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  1. Is a first round draft pick in 2017 considered "rushed"
  2. How are prospects in the system since 2014, 2017 and 2019 considered "rushed"? I am talking first round which I assumed are very talented?
  3. Go with one of our prospects for this year. Give them 1/2 a season and if they can't play at MLB standards let them go and move on to the next we have 3-4 SS's drafted by the Twins in the last 8 years. Why waste time or money from the outside. Let these guys sink of swim now.
  4. Sorry the numbers hurt my head. I wasn't clear but can't any of SS's drafted in the first round be ready? Why draft them otherwise. I would give Gordon this whole year and if he can't hack it move to Lewis. If he can't hack it move to the next. If none of them can make it something is seriously wrong with our scouts!
  5. This may be the dumbest question ever but why can't they use their 1st round draft pick(s) from 2014, 2017 or 2019? Seems silly to waste 3 first round draft picks and not have them ready by 2022. From what I can tell if they do not get a couple of great pitchers it really isn't going to matter anyway.
  6. The Twins did not get one single player onto the 2021 All MLB Team. Not even the Second team. Is that really pathetic or what? Who is held responsible for this? I know it is probably not a big thing but no Twins were up for any of the big awards. Just Polanco was up for the 2021 All MLB Team. How embarrassing that must be or do they really care?
  7. Planning on a Buxton departure. Making it seem like they are doing something before the dumpster diving starts.
  8. I think Buxton will tough out the year with the Twins unless they trade him and then walk away at the end of the 2022 season. It would be a perfect way for him to say thanks for messing with my service time! Either way the Twins FO is going to come out bad. We do not get nice things, the FO/organization always figures out a way to avoid paying a superstar and then that bites them more when good to great players DO NOT want to come to this organization. I bet you could count on one hand the great players we have had since Target field opened. Many of the players the Twins let walk have had success with their new teams. Maybe not super star success but way more success than any player we have seen. Polanco and Sano our best players. Sano may be a known player because fans love the HR hitters. Polanco probably not as much. He went to an AS game but not sure he played. How many Twins or who was the last Twin with enough name recognition to be elected? Maybe Mauer? I guess my main point is if seem less and less likely every year that we will ever have a well put together team and will always be watching for patch together dumpster diving teams.
  9. Who do we have that can hit like him? I know there are position players and others who could "fill in" as a DH but we need a real one. Maybe Sano but he seems to be fine for now in the field. I would rather have Cruz any day!
  10. Cruz was the best player signed in the last 20 years. If only to have a "all-star" caliber player on the team. Berrios is gone and Buxton most likely gone. No one left to root for that you would at least even have name recognition outside of the minor league fans.
  11. Chance are they will not pan out. Seems they don't and as soon as they do and have earned the right for more money they are cleared out for another set up "top" prospects that do NOT pan out.
  12. Seems like we do not or are unable to bring a player to their actual talent and do not see it until they are on another team.
  13. Why didn't we see the Twins being in on some of the bigger names last week? I am going to go with we are on the "no-trade" clause for most of the top rated/wanted players. That is better than thinking the Pohlads are cheap and the FO have their hands tied.
  14. I totally agree. It hasn't been that long that the Twins started to realize the talent of the Latino players. For years we had a pretty light skinned team. I feel like Escobar kind of broke the barrier a bit. Him and other Latino's had to earn their playing time while others were/are sent trotting out even though they were playing poorly. It has probably been less that 5 years since we have had this many Latino's being everyday players for the Twins.
  15. I don't remember seeing the Twins involved in any of the "big" winter meetings. Sitting on the sidelines so they hem and haw about how they tried. I think I have wised up to this. Didn't change with the current (no new anymore) FO like we hoped/prayed it would. Might as well send me to the Winter meetings.
  16. He doesn't want to play here. Of course he will say he does, but I bet he would much rather play for a team that will be contending in his prime years. And he will get that in FA. After messing with his service time he will play through next year and become a top FA. That way the Twins get nothing and kind of what they deserve. He has a smart agent and the smarter teams will patiently wait until the end of next season unless the see him as a critical piece to go the WS. Imagine him in pinstripes, Berrios looked good in the Toronto uniform and Eddie, Eddie, Eddie had fun in the ugly Atlanta uniform.
  17. Good for him. He deserved this. Too bad for the Twins fans!
  18. All these would be amazing. Did anyone see the Twins mentioned in some of the big talks last week. I did not.
  19. The stupidity of messing with his service time was one of the most fatal errors ever! I am sure there are a number of teams that will sign him when he is a free agent for what he wants. Teams that tend to be in the play-off picture every year. Pretty sure most GM's see the writing on the wall and will not offer much either this off season or the next trade deadline. They will wait until he is a free agent. Maybe if a team see's him as a WS make it or break it player the Twins will get something. I don't think the Twins will trade this off season so they don't see ticket sales tumble. After Buxton we don't have much "excitement" left but Sano. Polanco is good but just not the same when it comes to personality as Buxton and Sano. That is it. Not even a pitcher to look forward to unless Ober turns into Berrios II. It is pathetic no matter which way you look at it. We have been through this since at least 2010. I don't care how many times they have won the division because it is just more heartbreak when they don't win a game let alone a series. What "star" wants to be on a depressing team in the prime of their career?
  20. Winning in the ALC is not winning if they don't progress at least one round in the playoffs. The Twins can't even win a game so the me the ALC is worth nothing but 3 extra depressing games.
  21. I don't see much outrage over losing Liam Hendricks the reliever of the year. Would this new FO have seen the potential?
  22. I wish we could find out which players they make offers to that will not come to MN. I hope they are wondering why and will fix that. Even the few top players that have come up with the Twins are gone and doing quite well with their new teams. Kind of like a chicken/egg thing we can't contend w/o top players but no one wants to come her. Cruz was our best FA signing in a long time and they let him go. Berrios was the best pitcher developed since J Santana and they let him go. Buxton the best outfield since KP is on his way out the door. There goes all of chickens and now we have mostly just eggs left.
  23. LOL....seems like the Twins are in a rebuild phase w/o any proven talent besides Buxton, Polanco and a few others to maybe offer. I don't see our close prospects to be much more than average MLB players. That being said there have been so many injuries and I do not remember any real excitement. Maybe Ober is close to above average? I don't pay attention to stats because they can be misleading. I don't think they will trade Buxton this off-season or they will see ticket sales drop for sure. But I am 99.999% sure he will be gone next year at the trade deadline. Hopefully by then a few more of our prospects start to shine. I am still not over this year so it is hard to be glass half full.
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