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    Grew up in NYC, lived and died with the Yankees, particularly Mantle. Went away to college; family, job and general lack of interest led me away from closely following the sport. In the nineties got interested in fantasy baseball. Not so now, but I do retain the interest in baseball and my allegiance is with the Twins.

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  1. Well, maybe. But if other things were masked, they would not show up in testing. Pineda's history of use of pine tar while pitching suggests he is willing to loosely interpret the rules. And he is returning from TJ surgery, and "other substances" can speed healing.
  2. But, he did have left shoulder labrum surgery in October. It might not affect his fielding much but we will find out if his hitting will be affected. Having a reasonable back up plan, Torreyes, seems prudent.
  3. Also, Adrianza had surgery on the labrum in his left shoulder in October. Likely will not affect his fielding but perhaps it will have a negative impact on his offense. We likely won't know until spring training.
  4. But they're not forced to alter their lives. They sign contracts that they are not forced to sign. I think minor league players are underpaid but they're not forced in to it.
  5. Was at Saturday's game and one of the notables was that in the seventh inning Dozier reached on an infielder's error but he did nor run hard to first, essentially trotted there and only reached base because of the error.
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