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  1. Per the AP via the Star Tribune, it's the first time: "Boston became the first team to slug two grand slams in a postseason game"
  2. Atlanta NLCS roster Featuring ex-Twins Eddie Rosario and Ehire Adrianza Also ex-Twins minor leaguer Huascar Ynoa
  3. Tonight's ALCS game 1 is actually on regular ol' broadcast FOX, not cable FS1. Free to watch if you have an antenna and a signal! Saturday's game 2 is listed as both FOX and FS1, whatever that means. After that, the rest of the series will likely be on FS1, before the World Series shifts back to FOX as usual.
  4. Red Sox ALCS roster Ex-Twins still included are Hansel Robles, Martín Pérez, and Danny Santana.
  5. Wow, the Astros ALCS roster doesn't include Lance McCullers Jr, after he exited his game 4 ALDS start with forearm discomfort. Astros ALCS roster I guess that opened a spot for Odorizzi, to join former Twins Pressly and Castro.
  6. I wonder if they could automate check swing calls, along with the automated zone? Just detect if the bat is ever fully parallel to the front of the plate? Worth remembering that Flores helped put himself in that 0-2 hole (took strike 1 right down the middle, then fouled off strike 2 in the zone too). Likewise, in the previous at-bat, I know Wade is known for his patience, but you can't take a 2-2 strike 3 looking in that situation either. Crawford put his 0-2 pitch in play to start the inning -- a soft liner that hung up for the LF -- and Bryant swung at the first pitch and put it in play down the 3B line.
  7. Only one game today but it should be fun! Logan Webb really emerged as a nice starter for San Fran this year. For the 2nd half, he was tied for 2nd among MLB pitchers in fWAR, and tied for 7th in RA9-WAR. Was a big reason the Giants didn't fade after their hot start.
  8. I have to admit, I lost track of Rosario this year after he really scuffled in Cleveland, only 7 HR and a 86 OPS+ before hitting the IL on July 10. And he remained on the IL even after his deadline trade to Atlanta, ignominiously in exchange for Pablo Sandoval. But after Atlanta finally activated him on August 27, he a nice final month-plus: 7 HR and a 131 OPS+ (in only about one-third of his Cleveland PAs).
  9. Sounds like Bally/Sinclair may not be able to do this (direct to consumer streaming)? Manfred critical of Sinclair Note that "Diamond" is Diamond Sports Group, the Sinclair subsidiary that actually operates the 21 Bally Sports networks including Bally Sports North. A recent report suggested that "Diamond Sports Group... could be headed into bankruptcy."
  10. I agree that it would be interesting to see a breakdown. I would hope that BP handles it like the Fangraphs article I saw, which prorated a player's preseason WAR projection for time spent on the IL (up to the player's projected playing time, I think?). That would be mean guys like Clevinger wouldn't add any WAR to San Diego's total (since he was already out for the season, dating back to last fall). I don't think Gore would be reflected there either? He wasn't on the MLB injured list, in any case. And a guy like Lamet wouldn't add a ton because he wouldn't have been projected for a ton of innings to begin with.
  11. After 2020, I think Dinelson Lamet was in the Padres top 4 SP, more than Paddack (and arguably even with or ahead of Musgrove). And Lamet only made about 4 real starts in 2021, although he started a few others in an opener-type role. But to your general point, I agree, to stumble down to 79 wins, it took more than just injuries. Lots of "meh" performances on that team, and relatively few standouts. They could have really used Scherzer and Turner at the deadline!
  12. Not a prospect, but couldn't it also be argued that, given where the Twins were at the time, trading Gomez for two seasons of JJ Hardy was the right move? Span had been fantastic (and we signed him to a cheap extension that same offseason), and as you note, Gomez hadn't done anything yet at the plate (and we had already burned through his pre-arb seasons). We just gave away Hardy a year later for nothing, then cratered...
  13. I suspect that was before the Eloy Jimenez injury (March 24)? And the White Sox still beat that O/U by 2.5 wins. As noted above, Fangraphs preferred the Twins on opening day. As did 538: Twins 90-72, 47% chance of winning division White Sox 85-77, 25% chance of winning division
  14. The White Sox were good, but to me it didn't feel like most White Sox preseason projections ventured much beyond winning the division. And the Eloy Jimenez injury in spring training flipped some of those predictions for the Twins. Here's Fangraphs playoff odds, from opening day 2021: Lynn was a good offseason addition, although that also subtracted arguably their 3rd best SP from 2020 (Dunning). Hendriks was a big-name addition too, although Colomé had been (surprisingly) effective for them in the closer role. LaRussa was largely seen as a net negative hiring as well. Their expectations may have been upgraded at some point during the season, after Lynn pitched better than ever, they got an out-of-nowhere dominant season from Rodon, plus a huge leap from Cease. Although they were still only 50/50 to beat the Astros in the ALDS according to ZiPS.
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