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  1. Not negative at all. It is Twins reality. We got Correa for one crappy season. Nelson Cruz and Donaldson were also short lived. They get a decent to good player but never great and the good ones are just to sell some tickets for the upcoming season, never long term!
  2. Waste of brain cells. We never go in for a really good player. Twins are yet to be part of any of the Trade Rumors on MLB.com We will wait until the dumpster is full and sift through that.
  3. Most are so inexpensive but definitely would let them all go but Urshela and Arraez. IMO the rest are hope and prayer players, been there done that!
  4. Last thing we need are unhealthy/easily injured players. We are WS winners in that category. But it would be nice to have a HR DH. No idea where Twins HR's will come from next season.
  5. The Twins are not mentioned in any of the MLB Rumors section. Sean Murphy looks like a catcher we could use among many pitchers.
  6. Does anyone else feel like we are on the outside looking in at the beginning and get the left overs later? Like we watch and watch right now and there will be some lame “we tried” excuse in a few weeks.
  7. I think Sano will be picked up right away. Bet he is thrilled to get out of the Twins organization.
  8. They need a new everything strategy.   WS is fun to watch but super depressing at the same time.  Houston was able to both sign good players and make them great!  Twins have maybe 2 players in that category one being Correa who is all but gone and Buxton who the current training staff is unable to keep healthy.  The Twins look like a little league team compared to Houston.  

    1. mikelink45


      I loved the way Houston played.  I also like Dusty Baker letting them play.  Rob Thompson made a Rocco mistake pulling Wheeler because there were runners on base.

      But you are right, Houston signs and develops its players.  Look at the turnover since 2017.  Springer and Correa were thought to be cornerstones, but Houston was ready with the next great players and their pitching staff is built to have great starters go deep for great relievers. 

      We want to use 3 -4 RP per game, but we do not have that many good ones and it burns out the staff. 

  9. Is that what helped Presley go from sub par here to a great closer with Houston. Glad to see him close out the WS and get a ring after all the guff he got here.
  10. Fun article. So wish we had a FO that knew how to build a WS caliber team. They throw us a bone occasionally but those bones stay with the team a year or two (Correa, NCruz, Donaldson). https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/34902054/world-series-2022-houston-astros-shortstop-jeremy-pena?platform=amp
  11. Hopefully the new training staff can help prevent the preventable injuries with a better conditioning regimen and with a new staff be able to minimize the amount of time it takes to get a player back. Something is definitely wrong with a medical staff that has some many on the IL with aches and pains and the amount of time it takes to get them back. Baseball is not a hard-core physical sport. The number of plays in CF and the amount of at plate appeareances seem so limited. Maybe 5-10 plays in CF and 3-4 at bats. Seems to me most injuries happen when not properly "warmed-up"
  12. Will never understand why we they want to trade away the better players?
  13. WHY do we always get these types of choices. They all had great careers but way to far away from their prime. I suspect these types of last hope players are the only ones that would even consider signing with this team. How pathetic is this entire situation!!!!
  14. Besides the money I am sure he sees the writing on the wall that this team will NEVER EVER be a contender and players of his caliber want to be with a team that has the goal of WS or bust! We are in the league of making the playoffs and fine with one and done. At least they can brag about winning a wild card spot or winning the division in the weakest division ever.
  15. I had the same thought! Many families may not even be able to put food on the table soon or even afford the "luxury" of taking their kids to a regular Twins game.
  16. The article sounds like we are on the cusp of a team that will go far in the playoffs, just by tweaking a few positions. So much relying on health/injuries. They need an above average medical staff, one that knows how to prevent and one who knows how to rehab. Right now, I do not see a rosy picture! Pitching: I don't have a lot of faith in the pitching with mostly the unknowns (mostly health related). Additionally, they need an above average pitching coach. Catcher: Sanchez gave us the most games but has a .205 BA, Jeffers .208, Leon .179. Huge hole! DH: Need a true high average home run hitting DH 1st: Arraez for sure! 2nd: A healthy Polanco. Perhaps that is why his BA was .235 this season, if not another hole! SS: If they don't resign Correa they need Lewis to come back healthy or HUGE issue. 3rd: Urshela should be good. LF: Gordon has the most games and a decent BA. Need a backup better than Garlick and Cave if Larnach and Kiriloff don't come back healthy. Neither of these have showed the potential we expected. CF: A healthy Buxton who fields AND hits most games. RF: Neither Kepler or Wallner will do! Outfield Overall: Only Gordon has an BA above 250.
  17. Why would we want them to get rid of a batting champ? Do you really trust their ability to get at least an equal value?
  18. The hitting is and has been so pathetic, they could have a pitching staff full of CY Young candidates and still not win. 1 hit? How pathetic is that!
  19. I thought the managers job was to set the line-ups? So what does “manager” mean in baseball? He should be managing everything including the medical staff, conditioning and their rehab. I agree he doesn’t have the final say in who the FO signs but he should be giving input.
  20. How about an above average stable line-up. We as fans need to know our team good or bad. Right now it is horrible and barely a recognizable name. Seems we get a good player or pitcher they are gone as quickly as we get them. Really the only players to get excited for this year were Arraz, Buxton and Correa. Arraz is so stable an likeable, Buxton is very likeable and so exciting when on the field and at bat. He was barely in the field (DH'd more games than I like) and we as fans didn't get a chance to know Correa and probably didn't get as excited because his time is most likely short lived. Baldelli changes the line-up based on stats. He will "rest" a hot player just based on the opposing teams pitcher. There is no accountability either. He runs sub-par players out all the time. I hate to pick on Kepler but he probably should have been a bench player and they should have found a right fielder that can hit as well as field. Plus he is just a little boring doesn't seem to have the fire he should. We are searching but unwilling to pay pitchers. We let Berrios go without a blink of an eye without replacing with a better or even an equal replacement. Yes he struggled but he has the fire most fans like to see. They are not very transparent or even in the fight for the top players. My gut feeling is no players in the prime of their career want to come here. Why would you want to go to a team that hasn't won a playoff game in 18 tries. Also it doesn't take a baseball genius to see a team that seems to look for re-treads instead of real MLB quality players. He also needs to look at his coaching and medical staff. Hard to get players from AAA to the MLB. As for injuries hard to blame him but they obviously don't have a good medical staff or trainers. Too many muscle strains and pains for what should be highly athletic players. The rehab process does not seem very good either.
  21. Better coaches OVERALL. But aren't some of the basic fundamentals learned in little league and the way they become a MLB player is because these fundaments are above average to excellent? How does a player who doesn't understand the fundamentals make it to the MLB to start with?
  22. Another item to throw in is without a way to watch them on TV is going to contribute to the declining ticket sales. Many fans like me want their team. Guys who play most of the season. Resting days are needed but getting ridiculous with the Twins who did their fair share of "resting". Resting for what? To make it to post season which they rarely do and when they do it is short lived. Buxton is supposed to be our Aaron Judge. It is sad to say but except for Buxton I would not recognize a single MN Twin player. IMO that is how you get a following. Spent $300 dollars on 4 tickets and neither Correa or Buxton played. If you could at least know the team it would be more incentive to go to a game. Otherwise it is like watching a bunch of no-name players.
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