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  1. Already gone. The Astros have more depth and money if he doesn't work out. But going to a team like that he will probably perform better. They don't accept anything but the best. Don't think the Twins can work like that since they have no PROVEN depth at all.
  2. Typical Twin's signing. Hope he can find the magic again and if nothing else he could be a team leader. GRRRR from me.
  3. Not negative at all. It is Twins reality. We got Correa for one crappy season. Nelson Cruz and Donaldson were also short lived. They get a decent to good player but never great and the good ones are just to sell some tickets for the upcoming season, never long term!
  4. Waste of brain cells. We never go in for a really good player. Twins are yet to be part of any of the Trade Rumors on MLB.com We will wait until the dumpster is full and sift through that.
  5. Most are so inexpensive but definitely would let them all go but Urshela and Arraez. IMO the rest are hope and prayer players, been there done that!
  6. Last thing we need are unhealthy/easily injured players. We are WS winners in that category. But it would be nice to have a HR DH. No idea where Twins HR's will come from next season.
  7. The Twins are not mentioned in any of the MLB Rumors section. Sean Murphy looks like a catcher we could use among many pitchers.
  8. Does anyone else feel like we are on the outside looking in at the beginning and get the left overs later? Like we watch and watch right now and there will be some lame “we tried” excuse in a few weeks.
  9. I think Sano will be picked up right away. Bet he is thrilled to get out of the Twins organization.
  10. They need a new everything strategy.   WS is fun to watch but super depressing at the same time.  Houston was able to both sign good players and make them great!  Twins have maybe 2 players in that category one being Correa who is all but gone and Buxton who the current training staff is unable to keep healthy.  The Twins look like a little league team compared to Houston.  

    1. mikelink45


      I loved the way Houston played.  I also like Dusty Baker letting them play.  Rob Thompson made a Rocco mistake pulling Wheeler because there were runners on base.

      But you are right, Houston signs and develops its players.  Look at the turnover since 2017.  Springer and Correa were thought to be cornerstones, but Houston was ready with the next great players and their pitching staff is built to have great starters go deep for great relievers. 

      We want to use 3 -4 RP per game, but we do not have that many good ones and it burns out the staff. 

  11. Is that what helped Presley go from sub par here to a great closer with Houston. Glad to see him close out the WS and get a ring after all the guff he got here.
  12. Fun article. So wish we had a FO that knew how to build a WS caliber team. They throw us a bone occasionally but those bones stay with the team a year or two (Correa, NCruz, Donaldson). https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34902054/world-series-2022-houston-astros-shortstop-jeremy-pena?platform=amp
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