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  1. I know its disappointing for Lewis to go back down and be banished to AAA, but its the best thing for him and for the organization long term. Lewis is going to make the most $ being a shortstop long term, you take him out of that and the development he needs for sustained success as a SS is hampered. Can we just be realist here and say the 2022 Twins team is not a championship club. Correa isnt staying here in 2023. If we want to have a championship roster for 2023 you need Lewis at SS. Let Royce go back down work at SS get at bats, save service time. There will be more injuries and struggles this isnt the last we see in 2022 of Royce and hopefully he gets enough work that SS in 2023 and behand is a thing!
  2. This is how they are going to handle Royce Lewis! Once Correa comes off the IL, they will then change course and put Buxton on the IL and move Lewis to CF. Just a hunch
  3. With this dead ball, the 1/2 of the league players that subscribed to elevate and celebrate are really struggling. I think Both Urshela and Sanchez are safe for the season. We have literally no other options at Catcher and not much in the pipe line, which is scary. I think Urshela will come around a bit and has been decent in the field, with all the injuries and 40 man roster crunches i dont see him moving on.
  4. If Correa is back as well as Arreaz and they are going to give 1B over to Kiriloff. Id rather see both Miranda and Lewis go back to AAA rather then get scramble for atbats and lose development time and lose Gordon. If Gordon was placed on Waivers he would get picked up probably by a bottom feeding AL team (first few choices)
  5. with 3 man bench and station to station baseball a guy who can fill in at every position other then catcher and play it relatively well while adding some speed as a pinch runner has good value. If he can continue what he is doing he will have a big league job for years to come.
  6. Realistically he will get 3 more starts before serious consideration of removing and release. His next start againstHouston then in Cleveland and again in KC. If you can’t get Cleveland and KC hitters out your in big trouble. He’s also add zero value to the bullpen and if removed from the rotation would likely mean DFA
  7. Arraez doesn’t get walked? Are pitchers scared of his power? A week ago we’re you calling Correa one of the worst hitters overall in the majors? He was hitting .155 with 1 extra base hit? Oh how a week can change numbers and views early!!! just like prospects hitting .400 early and having 5 6 hrs shouldn’t be called up after April panic should ensue going the other way as well
  8. Not worried at all it’s the first month of the season he has put the ball in play taken walks and found his way on base and then stolen bases. Not every hitter need to hit 30 hr and strike out 200 times. I like the positional versatility look at how valueable Arraez has been filling in. i do think the SS experiment needs to end and move him back around the OF and 2B 3B. If the power doesn’t come 4 of the 5 tools with great bat to ball skills is still extremely valuable.
  9. I really liked Miranda’s 2 strike approach. First 2 strike are for you and the 3rd if for the team! look to drive the ball with big swings when your ahead in the count or before your 2 strike but one you get 2 strike your swing changes and you just focus on putting the ball in play and Letting it fall where it may. Balls have eyes teams make errors and can always have productive outs moving runners over.
  10. I’ve liked Sand but he needs to stay as a starter. I don’t see high end production from him as a reliever and seems so much better as a starter. This won’t be the last time we see him this season. Go back down stay stretched out and put up # at AAA. He also seems like a guy the Twins would use as a trade piece come July if they like Woods Richardson and Balazovic better.
  11. After last season an exciting summer of competitive baseball! Dont think they have a true playoff rotation or bullpen pieces but ill be more excited if im proven wrong and a great playoff run ensues. Here's to hoping!
  12. I dont see how Celestino stays unless Buxton goes on the IL. He has played well in his limited MLB time this yr but he needs to continue to develop and get playing time Gordon is a capable back up CFer. That is going to have to be at AAA for now. Godoy will also go back down, he hasnt played since being forced into action but Sanchez and Jeffers are back healthy. We will see Godoy back up at some point. I think Sand stays until Gray is back as a long relief. Now if Sano has to go to the IL it will be interesting to see how they handle that. Kirilloff still on the mend are they comfortable with Arraez at 1B full time for the short term? Does Kepler still have his 1B glove?
  13. Starters look great early, doubt it continues. Offense needs better more consistent production. The offense only scores average because when they have scored runs they have come in bunches and blow out wins. The next game they will put up 1 run or 0. Overall a good first month, the old saying tho is true. You cant win a division in April but you sure can lose it. See Twins in 2021.
  14. I am very surprised by this, all criminal charges were dropped and I believe he is suing her for defamation. Would think that MLB would wait till that is resolved before they officially suspend him especially for that length.
  15. He has had 3 starts and pitched 14 innings. Lets not crown him our savior just yet. Lets wait till the weather warms up and teams get a second look at him (a guy coming from the NL were AL teams havent seen him yet). I am very happy and suprised with how well both Paddack and Bundy have pitched and look thus far.
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