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  1. I’m shocked that someone who would cheat to win isn’t more tactful? No, his being arrogant or expectant of a big pay day or whatever your take is, doesn’t surprise me at all.
  2. I don’t blame them for wanting to see him adjust to AAA but as as of this week, I don’t see many valid excuses. And while I think he could certainly be a decent MLB player I’m not sure he’s one that you worry about breaking the bank and service time so much.
  3. To make room for Matt Wallner?!?!?! oh wait, does Bailey Ober need a spot?
  4. I’m not disputing that Lee has done well, but if you look at other top prospects, there aren’t many if any that you would move down to make room for his ascent. Most of the guys drafted above or even after him are also holding or more than holding their own at comparable levels.
  5. 2024…Brooks Lee is #1 Sorry but so don’t think he gets through Aa and AAA and gets enough bats not to qualify in 2023.
  6. Who cares about being screwed in 1 game by a bad call when poor hitting with men on base has screwed you in many, many games. 11 hits and 2 runs…that’s the problem here.
  7. I have supported this front office and I’m certain I haven’t blasted them here, but that changes now… Josh Winder is not a bullpen pitcher, having Chris Archer (some may substitute Dylan Bundy) start over him is ridiculous. And now, sending Royce Lewis to AAA (while having stubbornly continued to bat him at the bottom of the lineup) is ridiculous. These 2 young guys are clearly a part of the future and clear upgrades over whomever they would displace. I refuse to believe that a guy who is as determined and focused as Lewis is going to be ruined by playing him out of position, off SS, this year. I call BS. I have to think this is not sitting well with the best players in the clubhouse either, or his agent. Worst move(s) of the year right here. This is a shame on the FO and manager.
  8. The law may say she didn’t die and it was consensual so we have no box to check for prosecution. Can the MLB not take that more into consideration than the law can? They can’t be expected to put in writing the depraved acts someone might perform, consensual or not. What he and she did is insanity, and could have resulted in death, and he’s being punished by his employer for it. End of story as far as I can see.
  9. Oh good, someone pushing the “cheap Pohlads” agenda. Too bad the Twins are sending cash to the Padres.
  10. I think I might love this trade. The loss of Rogers really hurts. BUT I love the swagger and pitches of Paddack. I wouldn’t be surprised if the thought process is to use a Paddack or a Ryan or Winder in the BP late in the season if the games matter. Pagan…the way relievers can go from stud to bust and vice versa, he may be better than many expect. Do the Twins think they’ve figured out something on home run suppression? Between Bundy and Pagan and others, I hope so!
  11. I guess I think Winder is more likely than some others think he is. Will Archer go 2 innings in his first start, and Gray maybe 3? If Winder is up to 5 innings I think may need those.
  12. Garver will be missed but I do like this trade. I thought we were already deep in pitching at the high Minor levels and now we get deeper. Does this show that we definitely are going to see what that pitching can do with the majors early and often? And while he is not quite at the level of Arraez offensively, does this make a trade of him more likely?
  13. Would you trade Arraez for Cole Sands, Randy Dobnak, and Chris Vallimont? That seems like pretty similar return if it was reversed. No way I would trade Arraez for that.
  14. And in the next year or 2 he absolutely could have as bad a year as Simmons did. Look at his last 3 years. He’s heading that direction.
  15. His option (potential player option) is too complicated. The first year isn’t the issue, it’s the second year that is and I’m not sure you can accurately value that.
  16. I don’t see Arraez as redundant and admit I like a player with lead off skills. Yes, on the defensive side he is redundant but not on the offensive side. He brings skills that most of our players and prospects don’t. Trade someone with power who strikes out a lot (Sano, cough cough). We seem to have a surplus of those players and prospects. Yes, he would bring back more in return but I continue to think a trade for a SP is going to be someone less established than a Castillo or Montas.
  17. Have to be impressed with the season Celestino had at AAA after his MLB struggles and very little AA and A+ experience. Despite his struggles, it was good to see him keep his strikeout rate in check. Has he also shown the reverse splits that he did in the Majors or was that just SSS?
  18. Rordtvedt has shown good improvement in his numbers the last few years compared to the first couple. Butera never showed that kind of average hitting consistently. I think you should review their numbers a bit instead of lumping a whole minors career into 1 number.
  19. How many pitchers did Cleveland sign to this type of deal before their run of success. How about Tampa? Whether people here like it or not, this is what they’re trying to build - a pipeline like Cleveland and Tampa had. They’re not going to blow a bunch of money or trade off a bunch of prospects to block that pipeline. I’m not saying they won’t acquire one, and maybe sign or trade for another cheap reclamation project but people here need to realize and accept what they’re trying to do, or just keep complaining.
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