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  1. I love his work ethic, is never injured and consistently pitches 7 innings. He is amazing for the most part. Glad his team believes in him. Toronto's W/L record is very good when he starts.
  2. No Buxton on one of the biggest games of the year? Ridiculous!
  3. Sounds good. Just need to acquire at least one more very good starter no matter what the cost. As well as keeping Correa no matter the cost. I don't even know how to attempt to get a better bullpen.
  4. But they still had the lead and he should have been given the opportunity to get out of the mess. Pulling your "#1" to go to the Twins BP is a fatal error in a game they could have easily won!
  5. So why does his name coming up so often in trade situations? How long do we have before we lose him because his big pay day is coming up?
  6. I guess the new fangled baseball isn't for old time fans who loved to see the same players everyday and also not really a fan of how soft they are becoming Soft so they can extend their careers or so the owners get their money's worth. Give me Mickey Mantel and Roger Maris any day!
  7. This made me laugh "shown an inclination to spend" They may show it but rarely do it. Their inclination is to go dumpster diving and hope and pray.
  8. They have the $$$ to get a player w/o trading anyone. They also should have the $$$ to make Correa an offer he can't resist even if they overpay for now. Sick and tired of them getting rid of players I enjoy watching.
  9. Stop with the trading and focus on keeping Correa and "buy" a #1-2 starter. With the money they saved by throwing away Berrios they can afford both and more. I don't have much excitement about Martin and Richardson. Both doing just okay if that in AA. Part of it is the wait and the other part is we are always waiting on prospects. Few have lived up to their ranking and usually shipped off before they are due to be paid. We have been waiting on prospects since 2010, Buxton is the only one that paid off. I still have a little faith in Sano but would like to see him go to a team that could help him and value him.
  10. How about give Kirloff the position he will spend his career? What the heck are they waiting for? We do this time and time again. Keep our top draft pics in the minors for as long as possible. Will they ever see a healthy Royce Lewis seems like that isn't going to happen. I follow most games and frankly have no idea where we see this team going. Buxton: New DH or Center Fielder? Who is our DH, why didn't they replace Nelson Cruz with a good strong DH? Correa: SS for this year and then who? What is Kirloff's planned long term position? Who else is here to stay Kepler, Polanco? Miranda is a 2nd baseman so why is he at first. Shouldn't we start to see some stability soon? Let's be done with the "journey men" and get our real team on the field and in their real position!
  11. Thanks for sharing very good info. When I see journey man it is frustrating that the Twins so down that path so oftn.
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