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  1. Nice to see the 5th straight win. Good for Sano, that his 2nd walkoff homer this year? Alas, the major headline here for me is that Buxton appears to be out for at least a month or so. Just brutal. He won't get an All-Star bid, a gold glove, or qualify in any major categories this year - finally, the year where he was clearly a Top 5 player in baseball.
  2. Twins have 12 hits to Texas' 3 - and they've been threatening constantly all game. Should be up 8-0 right now, a 4-0 lead is criminal and with this bullpen that can evaporate quickly. Sure hoping the Twins don't do what we all are afraid they're gonna do right about now.
  3. And got just 4 hits (4-31 on the game is a .129 batting average). Overall another unwatchable game, but the Twins will take wins like these if they can get them. Very similar to the games that Baltimore gave them a couple weeks ago. There's no question about Cruz being traded - he's as good as gone. Right now he's just auditioning for Oakland and Tampa, and he's doing a great job. Here's hoping the Twins have opened up discussions and are kicking the tires on those organizations' top pitching prospects.
  4. Did the same in college, learned the same lesson. 20 years later, now it's all (mostly) gone, so I shave the dome with a razor a couple times per week. This works well, but the only problem with this particular strategy is that I feel I need to have facial hair to "even things out". So now I'm stuck with a beard that I don't always want, but I keep it just so I don't feel like a total cue ball out in the world. Twins Daily: come for the game, stay to dish on hot fashion and beauty tips.
  5. Hope the offense can score another run or two. It's 2021 and the final score ain't gonna be 4-3. Another solid Berrios effort, like clockwork. Really impressed with him this year. I bet other GMs are too.
  6. Tuned in for a brief half-inning (it's been a while) and watched the heart of the Twins order strike out 3 times against M. Foltenewicz. Impossible to get any enjoyment out of watching this team, even if they're winning. Here's hoping some slap hitters like Rod Carew make a comeback into this game. Thank golly for Astudillo, at least the guy puts the ball in play.
  7. Remove Jose Berrios from the Twins' staff and just imagine how bad those numbers would be. We've got a really good MLB pitcher on our team who would be a top 2 guy for most teams, and at least a top 3 for everyone. And the Twins numbers still look historically awful.
  8. Eeeee, let's put on the brakes a bit on Ober. Remember how Smelzer, Thorpe, and Littell started out? Do the names Kohl Stewart Fernando Romero, Stephen Gonsalves ring a bell? Ober's been OK, but hasn't exactly blown anyone away. Seattle is the worst hitting team in baseball (I think they've been no-hit twice already this season). I think Ober's performance says more about Happ than it does about Ober, unfortunately. Any small chance the Twins had of ridding themselves of Josh Donaldson has likely disappeared. Enjoy Cruz while you can, he's not long in a Twins uniform. But hey, a
  9. If you trade Buxton, you need to get sure things back. Not a bunch of loterry tickets. Blue chip, 1st round, MLB top 10 prospect type guy(s). Anything else is inexcusable. You can't get a future All-star, then you keep Buxton and hope lightening strikes next year.
  10. Speaking of which: both Texas and Pittsburgh took 2-of-3 from the Twins. In Minneapolis, no less.
  11. I'm not shocked this team lost 14-3 today. I'm frankly much more shocked this team took 2-6 from the Yanks/Astros. Like Tigers, Orioles, Diamondbacks and Rockies fans, we should expect this team to be beaten to a bloody pulp every single night. And we should be delightfully surprised any time the Twins steal a "W".
  12. Hopefully we can finally put to bed the whole "Polanco is bad" narrative that's somehow been circulating with a small number of naysayers on this board for the past season. It was never true. Give him ABs and he'll come around. Polanco started slowly this year, but since May he's been absolutely tearing the cover off the ball. Dude's on pace for a season very much like his All-Star 2019 season if he keeps up this pace. We can debate the MLB-worthiness about guys like Sano and, sadly, Kepler at this point. But Jorge Polanco doesn't belong in that conversation. Dude's solid. Stop doubt
  13. In Jose's defense, he's 7-2 with a sub 3.5 ERA on a terrible team.....we'd all like to see him 13-0 right now, but c'mon. I've heard and seen more than one national story about Berrios being the most intriguing arm that may possibly be available at the deadline. Twins could get a LOT for him....who here would be open to seeing a deal? Have to admit I'm on the fence but I wouldn't be opposed to at least asking around.
  14. Twins get 5 total hits - 4 them are HRs. Frankly, this was exactly how the Front Office drew it up. This is what they want to happen - close your eyes and swing hard and it might go over the fence. And it did. Alas, the lab experiment has mutated. Nobody can hit a line drive with a low launch angle. Nobody can bunt, slap the ball the other way - nobody can get on base. And, of course, they forgot about pitching. Kirilloff and Larnach haven't done much lately. Are they pressing or is scouting catching up to them? Or both? Shoemaker - ya gotta just cut bait at this point, right? Let an
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