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  1. I think the free agent # should come from years as a professional. The second you sign a professional contract your clock should start. Then a big financial penalty paid to the team losing said player maybe some kind of salary exception for teams who sign free agency away from current team. Say the Yankees sign a player away from the marlins for 300 million over 10 years. Yankess would have to pay the player agreed upon amount and pay a percentage each year to the Marlins who had to use that on player salary.
  2. This could work only under a few conditions. 1. New CBA allows for larger roster expansion. 28 or 30 on active roster/travel with big league club like what happened in 2020. 2. Lots of decent young controllable arms who can be call up and sent down and recalled with St Paul Saints being so close. This would decimate AAA though. 3. You use this method as a try out for 3 guys early in season if one guy gets hurt or ineffective and eventually finding a 5th starter.
  3. Jax is Duffey 2.0, convert Jax into a full time reliever. His fastball hopefully will increase in one inning appearances can use the “sweeper” 2 pitch pitchers work out pretty well in the bullpen. HR killed Jax in 21
  4. What do you think of the Twins kicking the tires on The royals Mondesi? He had ranked as a solid fielder at SS with really good speed and developing power. The Royals move Nicky Lopez who played very well at SS and have Witt jr at AAA ready to take over. Could the Twins buy low on Mondesi a once top SS prospect and get some consistency out of him at SS? He has years of team control left would the Royals send him to a division rival?
  5. I’m on board with what many of you have said. He needs to continue to develop offensively adjusting to heat and a break ball not getting caught in between. Like him defensively as a decent CF and a right handed bat to supplement all the left handed corner outfielders. his biggest concern is he has to compete with Martin and possibly Lewis if he can’t develop quickly and falls behind those 2 top prospects. Not a big fan of trading him now, likely doesn’t have a lot of value with struggles at MLB level. If he plays well the first half of 2022 either in the majors or AAA his value increases astronomically. Will be a good insurance policy for needed Buxton injuries and missed time to come.
  6. The only one I would remotely consider, only because the price may fall dramatically is Javier Baez. We are night in a position to spend big on a long term SS. Our only hope is Martin or Lewis develop. this article should really focus on the next tier free agent SS, that’s where our market likely sits.
  7. Griffin Jax reminds me a lot of Duffey coming up. A solid pitcher but really only has a 2 pitch mix and doesn’t have a dominate fastball. If going to bullpen may help give him a couple mph
  8. Does everyone just want to watch a 90 loss team for the next decade? We aren’t the Pirates! 3 to 4 million is nothing for a reliever, he has been good to great the past 2 seasons and this yr he has been ok. Give him his $ go into next season with him in the back end of games reliever mix. If we totally fall out of contention next season relievers with a half season left have decent value at the trade deadline. I’m not ready to just punt on the 2022 season already.
  9. Did we not learn anything this season when it comes to line up and injuries? throw out whatever opening day lineup we think we need or want. Guys get injured, guys don’t play well. Miranda is a utility guy in he can play multiple infield positions and LF. If he doesn’t make the opening day line up he will likely get his chance before the end of April. Twins need depth everywhere and a guy with option years left who can come up and fill in at multiple positions as an everyday player is a must. don’t give away solid guys who had good second half’s just because a guy had a good yr at AAA
  10. I’ve seen enough of Rooker. His short comings out way his skills over the long haul. He doesn’t take walks, he players terrible defense and doesn’t hit lefties a lot. He is at best a .250 hitter. If Gordon and Arreaz are capable outfielders going forward. I’ve seen enough to say yes. Have we not forgot about garlick? He plays better defense and can mash lefties and would complement the corner OF of Kirloff Kepler Gordon much better.
  11. Kepler needs to spend the off-season learning to bunt! Teams put on this extreme shift because he’s a extreme pull hitter especially in the ground. Bunt get on base and get teams out of the extreme shift against you. Take the bunt single when they are just giving it to you. this will also open up the hard ground ball up the middle that is an easy out right now. He could go from .210 to .280 from bunting and what that opens in the infield.
  12. I saw enough of Nick Gordon. He has no power, he chases to many pitches. He isn’t a big league SS. i guess I look at him as compare him to Astudillo. Look how he has bounced up and down for 3 seasons. When you don’t play good defense don’t have much plate discipline and not much power. Your probe to slumps at the plate and unable to help the team. Then take that Astudillo has elite contact skills, can catch, play 3b 1B LF RF. Has shown some power and still is 27 or 28th man. Nick Gordon doesn’t do any thing elite, he doesn’t play good defense anywhere he doesn’t put the ball in play enough and when he does he doesn’t make hard contact. right now he is a 2B with decent speed who can fill in CF or SS in a pinch.
  13. They just graduated 2 top hitting corner outfielders and your organization top prospect tore his ACL. How many are you supposed to have? Also guys like Luis Arreaz were not looked at heavy coming through the system. now if your comment was on developing pitching you might have something.
  14. I really like Pineda as well, I just figured that other teams would like what he brings as well and would have a bigger interest. would mind seeing him the rest of the season and bringing him back on another 2 yr deal.
  15. Kind of odd that Big Mike is staying in MN. Happ and John Lester found new homes can’t believe no one was interested. Think the Twins think they will resign him or even get a comp balance pick for him if he performs? Maybe they just need innings and Pineda is solid.
  16. Kind of surprised a move or any talk of a trade of Robles Duffey or Pineda. A lot of guys to move today if that’s the case, sounds like we may have seen the last of Berrios. maybe a deal in the works to package a few together. Hope for Mackenzie Gore.
  17. Should never pitch another inning I a twins uniform. Prather see Andrew Alber for the next 2 months, in Happs last start before today he gave up 4 in 5 innings against the angels without Trout Rondon otoni. That’s a terrible Line up. Bring up Barnes and when Thorpe returns from rehab assignment.
  18. We better not see another start by Happ. This literally should be giving him his walking papers! Any AAA starter could could give you better. I agree that the front office said do not pitch any potential relief trade candidates.
  19. I am not a big fan of any Phillies prospects so I dont think Buxton, Berrios or Rogers should be on the table to the Phillies. Now if you could get out of the Donaldson deal and swap for Bohm by maybe adding bullpen arm like Duffey and/or Robles without paying as much $ that would be interesting..
  20. Nice to not have to use up the late inning relievers as well. Going to need to pile up wins.
  21. I truly think the twins thought no way someone takes him. Everyone one saying oh you had open spots in your 40 man. Which is true the problem is if you add a guy in the 40 man roster who isn’t close to the majors you end up burning option years before a guy is major league ready. Take Celestino for example he used an option year in 2020 now an option in 2021 if he isn’t in opening day roster in 2022 he uses up 3rd option. If he isn’t an established starter in 2024 you can’t send him down if he slumps or is the 4th or 5th outfielder and injuries occur.
  22. The guy cant flat out hit! Pitchers throw him hittable strikes either by him laying off ball or on there own he will be very good! His problem in the passed has always been him getting himself out, hitting balls he cant do any damage on. Where are all the people who said who said he doesnt have a place on this team? Has had to be used 3 of the 5 games thus far and has been great in all 3. Also was a factor in the Milkwaukee series allowing Rocco to use Jeffers as a pinch hitter.
  23. Where is Arraez going to play and take atbats away? Why didnt Rooker make the team? That lasted an inning! Great to have depth and hopefully replaces fill in nicely. Hopefuuly Donaldson gets the hamstring healthy quickly and is back in the line up.
  24. Nice to see Dobnak continue his great pitching and the offense role a bit. Haven’t seen or heard an update on Garver hopefully just a stinger and no serious damage to his shoulder.
  25. Why waste his service time if the guy is in a slump or needs a little time you have other options who are playing really well. We are only a week out from opening day start him in AAA/alternate site and let Rooker and or Garlick platoon with Cave
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