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  1. YES! Ugh, I know. And it's pretty sad that we are crossing our fingers and hoping the Twins can figure out how to do something as basic as this. I mean, this is Baseball 101. It's like talking about a plumber and saying "he really needs to figure out how to connect PVC pipes". Yeah, that's part of the job and he should have learned that on the first day of trade school! This team was predicted by just about all experts to finish 1st this season in the Central. They haven't just underperformed, they've been the biggest disaster in MLB this year. We all know that, but sometimes I think we collectively forget just how terrible this team is.
  2. Don't forget Chase Petty, I hear he's throwing heat in simulated games down in Fort Myers!
  3. Jeffers average down to a robust .191 while striking out in 40% of his at bats this year.
  4. A 90-loss season and a dead last place finish in the AL Central is all but secured. Agree with @mikelink45 in that I don't feel too much like celebrating performances like Ober's last night. He's been a bright spot to be sure, but last night he got knocked around a bit by KC and couldn't finish the 5th inning. Outings of 4.2 innings and giving up 5 hits and 3 ER aren't good enough to win most days. The six strikeouts were nice but that's really just a silver lining to what was simply a below-average performance by Ober. That's what it was, and it's OK to call it that.
  5. Great to see a resounding win. Polanco, team MVP by a mile. One more year of Bux, let's enjoy it while we can. What a player. Big picture stuff. The Twins currently own the 3rd worst record in the AL, and need to go 10-9 in their last 19 games to avoid 90 losses. Who's on tap: Yanks (1) Indians (2) Cubbies (2) Tigers (3) Royals (4) Blue Jays (7) Not exactly an easy road for our boys. Seven games against the Jays in the last 3 weeks of the season is nuts, and Toronto is going to have their foot on the gas. They are looking at the upcoming games against the Twins as red meat and the Twins are going to need to dig in and play spoiler. Twins are a sluggish 22-24 since the Nelson Cruz trade. They aren't really playing that much better than they have all season. But that's why we play the games, folks! Enjoy the Vikes opener everyone.
  6. It's pretty clear the Twins are going with a rotation of Dobnak, Ober, Ryan and two free-agent signees next year. Make of that what you will, but it's pretty much set in stone. We could pump the brakes on Ryan, but the brakes on this Twins team fell off a long time ago. We're almost at the end of the ride, enjoy it for the next 2 weeks.
  7. This was delightful to read this morning. Thank you Nelson Cruz!
  8. This is frankly the truth on this date. People are giving Jeffers way too much credit for what they think he should be. It's embarrassing that we have Twins fans who think he's doing just fine and gee golly whiz we're all set at catcher for the next 5 years. If you saw a starting catcher on, say, Pittsburgh batting 8th and hitting .192, you'd think "Yikes. The Pirates have problems and this catcher experiment of theirs is clearly a complete disaster". Cue someone waiting with some obscure cherry-picked stats to respond with something like: "between the waxing crescent and full moon period of July, Jeffers actually was 14th among all catchers in BABIP and 11th overall in LIPS and also ate 15 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches" and then call me a dinosaur or something. Whatever. If you want to take off your Twins-colored glasses for a minute, you'll see that Jeffers is a real problem. Larnach had a good month but frankly he stunk too. He was the worst starting player in baseball in July and there's not even an argument against it. Pretending these guys are automatically going to hit 25 and 30 HRs next year in Minnesota is not helping any realistic discussion of what we can expect from this team in 2022.
  9. Wow, of all the Twins disappointing guys on this team you found a way to put Astudillo in the bottom 5 on the entire team this year? Ryan Jeffers is batting .194 and is basically the full-time catcher for this team. To me that means he's providing little value. He's literally batting under .200 dude. It's not a small sample size either. Advanced stats don't look good either. Tyler Duffey came in with a new 2.2 million contract and was supposed to slam the door in the 7th and 8th inning. But instead he stinks. That's providing little value, especially considering he's making 3x as much as Rogers. Meanwhile they're paying Astudillo with Chuck E. Cheese tokens and he's got the last spot on the bench when he's not playing in St. Paul. He's not lighting the world on fire but he's gotten a few key hits and can spell just about everyone at 1st, 3rd, and catcher. Not much value, but for their money the Twins aren't getting ripped off or anything with this guy.
  10. If you think the write-ups on Ober are a bit too pollyanna, you'll fall off your chair when you read what people are writing about 26 year-old Griffin Jax and his 6.79 ERA and 1.5 WHIP..... Actually I think we should be cautiously optimistic about Ober - but I emphasize "cautiously". You know, in that Minnesota way where we might feel a glimmer of hope, but we keep it bottled up and very close to the chest, because hey, we don't want to get too excited don'cha know. Let's put it this way: Ober hasn't been a major disappointment unlike just about everyone not named Polanco this season. That's good enough for me right now.
  11. @Matthew Lenz Great write-up as always. One tiny disagreement: what planet are we living on when giving up 4 earned runs in 4.2 innings is worthy of a "Jax bounces back" headline? I'd have gone with "Jax continues to struggle". Most of the comments here on Jax are spot on. I think we all respect the hell out of the guy and thank him for his service - but his overall body of work isn't inspiring. @jimbo92107 I admire the optimism but I disagree. In my eyes he's clearly a depth piece, ceiling would be a Smeltzer type. Nothing wrong with running him out there if there's nobody else ready to audition, though. Happy Labor Day all. Hope you are enjoying a peaceful day off.
  12. I think Cavaco's stock has gone from a "jury's still out" to a "possible yikes" this year. The bottom line is that he is not progressing like you'd want a first-rounder - even an expected project who's missed some playing time - to progress. I could see the Twins try to salvage some value by using him as a throw-in on an off-season trade.
  13. Really good point. If Griffin Jax had put up Randy's numbers last night, the main argument on this forum would be whether he should be our #2 or #3 starter going into next season. If we can give Buxton a pass on his 2-27 effort since coming back, we can give Dobnak a mulligan on this outing as well. He's been a disappointment to be sure, but in my mind he is a big league pitcher and can be effective at this level. There's a microscopic chance this Twins team can compete in 2022, Randy returning to form is a big part of that.
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