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  1. I hate that I cannot watch the games! IMO: Buxton should not sit home games. The crowd needs players to cheer for and get excited about.
  2. The number of "injuries" have been growing for all teams. I don't think it takes much. They are more concerned about prolonging their careers than playing for now. With the huge contracts you have no choice. It is sad that it got to this point. Starting serious play at such young ages has changed too. I swear you have to declare your sport by the time you are 5 years old now. Then it goes all year long. Baseball was a summer game for kids it is much more than that and if you don't keep playing all year long you will most likely fall behind. This happens with all sports now.
  3. Kepler should take a seat and let Lewis play RF.
  4. I bought 4 lower level tickets to the Houston game it was close to $300 but since we seem to have a better team and the owners seem to be willing to invest money I thought what the heck! The other reason was Correa was supposed to play but did not. The storm took us out at 4 innings. Well that was my one game as it is cost prohibitive, you never know who is playing I would have loved a Berrios, Buxton and Correa game. Berrios is gone and Buxton seem to have every 3rd day off now so in purchasing tickets you don't know who will be on the field. We also have inflation to take into consideration. Their are baseball fans that probably cant afford the cheapest tickets, a hot dog and parking. Last fact and maybe most important is the lack of games some are able to watch on TV. I love all sports and was able to watch the Wild in round 1 and kind of fell in love with the team. If not for the televised event that wouldn't have happened. They need to fix that so the average can get to know the team and want to go support the Twins.
  5. Last year was supposed to be "the year" we have all been waiting for until it wasn't. It felt like we were going back to re-building and in a month it could be back to that. Losing a key pitcher like Berrios and at the time wondering how long we would have Buxton made it even worse. Probably the most depressing/disastrous season in Twins history. I think we are not ready to get excited yet and if it happens he make get more positive comments and even manager of the year considerations. We as MN sports fans are always waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under us. I will only call 2022's Baldelli as a successful manager if he get's us past the 1st round of the play-offs. Again it is way too early to get excited or frustrated.
  6. I was super frustrated on on Saturday and other "resting" games are the games we will regret in October when we are one game shy of winning the division and have to play the one game elimination. I bet you could add on 5 wins that would be a difference maker. It makes no sense and absolutely the fans buy tickets to see certain players. I bought tickets to the Houston series to see Correa play and I think he certainly could have played. They are being cautious again and again! Not having the ability to watch games because of Bally is hurting all of our professional teams when it comes to getting to know and support your team. I was able to watch the first round of the playoffs and got to know the players, Now I have to wait a year to watch again? They need to put their foot down and televise the games on a local channel or get rid of Bally's all together. It is killing the fanbase to not be able to watch them play. Even the free MLB games seen to get blacked out.
  7. I purchased tickets to yesterday's game for my daughter and her family (close to $300) for 4 tickets. Main reason was Correa would be playing against Houston. I bought a Correa jersey for my 10 year old grandson when he first signed so thought it would be a fun game to attend. Star Wars night was a plus and the fact that the ownership seems to be investing in the team weighed into my decision. Well it didn't turn out to be a good night first because Correa didn't play, and then the weather (spent a lot of time in the underground shelter). They can't go to today's game so hoping getting replacement tickets to another game will be a possibility. That is a lot of money to pay for a family of 4 to attend less than 1/2 of a baseball game.
  8. It's been 6 games and except for a few the team as a whole is nothing to brag about. Against LA the twins had 6 total hits. If you are going to bench him or trade him send Kepler with him.
  9. I would add the inability to watch on TV has hurt. How do you get to know a team when you can't catch a game on TV. Second is inconsistent line-ups. I would be nice to have mostly the same players play each game. Get over the stats and who bats better against which pitchers.
  10. Not 1/3rd. But stay away from the Northern most states. There is still snow on the ground. Someone had a better idea, shorten the season and start later. Games cancelled so far MN, NY, Detroit. It is going to be 41 degrees at first pitch time today. Is that really a good idea to play when it is that cold?
  11. They need to build an algorithm into the schedule that does not have games in MN and a few other states before April 15th or later. So depressing not to have an opening day. Kind of setting up the season already sad. How cold is too cold to play and are there going to be injuries from playing in 50 degree weather?
  12. Finally someone moving Kepler down. Not sure what is wrong but his ST is not off to a good start.
  13. When will our front office(s) learn that the Yankees always trade up and give us garbage! Hicks/JR Murphy sound familiar?
  14. Not sure why we traded away Suzuki in 2014. He has a some decent years. Seems better than what we have had.
  15. Seems like a great trade. Just don't want to see an article in 2022 about Gray being out for the season
  16. I hope the whole season is cancelled. Twins most likely won't be competitive anyway. We can all become Saints fans instead and get to know who will make the Twins a better team. Sick of the players who make more money in one year that most of use make in 5-10 years (talking about the lowest salaried players). Sick of the multi-million dollar players making the price of going to a game unaffordable for those of us who won't make that kind of money in their lifetime. The owners? There are a few to respect, the ones who spend money to build a competitive team. The Pohlad's don't run the Twins that way or at least it seems that way. We get a player like Berrios and let him go when he is what we have been waiting for. Can't believe they signed Buxton. Never thought the would make a deal. Maybe they didn't expect him to sign either. We lived though 2020-2021 without a lot more. I can't watch any games on FSN because of the Dish TV/Bally's nonsense but I am not going to switch providers to watch a team that makes you pull your hair out. I would be quite an awakening for all the greedy players/owners to realize who pays their salaries and helps them turn a profit!
  17. Does anyone else not care anymore? 2022 is most likely a lost year for us anyway. I am sick of high paid athletes and when I say high paid I believe the lowest level is $500,000. They are getting this to play a game. The ones paid multi-million are just people who are good at a game. I hope they sit out a year unpaid and see how they like it. I would love to make $500,000 a year at work and I work 52 weeks a year so I have zero sympathy for any of the players. Never a fan of owners to start with. Let all these greedy people go without revenue or a paycheck for a year. I do have sympathy for others affected like the restaurants or stadium workers but the job market is good now so hopefully they land on their feet. If you really love baseball the Saints put on a good game.
  18. As a kid you dream of making the MLB, part of that dream is playing in a WS or at the very least the League Championship. Would you really want to play for a team that will probably never get there or is mostly uncompetitive? We rarely even re-sign our talent let along sign more. Rosario got his dream last year and it was exciting to watch imagine what that felt like. I was 100% shocked that Buxton wants to spend the prime of his career with a team like this, especially after what they pulled with his playing time. I would love to find out how many players have the Twins in their no trade clause. The Twins are truly a team that cannot develop their players and IF they do rarely keep them. We have been waiting for a Berrio's caliber pitcher since Johan Santana who left 15 years ago. We have had a few good closers but they play one inning and it is only exciting when they are in a tight meaningful game. I don't count winning the Division (especially the Central) as successful if they can't even win ONE playoff game. It is more depressing than it is worth. It has to be well known in the entire league that this team is a dumpster diving team. Our prospects take WAY to long to get here.
  19. I am going to say most want to go to a team with a chance to contend for a WS. Not just win the division only to be knocked right out. Weather may be a factor if they plan on living her fulltime and finally TAXES
  20. So SS choice: Sign a highly paid player? Go with Royce Lewis/Gordon and see what you have? Outfield: Play Celestino and move Kepler to 4th outfielder to see what he has? This year seems to be the year for all 4 of these players to compete to win the full-time job for 2023.
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