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  1. Does the ghost runner actually help end the game faster? Seems like it just guarantees a run for both teams before going into the 11th
  2. Mercedes definitely is. Acuna might be fringe. Publications will probably wait on Acuna and Rodriguez to see success at a higher level before putting in top 30.
  3. Came here to post this. Mercedes seems like the real deal. Doing a bit of everything including stolen bases. Acuna struggled early but now his numbers look great. He has a very pretty swing like his brother. Jose Rodriguez… I could have sworn he was a big signing but whenever I Google him, seems like just an after mention when he initially signed. Hanging around the top of the league in Home runs. One of the most impressive performers in the league. Hope he can continue developing and proving my initial thought that he was a big signing. These guys are going to be fun to follow next year and perhaps a reason why the team was more college orientated in the draft to stagger the talent a bit.
  4. I was about to say, organizations seem to only send damage goods for pitchers. How many of the trades have our pitchers been hurt a few appearances in? Paddack Guy from Giants now Mahle? Deleon was damage goods too for the trade that never happened.
  5. Only gave up Gipson-Long? Wow... What a deal
  6. Just a guess, but probably DFA Aaron Sanchez?
  7. Probably fair on both sides. Good deal for the Twins
  8. oppff CES is tough to swallow but he is blocked by Miranda
  9. Removing the other pieces until confirmed.
  10. https://twitter.com/ctrent/status/1554552327847247875?s=21&t=OiYZfbSnuPSdCdIl3h198Q
  11. I removed it. Was trigger happy. Looks like fake account.
  12. Yeah if that’s fake account, my bad
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