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  1. Orioles fans feeling the pain this morning, same pain Twins fans have been feeling all week. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory after a great effort from your SP. We'll take it. Buxton becoming more and more of an all-or-nothing guy. Can be frustrating to watch but when he comes through boy it's worth the wait.
  2. I don't think I was too harsh, I was just saying "enjoy Dick Bremer for who he is, not who he isn't".
  3. This is why it's such a killer to give away 3 winnable games in Cleveland. Because games like this - where you get straight up outplayed by a bad team - are still going to happen.
  4. That's just who Bremer is, and he's not going to change. I think if you look at Bremer's strengths - and he has many - and just enjoy those aspects, the experience is more enjoyable. Hoping that Dick Bremer turns into a snarky, sharp-tongued broadcaster who throws shade and backhanded compliments in the Twins' direction isn't a good use of your time. He is who he is. In my opinion I'd be careful what you wish for. I've got the MLB package and I've seen a lot of these younger broadcasters who are kind of coming from the YouTube generation, and the schtick gets old real quick.
  5. I know Buxton's been flashing some great offense this year but a .230 average with a 30% strikeout rate leaves much to be desired. I don't think he's All-Star worthy, frankly. Hopefully he's watching how Correa handled his AB and made sure to push the ball to the right side with Arraez on 2nd there.
  6. Wes Johnson is going to sneak out in the dead of night in a U-Haul truck, stay in fleabag motels the whole way down to Baton Rouge, paying cash only to cover his tracks.
  7. Traumatizing stuff from the pen this year. Don't know how fans don't boo the hell out of everyone not named Duran or Jax when they hit the mound this weekend.
  8. Mentally, I've shelved the guy for the year and did so a long time ago. His progress updates have all sounded awful, they should have probably let him undergo some kind of surgery back in April. Instead they've waited and done nothing, and now he'll probably have that surgery in August and miss all of 2023 also. In short, I don't think he's coming back and we'll be lucky to see him in Spring Training.
  9. Totally agree. What's he supposed to do? He can't run Ryan out there every day followed by Jax for 2 innings and Duran for 2 innings. MLB teams have to use all of the arms in their bullpen. Those arms have to be capable of getting MLB players out! You don't pay Pagan 2 million dollars to warm the bench out there, he's supposed to be able to get the job done, and if he can't the guy has to be cut from the team. Rocco can't cut guys from the team, nor can he switch out the tools from his tool box. Rocco has put the ball in the FO's court. I'm not saying he's playing 5-D chess or anything like that, but he is taking a very direct approach. Let's hope last night was the last we saw of Pagan, the guy's nothing but toxic for this team.
  10. Went to bed after the Kepler HR, but I had this crazy dream that the bullpen once again blew the game after an encouraging comeback from the offense. Thank goodness it was just a dream.
  11. Bux seems to be a bad pinch hitter. He really presses in these type of ABs when he's coming in cold off the bench.
  12. Horrible strike call there on AK. Really ruins the game when the umps make mistakes in such important ABs.
  13. Question is, why wouldn't Rocco play Correa & Buxton tonight against a very hittable Quantrill, and then sit them against the unhittable Beiber tomorrow? Seems like he's giving away the wrong game.
  14. Looks like Bundy's about to go off the rails after hanging on by a thread all night.
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