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  1. For those unaware, Danny Duffy is currently on the injured list and his return may not be imminent. Acquiring him (for a PTBNL, apparently) likely does not preclude the Dodgers from making additional moves.
  2. I think he just goes by "Escobar" now, according to Nicolas Cage anyway:
  3. Here's an interesting read on MLB domain names from a few years ago (with a Twins twist!): http://grantland.com/features/the-website-mlb-couldnt-buy/ The most recent purchase was $375k in 2015 for rangers.com -- I think even Cleveland could afford that. guardians.com is currently advertised for sale, even if the roller derby guys cling tightly to clevelandguardians.com I wonder if these domains are slightly less valuable now too, if fewer people directly type addresses with more/easier search options available. (They all get redirected to MLB.com subdomains anyway.)
  4. Also, Garlick hits RH and Wade LH. As it was, 2/3 of our opening day starting outfield was left-handed, as was our 4th OF / backup CF, plus our top two near-ready OF/1B prospects.
  5. Two intra-division contenders pull off a trade with each other: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/mariners-trade-kendall-graveman-astros-abraham-toro-joe-smith.html Mariners send top reliever Kendall Graveman and faltered reliever Rafael Montero to the Astros, in exchange for surplus young third baseman Abraham Toro and old struggling reliever Joe Smith. Bonus: the Mariners and Astros play each other tonight, so the players involved just have to switch clubhouses! (Same thing happened when the Twins traded both Doug Mientkiewicz and Rick Aguilera, and coincidentally both times Boston was the other team, visiting the Metrodome.)
  6. Thought we could use a thread here to post and discuss non-Twins deals around the league.
  7. I don't doubt that teams are in Berrios and he would be an upgrade for them -- that could be said for just about any contender, every year! He's a good pitcher. I'm just not sure those NL West teams see him as enough of a "disrupter" in their present circumstances to pay a premium to keep Berrios away from their competitors. They may still pay a lot for him -- he would be the next best SP available after Scherzer -- but I'm not sure they'd pay more than other teams, or if the overall market will bear enough for the Twins to part with him.
  8. Welcome to the site! No one thinks Buxton was a superstar in the first several years of his career -- he was downright terrible at times. But when he's been on the field (admittedly a big qualifier), he's played like one the past 3 years (8.0 bWAR, 6.6 fWAR in 540 PA). And a guy at his age, with that recent performance record -- even accompanied by injuries -- is not going to sign for 3/35 plus team options. It would be great for us if he did, but there's no evidence to suggest that is the market rate for such a player.
  9. FWIW, we're facing a LH starter, so maybe not tonight. Obviously, with hindsight the front office would 100% undo this trade. I certainly didn't mean to imply otherwise! I was just responding to the OP who focused on Wade's performance, and I just meant that if our trade return still held any hope of contributing someday, I don't think we'd be complaining much about the deal right now. Wade was too far down the depth chart to make a big impact on our 2021 season, and I don't know that his hot streak thus far would have changed our long-term outlook either -- we'd probably still be talking about how to flip him for a reliever next offseason, rather than disrupting our future depth chart. But the reliever we got for him last offseason was so bad, and so swiftly shown the door, that it puts the disappointment -- and the FO/coaching culpability -- into stark relief.
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