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  1. Arraez with some air jumping over that Correa single!
  2. Uncatchable. It was a frozen rope that was over Gordon's head and landed right at the base of the wall - between the dirt and the padding. Just kinda stuck and died there.
  3. Giving Benentindi a cookie with an 0-2 count was the big mistake of the inning. Twins can't seem to get that guy out. Another Witt xbh and now we're back down. Archer looking more and more like just a warm body/placeholder out there.
  4. Very nice barehand play by Sanchez on that dribbler. Despite his shaky reputation coming out of New York, the guy's played serviceable "D".
  5. Thanks much. Yes, @Squirrelthat was the incident I was referring to.
  6. Imagine the Twins are opening up a playoff series today against Tampa. You're Rocco Baldelli. Who's your starting catcher? Exactly. It's Sanchez and it's not even close. Sanchez is batting .231 with 4 HR and 21 RBI. He's got an OPS of .720 and his Hard-Hit % is 49.5. Ryan Jeffers is batting .198 with 3 HR and 12 RBI. He's got an OPS of .626 and a Hard-Hit % of 37.3. This is not meant to criticize Jeffers, in fact Jeffers seems to make a fine complimentary catcher and his defensive WAR is 0.4 compared to Sanchez -0.2. But Jeffers hasn't thrown out a runner yet (0-13) while Sanchez has a career mark of throwing out 28% of runners attempting to steal on him. Is there any argument here? Sanchez is 1A, and Jeffers is 1B, right? And those rankings have flipped since we started the year, haven't they? Gary's played himself into the lead spot.
  7. It wasn't worth it, but there's a lot to unpack: First, the pandemic timing couldn't have been worse for this deal. The contract was pretty big for a player moving into his mid 30s. It was clear that the Twins were counting on HUGE numbers from Donaldson during his first 2 years of the contract: 2020, and 2021. They'd settle for decent numbers in 2022-23, even if it meant overpaying an older player a bit. Unfortunately along came Covid-19 and the first year of the deal was almost completely snuffed out. Even Los Angeles or New York would have felt stung by the horrible timing of this signing, for a team like Minnesota it was horrific. Next, I think the Twins had plenty of information on Donaldson's character and they were totally on board. They figured this team needed a firebrand, a sparkplug, someone with a bit of an attitude - and why not? Being nice guys wasn't getting them any playoff success, it was worth a shot. What they didn't count on was that Donaldson's attitude could be toxic if allowed to go unchecked. With Toronto he had other big personalities like Joey Bautista, and more big names like Edwin Encarnacion. The Blue Jays were kind of a team filled with "bad boys" (at least on the field) and Donaldson's red-assed behavior didn't seem to affect them much. Alas, when he became the focal point of the team in Minnesota, it just didn't seem to be a good fit long-term. One specific incident I remember was when he hit a HR in Chicago and then was immediately kicked out after showing up the umpire. Yeesh. On the flipside, it's also worth pointing out that there were several articles when Donaldson joined about how helpful he was with young hitters in Spring Training. Injuries also muddied the waters on the Donaldson signing. Opening up a season, his first hit of the year went for a double in Milwaukee, which was fantastic but he strained his calf on the play and was out for a month. Pretty brutal. Whether it be bad luck or lack of preparation, either way it was just damn unfortunate. One huge positive was that the Twins showed MLB that they would indeed be able to compete with the rest of the big boys for the biggest free agent names in baseball. They then went out and got Correa two years later, so the Twins have signed the most coveted free agent bats in baseball 2 of the past 4 years. Players and agents are taking notes, it helps the reputation. Overall the Donaldson signing wasn't worth it, but it wasn't a complete failure. The fact that this team was able to get out from under that contract and flip Josh for a starting catcher and a solid infielder certainly eases the pain. The Twins could have been handicapped long-term by this signing, but they saw a chance to cut bait and should be applauded for doing so. All too often teams hang on to sunk costs and pay a much steeper price.
  8. Well, some of us were whining about the lack of offense and we got what we asked for. Pitching looks very rough right now, time for Archer to go 5 innings at least, c'mon man. How about 6? It'll be nice to get Gray on the mound tomorrow and see if he can go 7 again. Correa and Polanco going yard, we needed to see that and let's hope there's more where that came from. Yankee fans have to be missing Sanchez by now. They might not say it, but look at the numbers coming out of New York from the catching position....yowza.
  9. Disagree. It's not Rocco's fault this team can't hit a baseball with a man in scoring position. It's not Rocco's fault they're averaging 2 runs in 80% of their games this year. It's not Rocco's fault that Buxton went 0-for-30 (!!!!). The problem isn't the pitching (yet) or the manager. It's anemic hitting on a historic level.
  10. Possible overreaction incoming, but...... Yeah, this team straight up can't hit. The past 2 weeks they've been the lowest scoring team in all of baseball and they've been playing the Tigers and Royals and their no-name pitching staff the whole time. And we know what happens when they face good pitching: Kershaw and Verlander both almost no-hit this team. Yes, the Twins bullpen is all smoke and mirrors but Duffey, Pagan and company would have a much harder time blowing a game if the score was 7-0 for a change. The majority of this team's wins this year are 2-1 victories against Detroit, KC, Baltimore and Oakland. There are at least 6 teams in the AL that are much better than Minnesota. I think this fast start might be a mirage and the playoffs might be a pipe dream - a .500 finish would be a miracle and I think we should probably start to adjust our expectations. Oh and Buxton's feel-good story has taken a pretty dark turn while we're at it. Yikes. I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy out there.
  11. This was an awesome read - thanks for posting. Hilarious! I think all of us who tuned out and then tuned back in that day have a story to share. Yours was awesome.
  12. They've been struggling for sure, but IMO they have too much talent to hover around .500 for much longer.
  13. Yep - and they honestly can't hit worth a lick. Averaging 3 runs per game against KC and DET during this stretch, going against perhaps some of the worst pitching staffs in the AL, isn't encouraging. NYY, Tampa, LAA, HOU, TOR, and CHW are all light years better than theTwins as things stand today. It's not really even close.
  14. Too true. Don't get me wrong, terrible teams don't win 6 in a row -- but this team is nowhere near as talented as many are giving credit for. As for Pagan, I think at some point he's got to take on a different role in this 'pen. Like the low man on the totem pole role, only pitching in blowouts type stuff.
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