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  1. I am not ready to crown Wallner the RF of the future. He has looked good in his at bats thus far, he looks like a capable RFer. Its september its a weeks worth of atbats, the strikeouts history is a serious consideration. Remember when Chris Parmelee came up and had a red hot September after have a very productive year at AAA and we thought he was going to be the next great thing. How did that pan out the following season/seasons? Cant crown young guys king after a good september.
  2. I know everyone is down on Kepler and rightfully so over the past 2 season but with the shift ban next and Kepler ability to strictly pull the ball and put it in play all the time he is going to go from a .215 hitter to a .285+hitter! Maybe the power never comes back but he will be a productive hitter and one of the most influenced by the shift ban.
  3. Seth what your thoughts on Chris Williams and Camargo as big league catchers? What ive seen of Williams is his bat seems decent at AAA but getting a lot of time at 1B rather then C. That have him seen as less then capable MLB catcher? How about Camargo? I thought he was seen as a good defensive catcher with a poor bat, but bat seems to be showing up at AA thus far.
  4. Duran's Splinker is cool, because of the name! I would put it on par with Liriano's slider whne he first came up. It was dominate for a short time until his arm was gone and he never recovered that back! Hopefully Duran's arm and body holds up and he can be dominate for yrs to come. Johan's Changeup stood the test of time, it was a dominate pitch for multiple season and he was a 2 pitch starting pitcher for most his career throwing just a fastball and the change with just a rare slider to lefties.
  5. 100% right! pitchers once they get two strikes, aren't trying to get him out with breaking balls and pitches away. Which Arraez is amazing at punching to LF and between SS and 3rd. They are busting him up and in
  6. Was at the Saints game(Hamilton firs game) he looked like he was swinging a purse. Helman looked like the better player and has just as good of speed as Hamilton.
  7. I am really not sure that is certain. A guy who is hitting .260 with a 425 SLG and is a 3 WAR players. I know 2022 is likely an outlier but im not 100% certain he would get that same deal or offer.
  8. He is not going to sign a contract making 35 million a year or more next season. Now He will likely sign a contract for more then the 70 million left on his deal. So he could opt in for 2023 and again gamble on himself and have an opportunity again in 2023 Offseason. But he then gives up any leverage to even negotiate with MN and would almost certainly have to take less AAV per year on an extension. If he opts out I would guess he would sign a deal similar to the Trevor Story deal. I think the big fear for him is that all the big spending teams have there SS or have a better one in sight, Or spent all the $ they are willing to spend (Yankees resigning Judge) if he ends up he is still holding looking for a deal again this winter with a team he wants to play for. I would put me at about a 70/30 still 70 percent chance he opts out but can see where he would opt in and replay it back for 2023.
  9. I believe it helps there case if they have to file for a 5th year option. Not sure exactly how that plays out with guys just drafted.
  10. I think it all depends on your definition of “better” the one thing consistent with Berrios was that he was taking the ball every 5th day and 32 starts a yr. That in itself has a ton of value! SWR does not seem to be that, Now what Berrios you got every 5th day was a mistery. Some days that fast ball was moving all over the place and he was putting it outside corner and running it in hitters hands and that curve had sharp late action. Other starts the breaking ball was a big arc and hitter saw it coming and hammered it when it was in the zone and laid off it out. The fastball had velocity but was straight or all over the place. SWR seems to not have the stuff that Berrios had but he does seem to know how to pitch mixes 4 pitches well and moves them around the zone. He struggles when his control isn’t there. We will have to see if he can refine that control and if that mix translates to the next level.
  11. If they don’t go on a run here you can pretty well put a fork in this team! if you can’t put up runs and win against Texas what makes you think you are against the Astros or Yankees or Cleveland
  12. The 3 starting pitchers of Mahle, Gray and Ryan being solid every start from here forward they should be 2,3,4 Arraez continuing to hit is 1. They will need a big month from at least one of Kepler Correa or Polanco to have a chance.
  13. If he will sign for 50 million or less and buy out a arbitration season it sounds like a good deal. There also isn’t anything wrong with going through his sophomore season especially because I don’t think he will count as a super 2 because he came up late this season. Harris isn’t a good comparison because he is 21 3 yrs younger, a top 50 prospect and plays a premium defensive position. I’d be more excited about Miranda if we saw him more at 3B and knew he would be the starter there for the next decade. 1B are easy to find and I believe Arraez will be there moving forward. I would be much more interested in signing Arraez to an extension this off-season. That bat is the real deal and keeping him at 1B DH and the occasional fill in at 2B has kept the knees healthy. Defensively I have really liked him at 1B he has learn the position well on the fly and has nice soft hands. I know he isn’t the traditional 1B with massive power but still can’t deny how good the bat and his eye at the plate is.
  14. The roller cost view of Gordon throughout his baseball career! He is a utility player, different from Arraez he isn’t an everyday player but in todays baseball with 3 man benches and a back up catcher a guy who can fill in well at multiple position especially up the middle has huge value. He is a streaky hitter which is foreseeable for a guy who doesn’t get consistent playing time. You have to like the power that he has shown lately. I do think your view will change of him from this article if you give him the starting LF spot the remainder of the season because the bat won’t continue at this pace. Love him as a utility player and feel he should continue in his utility role the remainder of the yr and seen as that for ‘23.
  15. Moran's control seems to be getting better and he has a ERA under 2. I think he can be an option for more high leverage spots.
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