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  1. The fed has printed 40% of the money supply in the last year alone. With the impending inflation, teams would have to be stupid not to want to lock in long term deals this year. I am fairly confident that in 2-3 years, all of these deals are going to look like huge bargains.
  2. Look at ft Myers roster. Seems like most of the team is below .200. Unreal. just checked again. Best 2 OPS stats on the team are hitting below .200 lol…. 5 players in starting lineup below .200. Highest average is cavaco at .245. team average is .213
  3. He was hit by pitch twice tonight. That’s 19 on the season. How the hell is he HBP so much?
  4. Ahhh and we got Joe Ryan. Like the deal. Guys that appear close to the big leagues with solid numbers. Will contribute earlier rather than later. Probably back of the rotation types but that has some value
  5. Sounds like we got Drew Strotman. Underwhelmed but expected to be
  6. When I heard about the change I was skeptical. Too many times sites ruin it with their changes. However, this is a major upgrade. Well done. One complaint I have now though is the amount of ads on mobile. Never saw ads before and now they seem all over the place
  7. I cant think of one prospect that has ever been a "savior" to any franchise as theyre called up. The premise of this is ridiculous. No need for the impossible expectations. .260 with 15 home runs and 60 RBIs would be a good year for Kirilloff and would help the team.
  8. I dont think ANYONE expects him to be a "savior" but he has earned his right to be in the big leagues and develop further.
  9. Can we stop with the anti-vaxxer rhetoric? Could it possibly be that the individual recognizes that these particular vaccines have not been tested to the same extent as other medicines, and are only allowed on an emergency use only basis? This coupled with the fact that young individuals in good shape (athletes) have a 99.99% recovery or better and the fact that CDC has already had to halt the use of one vaccine as it is failing its safety test in production. Perhaps the person is purely weighing pros and cons? Or perhaps the person objects to certain ingredients used or has allergies? Do you really feel the need to shame them?
  10. That’s not the point. Article should be about his break out year and how he can improve on it. To say “well he still won’t win this award” that 99.999% of baseball players will never win is moving the goal posts and putting negative spin on a bright spot for our team
  11. No kidding. The amount of negative articles here is absurd
  12. Do we really need an article on the triple crown. Do you realize how rare that is and shouldn’t even been discussed this early in the season. Pure ridiculousness
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