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  1. Shoemaker? Really? I actually saw Rocco's face/demeanor while he was pitching? Did he give up an HR on the very first batter? If so I would have yanked him out by the hair. When is enough is enough of Shoemaker? Sorry to be so mean but I am not great with stats and numbers so I could be dead wrong.
  2. Do they need to overhaul the medical/training staff?
  3. I would go with no development. They keep them in the minors far too long while dumpster diving hoping for a miracle.
  4. Bring up they new players and let the underachievers play for their spot in the lineup.
  5. I agree. They are LOSERS even when they win the ALC and go one and done in the play-offs. I would consider them winners if and only if they won the League and played in the WS. The time they won the one game playoff made the season look like a success and all they got was another game.
  6. How come so many hamstring and groin injuries? I don't know the cause or what could be done to decrease the chances of these happening. Are they just a bunch of softies? Many demanding sports have strength and conditioning regimes to prevent injuries. It is hard to compare sports and different areas of chronic injury. I would have to go with partial blame going to the training staff. Hard to bench anyone right now but many times I used to wonder why they kept trotting B Dozier out when he was in one of his long slumps. If they had to play for their spot the under achievers my up their g
  7. No timetable for Burton’s return. Last week it was said he would be back as soon as this upcoming week.
  8. I am ready to get blasted so have at it. I am starting to care less and less about the Twins. I don't make it a point to be home or even watch when I am. Heck I just realized they have probably started today. I am not a wizard of statistics. I get ERA, Avg, RBI's and HRs but the rest I don't care about. I was a huge Twins fan. Heck I used to go to games by myself at the Metrodome. I could get a good seat for a good price. Been to Target field ONCE where I actually paid for the tickets because I like baseball and was not there for the Target field experience. The prices are so inflat
  9. We have had many players set to be stars, don't live up to the Twins expectations get traded and end up being much better on their new team. I don't think it would hurt his value as a player and most teams would love to have him. It could hurt him $$$ wise but like I said I do not think it is all about money for all players.
  10. We have had this same conversation almost every year since the 1990's. Every year hoping they are retooling or rebuilding. Yes we have a couple of AL Central League titles but that is it. No playoff wins to me makes negates that tile.
  11. This is one of the harder players to keep or part with. With the way the season is going and the past 20 years, MY feeling is the Twins will never ever ever be a contender. I would guess players like Berrios would prefer to get traded and with the history we have seen will improve on a different team. I don't like to think that players would play at a level to get traded, but with all his talent I wonder how he feels about spending the next 2 prime years of his career being on a team that will never be a contender. I don't think for many players it is all about money. They probably dream
  12. I said this a while back and got "scolded". I would trade him now mostly to get something in return while we can. Secondly he most likely wants a team where he has a chance to go deep into the playoffs and that is why he is not signing any type of extension. I really like him and want the best for him and after 30 years w/o a WS appearance combined with every thing else, this team will never be the contender we were asked to believe in when they so badly needed Target field to be contenders. How many years are they into Target now and how many playoff games have they won? Sorry but I am ne
  13. All the players we counted on except for Cruz has "disappeared" Sano, Donaldson, Buxton, Kepler and Mehata were heavily counted on and have failed miserably. Not sure which one is the most pathetic. Kepler looks miserable. I think it was late game yesterday when he hit into a double play, while I was super mad at the time the look on his face was blank. I still hold out hope for Sano to be just like Cruz and am about to give up on EVER getting a full season of Buxton. IMO we haven't had a dependable BP for many years. All the numbers I see hurt my head I just want our "stars" to play li
  14. I love him! You can see the joy of playing major league baseball in everything he does. I also think he is a good player that many teams would love to have because of his flexibility in positions! Many fans tune in to see certain players. Mine are Berrios, Sano, Astudillo and Cruz. Buxton is also exciting but so frustraing at the same time.
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