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  1. Looks like Omaha is closer to the KC airport and Wichita is closer to the stadium. That must mean...
  2. I don't watch a bunch of games these days, but was that umpire treating the strike zone like Greg Maddux was pitching, or what?
  3. You could look at Arraez and Schoop and have the same type of discussion (if you had nothing better to do)
  4. the anit-Rosario arguments seem to get weaker every inning.
  5. I like the thought about too many similar color schemes, a comarison is the Premier League soccer--every decent team is either red or blue. Other random thoughts: I do scream internally when I see teal and some of the more modern/creative colors-they just don't look as good to me on a baseball uniform And when so many have similar alternate uniforms, you can't really tell quickly if you're wathcing the Angels, Twins, Reds, RedSox, Rangers, Cardinals Nationals, Phillies. NFL teams are almost all immediately identifiable-I think the helmets help.. (But I'm not suggesting the tigers add stripes to their hats--or am I?)
  6. That. And for roads, I like the gray from the early 70s, maybe if you deemphasize the softball uniform elements. See Kaat and Killebrew cards at https://www.mlb.com/twins/news/best-twins-baseball-cards
  7. I think Miranda will rise above his station. He's just what you want in a prospect. He's young, scrappy, and hungry.
  8. (Both moved up a level today by the way) Julien and Steer are an interesting comparison/contrast. Both have great W/K rates and such. The differences seem to be in power, favoring Steer, and speed, favoring Julien. But also: Julien's stats are odd in a way that makes me a bit apprehensive. He has a really high BABIP .451 that is not sustainable and has more walks/HBP (27% of PA) than hits (22%), I imagine that walk rate likely won't last either. He's also struck out a lot (26% of PA) considering his relatively low power totals. Steer on the other hand has a much lower BABIP (.283) lower K rate (15%) and higher slugging %.
  9. I'm curious, Is Moran considered a prospect or not. His results seem pretty good compared to some on the list.
  10. Last 2 years Batting averages with RISP Rosario .340/.353 Sano .245/.219 Kepler .309/.273 Cruz .368/.333
  11. With the number of times we've been burned by "ready for the majors" top prospects' early struggles (Hicks, Buxton, Sano, Berrios, Stewart, Sofield), or never really making it (Gonsalves, Romero, Meyer, Jay, Jorge) you'd think we'd be cautious about jettisoning one of our more consistent and productive players for a shiny new one.
  12. I'm generally a fan of turning over your worst players. Besides Garver the lowest OPS of guys that played were Avila, Gonzales and Adrianza (''m also not including Wade here). Most posters agreed that these guys should be gone. Of the regulars, Polanco was at the bottom and had his worst year statistically at age 27. Rosario, 4th in OPS and led team in RBIs, but more expendable if you bet that Kirolloff is immediately an upgrade If I can get something of immediate value, (an upgrade at shortstop), sure take a shot at dealing both. I hate to say it but trading Sano might be the best option. If you think Kirilloff is an upgrade to Rosario, he's also an upgrade to Sano (8th in OPS, 26 RBIs compared to Rosario's 43)
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