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  1. So who wants to tell me I was right all along first? We can start a line if it makes it easier for everyone. I was mocked when I questioned the offseason. I was laughed at when I said the Sox were the clear division favorites. I was questioned when I said to bet the under on the 88.5 wins Vegas predicted. People thought me crazy when I said this team had 2011 written all over it. I'll wait ...
  2. Explain this versatility to me. He can't actually play ANY position at a big league level. Occupying space in the vicinity of a position is not being versatile.
  3. It's a joke that Rooker isn't on this team but Astudillo is. Might as well just give TC Bear a glove and call it a day.
  4. I generally don't like sounding the alarm bells early, and this opinion isn't based on what is or isn't happening in Spring Training, but this team feels (and has for a while) a lot like the 2011 team.
  5. Keeping him on their 40 man roster isn't the issue. But he needs to stick on the active roster for the entire season. If the Tigers are as bad as they are in normal years, he could/stick, but OF seems like a place they have some depth and options.
  6. Honestly, I'm more concerned about Buxton and his inability to stay on the field than I am with Max.
  7. Here's the real question though: Does Shoemaker make a handful of starts and then go on the IL? OR He starts the season on the IL - probably lingering shoulder issues from last fall - and debuts in July so it's "just like trading for an impact arm"? So many choices.
  8. If he stays healthy you very well could be wrong. However, his history shows that isn't at all likely.
  9. My hunch is he doesn't think that Kenta flipped the switch from nice rotation piece to "ace" at age 32, or that he doesn't think he'll be able to sustain it in his age 33 season. Given the short season and how his results were so much better than anything he's done, I'm not offended if he had those questions/thoughts.
  10. And any and everyone is free to root root root for their favorite characters and feel-good stories. I'm not stopping them. But in the last 30 years there's a whole lot of fun characters and/or great stories. What hasn't there been? A World Series. Personally, I'll take the latter 100% of the time.
  11. The problem is that Rocco can't be trusted to not use him - Tortuga is to him what Punto was to Gardy. (Except Punto was useful in the field.) I joked about it last year until he sent him up to PH in the playoffs. It was then that I realized my jokes had manifested themselves into reality.
  12. OK, so you're making statements that you have no interest in backing up. Got it.
  13. Having the ability to occupy space in the vicinity of a baseball position and defensive versatility are NOT the same thing.
  14. Oh, do tell which 4 players from both '87 and '91 he is better than.
  15. And Vegas has the Sox at anywhere from +105 to -135 and the Twins ranging between +155 and +210. I'm taking Vegas over Fangraphs every time. Hopefully it changes before Opening Day.
  16. They're definitely making moves and changes that will hopefully lead to something, but until they do something that actually gets this team over the playoff hump, it's the same thing in a shinier package. Is it better to get swept every year playing "new school" or get swept every year playing "old school"? Or is it basically the same thing?
  17. They have more pitching (both in the rotation and bullpen) and the offenses are basically a wash ... assuming Cruz doesn't regress at all, Donaldson and Buxton stay healthy, and that last year was the anomaly for the guys that took a step back from 2019. Yeah, they'll have some hiccups adjusting to LaRussa, but look how quickly they closed the gap from '19 to '20. Too many people on this site LOVE to write off what other teams accomplish while greatly overstating what this team accomplishes.
  18. With 7 BBs per 9, I'd take Jim Hoey 2.0 to start. He can work his way up to New Wisler.
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