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  1. I believe there are also moving prospect pieces on both sides of the deal.
  2. This whole punishment is a sham. The Dodgers, Yankees, Brewers, and Nationals also cheat, but get nothing. I suspect the Dodgers and Yankees will never be punished by the league, since they are the favorites.
  3. Yep. The Astros were stealing signs from the dugout. Everybody does that when pro scouting.
  4. I know pro scouts from nearly every team. It is an expected part of the job.
  5. Wouldn't be possible to operate their own camera on the road like they could at home. TV broadcasts are delayed several seconds from real time, so they couldn't just use any old TV stream. Few stadiums allow seating in the batters eye, so it would typically be impossible to have a scout relaying signs from the stands. So yeah, I doubt they had a system on the road other than the more orthodox systems of sign stealing such as from the first base coach's box.
  6. I also find it humorous that the Astros were a better offensive team on the road in 2017...
  7. The 29 other teams are doing it too. If they are going to punish one team, they need to punish them all.
  8. Rob Manfred's MLB is a joke. Like we needed a more offense friendly environment LMAO.
  9. Not according to Fangraphs, which is the most reliable source for sabermetric stats that are available to the public.
  10. Also, K/9, WAR, ERA, xFIP... Verlander led in wins and innings pitched, barely in both categories.
  11. Despite Gerrit Cole putting together one of the greatest pitching performances of the last decade, he was defeated in the BBWAA award voting system by a numerically inferior pitcher. Should the BBWAA do away with their awards to avoid being repeatedly embarrassed by a small group of journalists who are unable to use basic resources such as Fangraphs? I am interested in all opinions!
  12. It has long been acknowledged in the industry that the majority of teams are doing this.
  13. That was at Comerica, correct? For me personally, it would be Eddie Rosario's first at bat and the Twins comeback against the Tigers in the 9th when they were down by five runs.
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