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  1. I am not a big fan of any Phillies prospects so I dont think Buxton, Berrios or Rogers should be on the table to the Phillies. Now if you could get out of the Donaldson deal and swap for Bohm by maybe adding bullpen arm like Duffey and/or Robles without paying as much $ that would be interesting..
  2. Nice to not have to use up the late inning relievers as well. Going to need to pile up wins.
  3. I truly think the twins thought no way someone takes him. Everyone one saying oh you had open spots in your 40 man. Which is true the problem is if you add a guy in the 40 man roster who isn’t close to the majors you end up burning option years before a guy is major league ready. Take Celestino for example he used an option year in 2020 now an option in 2021 if he isn’t in opening day roster in 2022 he uses up 3rd option. If he isn’t an established starter in 2024 you can’t send him down if he slumps or is the 4th or 5th outfielder and injuries occur.
  4. The guy cant flat out hit! Pitchers throw him hittable strikes either by him laying off ball or on there own he will be very good! His problem in the passed has always been him getting himself out, hitting balls he cant do any damage on. Where are all the people who said who said he doesnt have a place on this team? Has had to be used 3 of the 5 games thus far and has been great in all 3. Also was a factor in the Milkwaukee series allowing Rocco to use Jeffers as a pinch hitter.
  5. Where is Arraez going to play and take atbats away? Why didnt Rooker make the team? That lasted an inning! Great to have depth and hopefully replaces fill in nicely. Hopefuuly Donaldson gets the hamstring healthy quickly and is back in the line up.
  6. Nice to see Dobnak continue his great pitching and the offense role a bit. Haven’t seen or heard an update on Garver hopefully just a stinger and no serious damage to his shoulder.
  7. Why waste his service time if the guy is in a slump or needs a little time you have other options who are playing really well. We are only a week out from opening day start him in AAA/alternate site and let Rooker and or Garlick platoon with Cave
  8. A couple of these guys should be moved at the trade deadline this year. Power is a great selling tool. You just have to many of these similar guys in the organization. well see how Sabato and Wallner do in there first full pro season I think both are going to be very good.
  9. Some reports that the Twins are interested in Danny Santana! As a utility guy if he can still play SS and CF I can see how he would fit but hasn’t played much there in recent years. His bat has been good or really terrible so which one are you getting? I like bringing guys in like this in minor league deals and see what you have but if he can play SS or CF anymore I don’t see how he fits.
  10. His brother had elite speed which added a dimension to his game that Nick doesn’t have and now that the elite speed is gone he is a rotational player at this point.
  11. I think Blankenhorn might be a closer bet then Gordon! Gordon is just another 1st round pick who never developed. A light hitter without the ability to grind out at bats and doesn’t play elite defense at a premium position.
  12. The second utility role is going to be interesting. I believe it’s either Rooker OR Kirilloff. Won’t have both on big league roster. I don’t think Blankenhorn or Gordon will make the team out of spring but I could see Gordon being removed from 40 man if he doesn’t have a solid spring. I think it will be either Riddle or La Tortuga and Garlick to start the season. Lots of at bats to go around this spring for the fringe guys because of smaller rosters. Spring should be an interesting and competitive one.
  13. ACL tear in February give 4 months recovery and he should be able to swing Atleast by July. Likely no actual game time but time to focus on the swing and mechanics. Just a tough with a lost 2020 season already. 2 years without any real game experience is a major blow to development. Hopefully he can play some AZ fall league and or winter ball.
  14. This time next year I have Sabato and Rortvedt Canterino at the top of this list! Of course Lewis won’t fall that far but those 3 are going to be big movers his season!
  15. A read a lot of the same things about Delmon Young while a Devil Rays prospect! There is still as many questions marks on Kiriloff as Lewis. Kirilloff just has to show it at the majors! His meal ticket is his hit tool.
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