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  1. When I saw the headline, I was curious that you could find 5 good things. I would give them one and that is Buxton. Nelson Cruz twice? Plus the fact he is no longer here? I see we got some prospects for Nelson but not sure they can be graded for a year. Pineda (hasn't played much). Polonco is a good player. But resigning him is a stretch for a great move. I think 5 is a stretch and the only thing to stay positive are how will the players we got for Nelson Cruz pan out?
  2. Okay, this may be the dumbest question ever and keep in mind I am not into statistics. I don't see that we have done well acquiring players by statistics. That is just me and probably not many on this board. Okay for my dumb question.....we had Berrios and now he is gone. Now we are looking for pitchers that may not even come close to what he brought or could have brought to this team. Why don't we keep the players we need? We let them go as soon as they are ready and then either start dumpster diving (hope/pray for one more good season) or we just go without. It makes no sense at all when we have a player the caliber of Berrios (and a few others) and let him go only to not be able to come close to replacing him. I could see letting him go if we had 3-4 #1 starters but we let him go for "maybes" Doesn't anyone else get tired of waiting for maybes and then sending them packing when they get to be somebodies? I want a good team but just as important a consistent team. I want Berrios, Eddie-Eddie-Eddie, Cruz, Escobar, Hicks and others back. Those were the ones we waited a long time to get here and as soon as they have a decent or on the brink of a decent season they are gone. They are extremely patient with Kepler and a few others but let the better players go.
  3. I don't remember seeing much of the players you mentioned. Maeda (injured), Theilbar did he actually pitch for a different team? Wisler (non-tendered) was he that good? Odorizzi 6.59 ERA last year with the Twins. If he was so good why did they trade him? I could agree with Maeda but we really did not see that much from him.
  4. I guess I am mad at all of baseball changing it to a stat driven game. The 2 division titles and wild card berth are kind of worthless when they did not win one playoff game but the seasons were much more fun. Which players came here and did better? Would love to know. The Red Sox and Cubs have many "all-stars" to root for. We are down to Sano, Buxton and I would throw in Polanco. We haven't had an exciting closer for at least the last 5 years. I HATE the pitch limit, Maybe all other teams yank the pitcher at 5/6 innings or when they get in a jam and not allowed to work themselves out of it. We had a fun group of players with the Eddie's, Byron, Cruz and Austudillo. How many of the Twins players would you recognize if you walked past them on the street? Maybe I have a rosy glasses but would need to go back probably pre-target field to the Kirby Puckett days or the mid 2000's that had Mauer, Mourneau, Hunter, Cuddyher, Bartlett, Radke, Liriano, Santana, Nathan, etc. Feels like we have been in "re-build" mode since then. Dumpster diving instead of signing top players, etc. I could just be seeing the negative but it is hard to ignore a team that hasn't won a play-off game since 2003?
  5. If I wanted stats I would study the stock market. I want to watch a fun and competitive baseball team. Sorry but all the Falvey stats have gotten us no where. We have lost players that went to other teams to have better success? Where is that stat? We could call it BBT "Better being Traded" We would have a great stat there. Sorry but I want to see players I love playing every day. I think many fans want the same.
  6. This front office let Berrios go. They most likely won't come close to replacing him so I give the an big fat F for their accomplishments. They gave us Cruz and then took him away. I don't think we will see another Berrios for a while. I love the game of baseball not for the stats but the excitement of seeing my favorite players. They have been going away one by one by one starting with Escobar, then Eddie Eddie, Berrios, Cruz and Astudillo. Except for Sano, Buxton and maybe Polanco there is no one left to look forward to. Only 6 players played in over 100 games and of those Polanco holds the highest BA of .269. Arraez has looks to be good and may be an exciting player. Donaldson, Sano, Simmons and Kepler all of BA's under 250. I know that is a basic stat to most on this board but it represents a chance to get on base and make the game more exciting. Kepler .211?
  7. At least there will be a larger screen for the fewer and fewer fans that show up.. The scoreboard is part of the second phase of a two-part, $29.5 million project, the cost of which is split evenly between the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Ballpark Authority (MBA), the government agency that oversees the publicly owned building.
  8. Is a first round draft pick in 2017 considered "rushed"
  9. How are prospects in the system since 2014, 2017 and 2019 considered "rushed"? I am talking first round which I assumed are very talented?
  10. Go with one of our prospects for this year. Give them 1/2 a season and if they can't play at MLB standards let them go and move on to the next we have 3-4 SS's drafted by the Twins in the last 8 years. Why waste time or money from the outside. Let these guys sink of swim now.
  11. Sorry the numbers hurt my head. I wasn't clear but can't any of SS's drafted in the first round be ready? Why draft them otherwise. I would give Gordon this whole year and if he can't hack it move to Lewis. If he can't hack it move to the next. If none of them can make it something is seriously wrong with our scouts!
  12. This may be the dumbest question ever but why can't they use their 1st round draft pick(s) from 2014, 2017 or 2019? Seems silly to waste 3 first round draft picks and not have them ready by 2022. From what I can tell if they do not get a couple of great pitchers it really isn't going to matter anyway.
  13. The Twins did not get one single player onto the 2021 All MLB Team. Not even the Second team. Is that really pathetic or what? Who is held responsible for this? I know it is probably not a big thing but no Twins were up for any of the big awards. Just Polanco was up for the 2021 All MLB Team. How embarrassing that must be or do they really care?
  14. Planning on a Buxton departure. Making it seem like they are doing something before the dumpster diving starts.
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