Rodon could be very effective if the Twins use him for short outings verses going for complete games. What are they waiting for then? He fits their mold perfectly. 5 innings and boom you're outta the game. No reason to use another effective inning or two if it's there. Just throw it away and exhaust the arms in the bullpen. We all know how good that works. As for taking a "chance" on him are the washed up veterans the Twins have signed lately been the answer? I'd rather they over-pay a bit for a Rodon than see a Shoemaker, Happ, Bundy, Archer prototype again. And why is it OK to over-pay for a Correa but it's not OK for a pitcher? So what if it takes 5 years at $160M. That's less burn than what the Twins would feel with a Correa contract and have his salary drag in the last years of an 8, 9 or 10 year contract.
  7. First the FO needs to decide if he's going to be their 1B going forward. Consensus here seems to indicate that he can't play anywhere else in the field so it's either 1B or DH. Second, the Manager needs to decide where he is going to have him hit in the lineup. Sometimes it's leadoff, sometimes it's 2nd, sometimes it's 6th or 7th or who the hell knows? It makes no sense not to have him batting 1st or 2nd regardless of the matchup. He's the best hitter on the team. Put him in a spot and leave him there.... ALL SEASON. As for his knees, Was it really his knees in 2022? He had hamstring issues towards the end of the season. Don't think his knees were bothering him. If he is only valuable if he's hitting .330+ but is considered average at .300 then there are a buttload of guys in the majors getting paid a lot more than him hitting less than .240 that should be considered worthless.... aka Kepler. Is it time to extend Arraez? Only if the plan is to use him at 1B long-term. If it isn't then I don't do it. If Kirilloff doesn't come back healthy, (who was going to be the 1B post Sano) then the decision might be easy. If Kirilloff does come back healthy then Arraez maybe becomes a trade piece with his value being at its highest.
  8. Maybe Urshela was a salary dump, maybe he wasn't. One thing is clear, if the Twins want Arraez getting the majority of at bats at 1B then they needed to find a place for Miranda and Urshela was blocking him there. 1B wasn't Miranda's natural position to begin with. Farmer fills a hole. Miranda now fills a hole. Arraez now has his hole to himself. Polanco can stay at 2B. Gordon can stay in the OF or be emergency infielder. Farmer is emergency catcher. If Lewis or Lee or Martin make it this year, great! Push Farmer, push Miranda, push Kepler outta here if he's still here. Use money saved for an ACE and another shutdown arm in the pen. make the entire team better, not just one position, shortstop.
  9. It's amazing how quickly some people think a player can go from being an intregal part of a roster to a liability. Last off-season everyone was clamoring that Miranda should have been a September callup and it was terrible that he didn't get an opportunity until 2022. Now after a very successful rookie season he's a 1 hit wonder and he'll never amount to a hill of beans. Pitchers have him figured out and he's toast. Geeze guys.... give the guy a chance to prove himself. How many rookies play their 1st season in the majors at a position they very rarely played in the minors and still produce like he did? Maybe with the defensive adjustments he had to make and LEARN was one of the reasons he started to struggle a bit at the plate. Maybe concentrating on defense can cause someone to lose a little bit of focus offensively. The majors is a big step no matter what. A lot of players can't make it much less do it at a different position they probably aren't confortable with. I for one am glad Urshela was traded. Now he can play where he is accustomed to playing and should be even better.
  10. Seriously he's an upgrade over using someone like Kyle Garlick but at a much higher cost. It just depends on what the FO is willing to spend for the insurance he would provide to backup the regulars that belong on the field before him.
  11. I'm sure he was just getting tired from the long grind of a major league season. Starting next year Rocco will have him down for regularly schedule off days at the same time Buxton, Arraez and Polanco are also on the bench "resting" and we can watch the scrubs lose meaningful games.
  12. His salary for 2022 was $7.5M and he hit .239 for the season. Kepler hit .227 and is scheduled to make $8.5M in 2023. That's not much of an upgrade. I don't see this FO acquiring him unless he is about half the price of Kepler. Which would be similar to the move they made by trading Urshela and getting Farmer.
  13. There is a lot of irony in this. I've always complained about the Twins getting players that other teams DON'T want. Isn't that why they end up taking the leftovers? Anywho, this is a bad decision and we can only hope they see some trade value in Pagan and he's packaged with Kepler for a better than average player in return.
  14. I will agree to disagree. It is waaaayyy past time to move Kepler so yes you are in MY minority anyway. Unless you want 2023 to be another stepping stone to pushing the window another year down the road there is no reason to keep him. 2 reasons... #1. He's had the last 3 years to prove himself and he's failed. I'm tired of giving him chances. We don't need another Sano that we keep around for 2 or 3 weeks of production while he founders the rest of the year. #2, If Kepler is "on the bench" as you suggest as a 4th outfielder 'for defensive purposes" that is too much of a temptation for Mr. Analytic Rocco to use him every game against a right-handed pitcher instead of as the 4th outfielder. You know and I know, Rocco won't use him the way you want him to be used. All Kepler will have to do is hit a HR or drive in a couple runs and Rocco will have him in the lineup for 2 weeks straight even if he doesn't get a hit for the next 12 games. I also don't trade Larnach. He's the future and could very well be the hitter that you hope Kepler would have been. Why do you give Kepler another chance but throw in the towel on Larnach? Doesn't make sense. Using your idea as Larnach as the centerpiece for a Lopez or Woodruff would require at least 1 or 2 more types of centerpieces that they can't afford to keep trading away. I get the trade value thing, but I think it's time for the Twins to quit trading away their best young players when they can fill those holes in Free Agency with just money.
  15. Not a bad move. Essentially you are replacing Urshela, a 3rd baseman with Farmer, a shortstop when you have depth at 3B in Miranda but not at SS. And it is the "Twins way" when they can get another player for half the cost of what they had. Now use that added savings and go get Rodon and Contreras.
  16. I'd pass. Anyone who thinks a career .240 hitter (Renfro) is significantly better than a career .232 hitter (Kepler) with both having nearly identical OBP just because he's right-handed needs to reevaluate their priorities.
  17. Thanks for the article about a player that is worthy of space here. Everyone complains that the Twins don't have an Ace. Rodon is the closest thing to an Ace they are going to have the chance at this year without trading away more of the future. From what I can see it boils down to which do the Twins need more? A shortstop or an Ace? Which leads to the question of how many World Series are won by teams without an Ace? Or without a top shortstop? You really don't have to look too far back in history to find the answer. And if you only want to look at the Twins history of their 2 Championships how did they do it? Was it because of Frank Viola and Jack Morris or was Greg Gagne the difference maker?
  18. I look to improve in other areas. I sign a stopgap Iglesias for 1 or 2 years until Lewis or Lee can take over and then add a Rodon, Contreras and right-handed hitting outfielder after I trade Kepler for a bag of peanuts.
  19. Sure, sign him. He is an aging veteran with declining skills and is losing his eye-sight. A perfect addition from the dumpster.
  20. YES, ABSOLUTELY! We need more guys in the lineup who swing for the fences, seldomly making contact and hitting below the mendoza line. Is there anyone else who you guys will write about, that absolutely makes NO sense to add to this team? He is a left-handed version of SaNO.
  21. This only reflects their past mistakes. If you can sign a player that falls into your lap late in the game and he is your best player then what have you done up to that point in previous years? NOTHING! That alone is an embarassment.
  22. Haniger could be another part-timer with with injuries. Martinez is becoming that washed up veteran and Drury could take at bats away from the main guys in the lineup that should be playing every day. Really? And, if they are all still there late in the Free Agent signing period that tells me that no one else wants them, so of course they would fit perfectly on the Twins roster. Seriously, the Twins have to stop with eating the left-overs on the Friday after Thanksgiving and start feasting on Turkey Day.
  23. This tells me that the Twins value a part-time specialist type player over a prospect that they could protect from the rule 5 draft. Having a player like Garlick take a spot on the 40 man roster will possibly cost a prospect as well. I guess the Twins aren't serious about making improvements to the team. If he would be used ONLY as a pinch hitter against a lefty pitcher late in a game I would have no problem but the Twins have a Manager that will still let him bat against a righty. Saw it many times last year where he started against a lefty and Rocco let him bat when the opposing team brought in a righty later in the game. Mr. Analytic Rocco uses his analytics when he wants and then also refuses to use analytics when he needs to.
  24. A player with a ton of talent that couldn't adjust. Can't say how many times I heard others make the remark that if he wouldn't swing so hard at every pitch and would just concentrate on making contact he'd become a much better hitter. Don't know for sure but wonder if the Twins wanted him or enticed him to be an all or nothing type of hitter. My guess is he'll get picked up by some other team and mash 40+ HR's for them. Even so, I don't want to see him in the Twins lineup anymore. Now they just need to get rid of the other two failures in Kepler and Buxton. If Sano was hole #1 in the lineup then Kepler is hole #2. I know I will catch some crap for this but Buxton can't stay on the field and this past year has become an all or nothing type of hitter just like Sano was. All 3 are/were over-rated IMO.
  25. I will pass on Correa and give one to each Rodon and Contreras if they sign with the Twins. Correa money will just be better spent elsewhere.
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