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  1. 1. Medical staff? 2. Waiting too long to bring players up. Seems at least with pitchers they have already or now have injuries? I don't know if it would help without a good medical staff. 3. Berrios leaving is going to have a long term effect.
  2. It really does matter to Toronto! He is in the top for most categories and #1 in inning pitched for the AL! He is #5 in ERA.
  3. To me he is the kind of pitcher we have been waiting on for 10 years and a pitcher the Twins either can't "afford" or can get to come to MN. When will we see another Berrios type of pitcher? His work ethic off season is great and he doesn't seem to be out for month's at a time with a bruised finger.
  4. Someone above mentioned less than 6 innings per start so that is what got me going on Baldelli pulling him to soon.
  5. To the Berrios "dislikers",,,, The Twins are so loaded with pitching they don't need a pitcher who who gives up a total of 4 hits over 6 innings right? Glad he is on a team where his team and fans appreciate what he does. He got a standing O in Toronto today and was the winning pitcher.
  6. How much of that was on Baldelli not letting him go longer or pitch his way out of jam?
  7. I know stats are important and the people on this board are crazy good at understanding stats. I am more the average fan who enjoys the players more than their stats. Berrios is so intense and such a hard worker I think staying with the Twins probably wasn't in his best interest because he needs to be on a competitive team. I love when Austidillo plays because he isn't bad and his love of the game is pure and you can see that on the field and it was one a few bright spots this season. Buxton is pretty good with the potential to be amazing (I think this could be his last season as a Twin), Donaldson and Sano bring the hopes of HR's and it is exciting. I wish we had Cruz as our DH, Rosario in CF, Polanco at 2nd and Escobar at SS. That would be a fun team to watch on an everyday consistent basis. I don't like all the mix and match and never knowing who is playing. We will need to start bringing up the youngsters to fill in for those who have left or leave. Kepler is like watching paint dry but I don't know what he does for the team overall except for the on stat I get and that is average. Kind of got off on a rant, I miss Escobar, Rosario, Cruz an Berrios. Missed Hunter horribly too.
  8. Austidillo! Give him consistent playing time. Bench Kepler and let Willians play. He has better numbers and gives off good positive energy whenever and where ever he play. 200 less at bats then Kepler and only 10 fewer HRs.
  9. Is there something wrong with the Twins trainers/medical staff? Seems by the time our Twins pitchers get to the MLB they are already to the point of minor/major injuries. Are they not in shape? Is pitching that grueling that you would easily get an abdominal strain or a bruised finger?
  10. MABB1959

    Saddest sports city

    All out Champions would be 1991 and the Twins right?
  11. They may have won the Division but did not win a play-off game. What's the fun in that. You could also argue the Central division is an easier Division. I was expecting them to easily win this year. FO bringing in Shoemaker and Happ were critical errors. Losing Berrios and potentially losing Buxton would be another reason.
  12. I hope so. I want to see Berrios pitch and win the the playoffs. If they get to play Tampa Bay want to see him pitch to Cruz. Haven't been this excited about a Twins game all year!
  13. Guess who this is: "The statistics provide proof that he was one of the most consistent players from his or any other era of the game. He only missed significant time due to injury twice, and he amassed 200 or more hits eight times."
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