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  1. This is more like McDonald's, Apple, or Walmart being out of stock on things, which they readily report. Your comparison is apples and rubber dog poo.
  2. Because we're their paying customer base? if they're only going to trot their best player out there 2/3 of the time, and the 1/3 of the time he's out it's a substandard product, I'd want information before paying money to see the product.
  3. Then I used the wrong numbers. It's on Baseball Reference. Look it up yourself if you like.
  4. That's not his away BA, it's OBP. His career BA is .241 away from CO.
  5. Nobody else at all concerned about Story's home/away splits? They're pretty drastic: Career Home: .369/.603/.972 Career Away: .310/.442/.752 2021: Home: .365/.515/.880 Away: .292/.426/.718 Career high OPS away from Coors: .792 in the shortened 2020. I'm not saying I'm opposed, and he's better than the current in-house options, but 9 figures for a guy that historically performs significantly worse away from CO is (IMO) a risky proposition for an organization that doesn't have a track record of carrying multiple players with "big money" contracts.
  6. It appears the Yankees top SS prospects - Peraza and Volpe - are more likely to stick at SS than the Twins top SS prospects, so a non-superstar stop-gap might very well be what they need/want.
  7. "one year of Gray in a non-competitive situation and another where they *might* contend does very little for me." I acknowledged that it's two years.
  8. Hence why I said one year of non-competitive (2022) and another (2023) where they might be able to depending on the development of the in-house arms.
  9. I dislike this move as much as I liked yesterday's. Sonny Gray, a likely 3 (or 2 if you squint really hard), is a guy a contender picks up to get them over the hump. I don't think this team is built to win this year and next year depends mostly on how the in-house going starters develop. A young, potential high impact arm for one year of Gray in a non-competitive situation and another where they *might* contend does very little for me. Now, if they go get an actual #1 and a few bullpen arms so they can actually content this year, then I can be convinced to not hate this move.
  10. I'm also on team "Kepler Doesn't Belong on This List." Not a superstar, but provides positive value and top-notch defense. I'll agree with most other names people have thrown out in the comments - Adam Johnson was the first name that came to mind with me. One I won't agree is JT Chargois. True, didn't pan out for the Twins, although he didn't get a huge opportunity, but he was pretty good with the Dodgers in 2018 and was outstanding last year with Seattle and Tampa.
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