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  1. Kind of weird that the Tigers cut Burrows loose, with option years remaining, without much of a bullpen audition. We know ARI, BAL, PIT, TEX, and COL all passed on claiming him too.
  2. Sands is on the IL now too. There is no shortage of AAA reps.
  3. And one of those sub-500 PA seasons was the 1994 strike year — Griffey only missed 1 game out of 112 Seattle played that year.
  4. I've seen that article before but they use HBP per PA. I'd like to see an analysis using HBP per pitch, as the number of pitches has risen in modern times too. Could still be going up, but not as dramatically as claimed?
  5. Seems difficult. I assume the Saints were already in (or in route to) Columbus, OH, last night and the Twins game is at noon in Minneapolis today. We have a day off on Wednesday so we can be pretty aggressive today -- Duffey and Robles didn't pitch last night, Colomé only threw 7 pitches, and it was Farrell's first appearance in a week so I imagine he'd be good for a back-to-back. It might even be Dobnak's throw day, if they needed him in an emergency? He started on Saturday. The off day tomorrow would let them reset the rotation as needed. Also, Ober did complete 5 innings vs Housto
  6. The Twins don’t really have a pitcher they can send out at the moment, though. I guess they could replace Buxton with a pitcher, or Gordon, but that makes it a little tougher to deal with the Buxton and Donaldson situations. They do have an open spot on the 40-man. FWIW, Duffey and Robles weren’t used last night, and the team has an off day Wednesday. It should be interesting to see how they handle the Ober start today, but they might be able to hold off on an additional pitcher for a bit.
  7. Just before the trade deadline maybe? Rob Antony was at the helm when we traded Nunez and Nolasco/Meyer.
  8. Actually TR was still here for the 2016 draft -- he wasn't fired until July. He got to stew a few months in the "total system failure."
  9. I should note that Baseball-Reference's projection system seems like the simplest -- based on their team "Simple Rating System" for the past 100 games (even spanning seasons), with no extra accounting for things like injuries or roster changes. That means the White Sox rating/projection is still benefitting from Madrigal, Robert, and even some Jimenez, even though none of them will be on the field in the near future. Fangraphs and Prospectus rely more on their individual player projections and forecasted playing time. I'm not sure about 538.
  10. Yes, kind of like 2017-2018 -- except if we're reloading for 2022, we'd have to be much pickier about what kind of returns we'd take (we don't want more marginal guys clogging the 40-man roster).
  11. That's a good barometer. I think getting Buxton back has been just as important as sweeping Texas. There aren't many rentals that should require top prospects this year. Story maybe, but the Twins likely aren't interested in an infielder. My dream target is Scherzer, if he's healthy and the Nats are willing to deal -- he's the kind of acquisition that could get us dreaming about breaking the postseason curse too!
  12. Normally I'd agree -- but the Twins already sold when they were on the fringes of contention in 2017-2018. The front office might have to be aggressive in 2021 to try salvaging their own future here.
  13. That's true, and I didn't mean to suggest otherwise -- we'll need a pace of steady gains in the coming weeks if we want to be buyers, not just a winning streak right before deadline day.
  14. (WARNING: Very small numbers ahead.) Here's a round-up of the Twins 2021 postseason odds, by various systems, as of today (Monday June 21). Baseball Prospectus: 16.2% Fangraphs: 2.5% 538: 2% Baseball-Reference: 0.4% Whoa, Baseball Prospectus takes a bold stance! Somehow we gained 4.5% on our odds there in the last day -- maybe due to Buxton's return? As you might have guessed, all of these systems give the Twins higher odds of winning the division than winning a wild card. So it seems our best path to the postseason is a strong comeback paired with a Chicago
  15. Just to clarify, the Barraclough deal is a minor league one. Twins 40-man roster is still at 39 after losing Shaun Anderson (and not counting Colina on the 60-day IL) so we'd have room to add someone like him, though.
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