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  1. Incredible list! Must have been fun to make, and I for one am happy you shared it. Nothing else to say but THANKS!
  2. Great list! Thanks for the write-up, I agree with most of your assessments. One tiny misgiving: How in the heck does Larnach get a B minus? Were you watching the same games I did? Did you take a glance at the stats? It's so weird that I keep having to appear like some kind of Larnach-hater on this site when all I'm doing is pointing out that the kid was, frankly, a major disappointment. I get that we all want him to be good, and I get that we all still think he might be good in the future. Unfortunately that didn't change THIS: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/l/larnatr01.shtml
  3. https://www.si.com/mlb/phillies/news/report-freddy-galvis-inks-deal-with-japan-fukuoka-softbank-hawks-mlb Another free agent SS off the market.
  4. I thought the same as most here: "Meh. Not bad for the price, typical bargain barrel shopping but hey, we'll take it". Then I went and looked at Bundy's stats from last year. Holy.....wow. The guy pitched to a 6.78 ERA as a starter before getting relegated to the bullpen, still finished the year with an ERA over 6. The guy was just getting thrashed. Does he have upside? Sure. But so did Shoemaker and Happ. Obviously the Twins have to take gambles on guys like this. We'll see what happens but Bundy needs major improvement.
  5. Was reading the MLBTradeRumors article, here's what unbiased baseball writers say about Charlie Barnes. "Barnes, 26, is a soft-tossing lefty and former fourth-rounder who made his big league debut out of necessity to help soak up some innings in an injury-ruined season for the Twins’ rotation. He was clobbered for a 5.92 ERA while striking out just 20 of the 175 batters he faced." I realize most here agree he's not much more than organizational depth, but I guess it's worth emphasizing just how awful so many of the Twins' "prospects" are. With Berrios long gone and Buxton soon to be shown the door, I'm not sure how this team doesn't become the Baltimore Orioles for the next 10 years.
  6. Right, I mean at this point all we can do is just hope that Jeffers gets better. But we'd need him to get lots better to be the next Mitch Garver. If he gets a little better, he'll still be bad. So that's the issue I have right now with Ryan. As for Sano, I'm not really in the mood to get into a Sano debate - my post was about Jeffers so I'd like to stick to him if you don't mind.
  7. Not sure why so many are bullish on Jeffers. Among catchers with 250 plate appearances in 2021, Jeffers ranked 38th in BA (.199) and 28th in OPS (.670). He did come in first in one category: #1 in K% - that's right, his 36.9% strikeout rate was the worst in baseball at the catcher position. With so many stats out there, we often like to jump to our desired conclusion first (ie: Jeffers is a solid starting catcher) and then work our way backwards, cherry picking stats to backup our positions. As you can guess, that's not really the correct way to assess a player. Even if we give Jeffers the benefit of the doubt that catcher is a weak-hitting position, he still ranks at the bottom of almost every category among fellow backstops. I anticipate the whole "but he's young" (25 next season) argument or "His BABIP is .269" but neither of those change his BA, OPS, or K%. I know cheering for our boys is just part of being a fan, and I'll look forward to Jeffers proving me wrong. But let's all do our best to stop lying to ourselves about players like Larnach and Jeffers. Yes, they deserve a chance, but we need to see them for who they are right now: below-average 25 year-olds who - unless we see drastic improvement - will not make an impact in 2022.
  8. I have plenty of fond memories of the Metrodome - those will never change. But do I miss watching the Twins play indoors in the worst stadium in professional sports on a beautiful 75 degree spring day? Never. The stadium was gimmicky and was outdated 15 years after it was built. Good riddance to the dum-dome. Target Field is light years better.
  9. I really don't see the reason for the snark. I know it's just the default tone on the internet most days, but this isn't Twitter. Your comment wasn't helpful or insightful, it was just mean. I think it's a shame the Twins lost Baddoo to the Rule 5 draft. I don't recall saying he played on the MLB squad. I was also lamenting the loss of Wade. I'm not sure what set you off so much about my comment, but there are more civil ways to disagree.
  10. Kirilloff doesn't look like an OF to me, but if he can stay healthy and work on his defense he might be able to play a few years there. If he hits like we expect he will. Larnach was the worst offensive player in MLB between June 1 and his demotion in August. Defensive liability. I'm not sure there's a future for him with this organization. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. I agree! To put it simply, Luis Arraez is the Twins high-end utility man. He's not supposed to be the full time left fielder. Speaking of which, let's put Arraez back in his old utility role and pick up a solid corner outfielder who can hit 30 HR, drive in 100+ and play 162 games? Funny thing, didn't we have one of those guys already? I kid, I kid. I don't want them to re-sign a Eddie, but they should be looking for a guy who can give them 2019-like Eddie numbers. Players like that are a dime a dozen. Amazing that the Twins need outfield help when they let Wade and Baddoo go and got nothing in return.
  12. I had my fill of Jax pretty quick, would have liked to have seen someone else up and take Jax's last 7 starts or so. He's just another uninspiring Twins rookie in his mid-to-late 20's who really doesn't have much of a future in the league. Meanwhile other teams have 18, 19, 20 year-old guys playing in All-Star games. This team takes wayyy too long to develop even the most blue-chip talent (Buxton is a great example).
  13. We've got a great player on an incredible contract. That's pretty much what everyone wants - so yeah, his trade value is fantastic....but why would the Twins get rid of him? Are the Braves chomping at the bit to get rid of Ozzie Albies? No, because they have an incredible young player on a great contract. And they want to win. And to win you need incredible players. Polanco is the Twins most valuable asset. Period.
  14. Yeah, you missed it. Here's him in 2018: https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-sports/miguel-sano-ill-lose-weight-and-get-in-better-shape
  15. Super fun - now I miss Twins baseball! All I needed was 2 weeks off, I guess. Thanks again for these highlights.
  16. Good article - Rooker's fate is certainly one of the biggest mysteries as the Twins make moves this winter. Nice to see a pro-Rooker article here, as there have been many discussions far more critical. I like the kid too, just not sure where he fits.....we shall see.
  17. Nice list, but I strongly disagree that we can project long-term value based on what Trevor Larnach produced. His body of work at the MLB level was disappointing across the board. A couple long homers don't really count for much, both his advanced and standard stats were pretty terrible. Just because we all want Trevor Larnach to be good (and I am among them) doesn't make it true. I will be cheering for the kid next year, but if Larnach is a regular in 2022 it'll be because this team isn't competing. He could be the next Brent Rooker and it could happen quickly.
  18. Jeffers ended the season batting .198 - a healthy sample size, too. Are we sure he and Rortvedt are the answer for the Twins? What are the Twins going to do if they trade away the only catcher who can hit?
  19. Exactly. So the Saints got a good player and the Twins gave up Pressley. But what did the Minnesota Twins, based in Minneapolis MN get for Ryan Pressley again? A guy who isn't ready for the majors and a pitcher who was a slightly below-average reliever. When Celestino starts 162 games for the Twins and hits 25 HR and drives in 89 runs while stealing 20 bases and posts a nice WAR and a gnarly OPS, then we can talk about the Twins winning this trade. Until either he or Alcala go out and become major keys to our major league ballclub, we ain't got diddly squat. That's just from my perspective. I appreciate the article, discussion, and also hearing your perspective as well.
  20. Great discussion here! But let's get real: Alcala had a 4.00 ERA and averaged a strikeout per inning this season, and Celestino went 8-for-59 (.136) this season in limited MLB action. That's what we got for Pressley so far. Predictions don't count. If we cherry picked 2 good months from every MLB player's career (as you're doing with Alcala) and 1 good month from every MLB player's AAA career (as you do with Celestino), every single guy in pro ball would be an All-Star. While I appreciate the optimism, as I'm fairly optimistic about our Twins in 2022, I think that your view is too homeristic for my taste in this article, Brock.
  21. There were many awful moments, but "That Loss in Oakland" was honestly the death knell. Buxton seemingly slammed the door in the 10th with an extra innings HR - a moment that would galvanize most teams - but through sheer dysfunction, the Twins still somehow still blew that game. I don't think any realistic Twins fan OR player thought the Twins stood a chance the rest of the season when the A's crossed the plate with the winning run. And somehow, it only got worse from there!
  22. Once the Twins were clearly out of the running, these weekly recaps helped me keep pace on the team without having to suffer daily agony. They have been easy to follow, and the write ups have provided great insight into the big picture. Thanks so much for these, looking forward to next year!
  23. Totally agree. He's a below average middle innings arm, should be an easy spot to fill. Never understood the how a few decent (not spectacular) outings made him the next Taylor Rogers to so many Twins fans. Same goes for Jax. I think when you're watching really bad pitching for a year, your perception gets warped. A line of 4 innings and giving up 5-6 hits and 2-3 runs (a typical Jax outing) is not serviceable.
  24. A hot developing storyline is that Ryan Jeffers just bumped his average up to .202. Maybe he can finish above the Mendoza line! Will he, or won't he? Stay tuned for 2 more games of Twins baseball to find out.
  25. Me too. I actually went to the first spring exhibition game between the Gophers & Twins, left Ft. Myers just before the whole thing got shut down.
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